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Thailand’s main attractions

Thailand is an amazing country in Southeast Asia, annually attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world for its attractions. The top most visited places include luxury parks and gardens, architectural monuments, museums, beaches, entertainment shows in Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok.

What can I see in Thailand? We offer you a brief description of some of its attractions with photos and hope that they will definitely interest you. Believe me, there are a hundred times more sights.

Top 26 attractions in Thailand

It is better to see the interesting places on their own, so as not to limit themselves in time. To explore the main attractions of Thailand is not enough standard introductory excursion program.

Grand Royal Palace

The Great Royal Palace is the main attraction of Thailand

The Royal Palace in Bangkok is an architectural complex used by Thai monarchs as their residence. Its construction was begun by King Rama I in 1782.

Later, new structures were erected next to the main building. Including

  • Emerald Buddha temple;
  • The Apkhonhimok pavilion, where monarchs were dressed for ceremonies;
  • Chakri’s throne palace.

The Grand Royal Palace in Bangkok

Today the palace complex is not used as a residence, but significant events are held there. It is open to the public, but there are dress code requirements – only closed clothes and shoes.

Baioke Sky observation deck

Baioke Sky Lookout in Bangkok

The most popular place in the capital is the Baiyoke Sky Hotel and two observation decks located on the 77th and 84th floors of the building. The most visited is the second, which is a rotating structure around the building. It offers an amazingly beautiful view of the city.

The best time to visit is in the evening hours. Guests can admire the city in daylight, in the rays of the setting sun, and at night.

Watt Sacket

Watt Sacket - Thailand

Watt Saket is formerly the highest point in Bangkok. Today in tourist guides it is often referred to as the Temple of the Golden Mountain. The first mention of the unusual hill dates back to the early 17th century. The modern look of the complex began to acquire in the 19th century. At the top of the hill there is a golden chedi in the form of a bell.

It became a true symbol of Buddhism and a popular place of pilgrimage for believers and tourists.

Siam Ocean World Oceanarium

Siam Ocean World in Bangkok, Thailand

The underwater world of the tropical seas has always beckoned with its strangeness. Siam Ocean World is the largest oceanarium in Bangkok, Thailand and Southeast Asia. This aquatic wonderland, which presents about 30 thousand marine life, is located in the center of the Thai capital. To view all of the live exhibits, it is not recommended that you arrive before the oceanarium closes.

The tour will take at least three hours.

Floating markets in Bangkok

Floating Markets in Bangkok - Thailand

The Ampawa Floating Market is a colorful attraction in the nation’s capital. Its territory, covered by a network of canals (for which it was called the Venice of Asia), is located 30 km south of the capital.

Thailand's tourist attraction, the Floating Markets of Bangkok

In the past, floating markets were of no interest, but recently they have become popular with tourists. Here you can inexpensively buy simple dishes of national cuisine, prepared with seafood, directly from wooden boats moving along the canals.

Merchants, virtuoso boat operators – the most striking characters with whom holidaymakers love to take pictures.

The Temple of Truth in Pattaya

The Temple of Truth in Pattaya - Thailand

Most of the attractions that attract tourists are located in the resort town of Pattaya. Among them is a unique structure, captivating by its unusual architecture – the Temple of Truth. It is the largest wooden religious building in the world. The most valuable species of wood were used for construction. The columns were made of century-old trees. One of them is 700 years old.

Inside are four halls devoted to the religions of Southeast Asia: Indian, Chinese, Cambodian and Thai. Their features are also noted in the architecture of the building.

Transvestite show “The Alcazar Show

Transvestite show

Nightlife in Pattaya resort is rich in entertainment. One of them is the Alcazar Show, a transvestite show. Despite the ambiguous name, people of all ages come to see it, even children. There is no hint of vulgarity in the program. Bright colorful program immerses in the atmosphere of a spectacular spectacle with a quick change of scenery and repertoire of different styles: from disco to national music.

Mini-Seam Park

Mini Siam Park in Pattaya - Thailand

Visitors to Pattaya must include a visit to the Mini Siam Park in their sightseeing itinerary. In this amazing corner are copies of the most popular monuments of world architecture. Here in two or three hours you can visit dozens of countries and get acquainted with their “business cards”. The area is divided into two zones: European and Asian. All the exhibits of the open-air museum are highly accurate, although reproduced at a scale of 1:225.

In the evening, when the monuments are lit, the objects look especially spectacular. If possible, a tour of Mini Siam is best made after dark. A picture with a description will never convey the special charm of this place.

Golden Buddha Mountain

The Golden Buddha Mountain is an interesting attraction in Thailand

30 km from Pattaya is the largest image of the seated Buddha, lined with gold tiles on the mountain. There is a well-groomed park area with pavilions. Two kilometers away is the Watt Yang temple complex. There is a tranquility all around that is conducive to meditation and reflection on the eternal.

Golden Buddha Mountain - Thailand

Despite the grandeur of the structure, visitors to the country do not always include it in their itinerary. There are no hotels nearby where you can stay overnight.

The journey to the mountain of the Golden Buddha should be made in one day, in order to return to the city in the evening.

Nong Nooch Park

Thailand's Natural Landmark - Orchid Park

18 km from Pattaya is the Thai village of Nong Nooch. The area is a park area, including a zoo, greenhouses, waterfall. Visitors to the village are attracted by the elephant show, which is held here. The show can be seen with the whole family, if the trip is made with children.

Next to the village on 240 hectares is the Orchid Park, which includes several gardens:

  • cacti,
  • palms,
  • French,
  • butterfly hill.

Orchid Park - Thailand

The largest garden is devoted to orchids.

You can walk, bicycle, car, or elephant through the park. The latter is the most expensive, but a lot of fun.

Phuket Town

Sino-Portuguese architecture in Phuket Town

The island of Phuket from the 17th century came to love the settlers. At first it was the inhabitants of the southern provinces of China. Later – the natives of Portugal. Recreating a piece of their homeland in a new place, the new settlers carried its national traditions here. This is how Phuket developed into an old town with a unique central quarter.

To this day, mansions built in the colonial style with elements of Chinese decor, which were called shophouses, are used for their intended purpose. They house numerous offices. In one of the buildings, they even set up a museum.

Aquarium in Phuket

Aquarium in Phuket - a sightseeing attraction in Thailand

One of the most interesting sights to see in Phuket with the whole family is the Aquarium. The Museum of Marine and Freshwater Fauna and Flora is small, but there are very rare inhabitants of the sea depths – leopard sharks and stingrays of similar spotted color. The aquariums have interactive displays with detailed information about the living exhibits. Tours are conducted in Thai and English.

On weekends, the Aquarium hosts a half-hour show: scuba divers hand-feed sharks and other predatory fish.

Viewpoint on Phi Phi

Viewpoint on Phi Phi - Thailand

Between the mainland and Phuket Island is a small archipelago of Phi Phi Phi. There are no popular tourist attractions, but on one of the islands, Phi Phi Don is an observation deck. It used to be just the highest point. The site has now been transformed into a small park area, where you can sit comfortably in hammocks and enjoy the stunning views.

Viewpoint on Phi Phi - Thailand

In addition to this observation deck, there are two other specially equipped points on the archipelago where you can get a great view of the bay.

White Temple

White Temple in Thailand

The most visited areas of the country are located in the southern resort area, but the north of Thailand is no less interesting. Vacationers are willing to take the time to see the unique White Temple.

White Temple - Thailand

The construction of the unusual architectural monument began in 1997 and is still in progress. The temple complex amazes with its elaborate carvings, fantastic patterns, bizarre statues and frescoes. The uniqueness of the architectural ensemble is emphasized by the presence on the territory of one non-white building. In the center of the composition attracts the attention of the gold-colored structure, which houses a public toilet.

Mae Khang Son

Mae Khang Son is a province of Thailand

In the northern part of Thailand, far from popular tourist spots, in the mountains, on the shores of a small lake lurks a small provincial town Mae Khang Son. People come to get acquainted with it more often on their own. There is an indescribable atmosphere here that is worth spending a couple of days of your trip for.

The city’s guests are offered

  • go up to the Buddhist temple reflected in the lake;
  • admire the fabulous views;
  • to improve their health in the local hot springs;
  • to get acquainted with such a phenomenon as the night market with a unique flavor.

Bridge over the River Kwai

Bridge over the River Kwai in Thailand

Fans of historical excursions should definitely visit the bridge over the River Kwai, located two to three hours from the capital. During World War II, the structure served as the only transportation artery to neighboring Burma. Thousands of prisoners of war died during the construction, for which it was called the Bridge of Death.

In 1944 the bridge was blown up, but is now fully restored. Nearby is a military museum, whose exhibits can be used to study that tragic period in the history of the state.


Ayutthaya - photo and description of places of interest in Thailand

70 km from the modern capital of the state is a monument to former greatness – the ancient capital of the Siamese kingdom of Ayutthaya. The foundation dates back to 1380. There were more temple buildings in the city than in the entire state. In 1767, during the war with Burma Ayutthaya was destroyed, but its majestic remains even today attract vacationers.

Raleigh Beach

Raleigh Beach, Thailand's most beautiful beach

The Raleigh Peninsula, located in Krabi province, attracts with its gorgeous beaches. This paradise, separated from the rest of the world by rocks, can only be accessed by sea. In fact, there are four beaches on the peninsula (and a small island nearby), but Raleigh Beach or Railay West is considered the most visited. It is 600 meters of wide coastline, which has everything for an unforgettable vacation.

Raleigh Beach - Thailand

It features a comfortable descent into the water, gentle sand and crystal clear water. At the disposal of vacationers a large number of boats, which can be used to get here and explore the surrounding area.

Phuket Island

Phuket Island - Thailand

In Thailand, many interesting places can be found on this island. Phuket is the most popular resorts in the country. The island is near the west coast of the mainland.

Phuket is famous for well equipped beaches with modern tourist infrastructure, there are many unique in its kind attractions, free for diving and golf lovers, as well as cheap shopping.

Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong Temple is visited by millions of tourists

This Buddhist temple is located in the southern part of Phuket and is extremely popular with tourists. The temple is located in the south of Phuket and is extremely popular with tourists.

In the mid-19th century, Wat Chalong was granted royal status. The temple was glorified by its abbot Luang Pho Chem, who in the 19th century, together with the monks and villagers defended Phuket from the rebel Chinese and healed the wounded in the battle.

Big Buddha

Big Buddha in Phuket - Thailand

The Buddha statue is the most prominent landmark in Phuket, it is perfectly visible from all sides of the island. And it is also an interesting place in Thailand, where from the observation deck you can view the entire island.

The Big Buddha is a temple located on top of Mount Nagakerd, near Karon Beach. This hollow Buddha statue inside is an entire temple complex, which also includes various shrines and a temple for prayers below.

Big Buddha can be seen in Thailand in Phuket on their own or as part of a tour. Tourists love the magic gong, located near the Buddha, it is said to be able to sing only in the hands of a good man.

Floating Market in Pattaya

The Floating Market in Pattaya is one of the interesting places in Thailand

It is an extremely picturesque market located on the river in Pattaya, a famous resort in the southeast of the country. Trading on a floating market is a tradition in Southeast Asia, with buyers and sellers floating on boats, which is a novelty for tourists.

Stationary retail outlets are located on piles. Here you can buy local fish and other foods, to examine the proposed souvenirs, see and hear the folk songs and dances. Tourists will experience the real Thailand in such markets.

Samui Island

Koh Samui Views

In the 90s, the first foreign tourists arrived here, and since then the island has become more beautiful and comfortable, and its popularity – is growing. There are three dozen first-class beaches for all tastes. There’s a lot to see and a lot to choose from.

Samui island also has many attractions: Wat Khunaram, a large oceanarium, a tall statue of Buddha, the interesting cliffs of Grandma and Grandpa, extravagant cafes and restaurants.

Buddha’s Magical Garden

The Magical Buddha Garden in Thailand

This is one of the most wonderful places to see on Koh Samui and in all of Thailand. The Magic Garden is located in the heart of the island, in the mountains. It was built by a local resident. Today it is a popular tourist destination.

The Buddha Garden is a multitude of outdoor gazebos with Buddhist sculptures placed around them. The place is perfect for meditation. Here in the garden is the tomb of the master who created this magnificent and amazing garden.

Keng Krachan National Park

Keng Krachan National Park - Thailand

This park is located on the border with Myanmar. It was founded in the early 1980s and has an area of almost 3,000 square kilometers. It is the largest national park in Southeast Asia. Most of it is the Tenasserim Mountains, covered with wild jungle.

The vast majority of local animals and plants are included in the Red Book. Wild elephants, tigers, relict bears, feral cattle, enormous monitor lizards, ubiquitous macaques, etc. live here. Half of the local birds are endangered species.

Emerald Buddha Temple

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok

This temple is located in the historic quarter of Bangkok. It was built especially for the statue of the Emerald Buddha, where it is kept today. The statue is a must-see in Bangkok in Thailand, because only the king can touch it.

According to legend, the Emerald Buddha was discovered in the 15th century, Thais believe that it is not human hands, but a message from above. It is a symbol, a mascot of Thailand. The statue can only be touched by a Thai king to wash and change the Buddha.

Video overview of attractions in Thailand

Tourist Thailand – it’s beautiful tropical nature, clean beaches, unique religious temples, inexpensive shopping and great local food. All these qualities are making the kingdom of Thailand is increasingly popular among Russians.

If you are looking for a family vacation with children, feel free to go to the resorts of Koh Samui, Phuket or Krabi. Here the cleanest beaches and sea, excellent hotels, where a special menu and a program of entertainment for children.

In Thailand, there are interesting places for lovers of outdoor activities. They offer a variety of sports: water skiing, windsurfing, diving. Here you can play golf, go climbing, hang gliding, parachuting, etc.

Animal lovers can safely go to the snake or crocodile farms, for sure a lot of joy will bring them numerous local villages elephant, butterfly gardens, zoos with tigers and other wild animals.

Come to the Kingdom of Thailand and take a good look around. It is a small country that has a lot of amazing sights. You will definitely come back here again and again, because you will love this place forever.

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