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Tenerife sights

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands. It is one of the most attractive tourist areas in Spain, replete with a variety of interesting and surprising places, incredible landscapes, landscapes, beaches and museums. Some of them are real symbols of Tenerife for the whole world.

Below are the main and most popular tourist attractions on the island of Tenerife, which you can see on their own or as an excursion.

Teide National Park

Teide National Park - Tenerife

One of the symbols of Tenerife and one of the most popular attractions can be considered a volcano Teide. All tourists visiting Tenerife try to see Teide – the highest point of Spain and the Canary Islands, called the “white mountain” by the natives.

The volcano itself, its slopes and surroundings are stunning with their extraordinary, almost lunar landscapes, which more than once served as the setting for the filming of fantastic movies, not even needing scenery.

Teide National Park - Tenerife

Around it grow pine forests, amazing plants and bizarre figures of petrified lava of different shapes and colors. All this creates an amazing alien atmosphere at the foot of the sleeping volcano, which will leave a lasting impression. Bold visitors can climb to the top on foot or by car for 25 or 19 euros (children).

Such a walk will allow you to look at the surroundings from the highest point, to fully appreciate the beauty and scale of Teide.

Tenerife sights - Teide National Park

Amazing scenery, valuable tree species, popularity among tourists, and the beauty of the area have made it a national pride. On the slopes and at the foot of the volcano organized a national park.

The area around Teide is a must-see in Tenerife.


Viewpoints in Tenerife

You can see all the beauty of the island and enjoy its scenery by visiting the observation decks. The opportunity to view from a height of interesting places in many parts of Tenerife.

From the observation decks you can see entire cities and valleys, plantations and mountain ranges, gorges, nature reserves and many other beauties that unfold in all their glory from the height of the decks.

Viewpoints on the island of Tenerife

The most interesting of these are:

  • El Bailadero allows you to see the valley and town of Taganana, surrounded by mountain ranges and vineyards.
  • From Pico de Ingles you can see the evergreen forests, Taodio Gorge and Afur Gorge, the cities of Santa Cruz and Laguna. The same forests of Anaga and the city of La Laguna can be seen from Cruz del Carmen and Hardina.
  • Montaña Grande also offers a view of the La Laguna Valley.
  • From San Pedro you can see the coast of the island, and you can also see it from the Masape observation deck.
  • The view from Altos de Baracán will be spectacular. It makes it possible to clearly see the differences and boundaries of the green, densely forested north and the deserted, rocky south.
  • From the site of Cruz de Ilda you can see the gorge and the village of Masca.
  • Rocks and cliffs are visible from the site of Archipenke.
  • The mesmerizing sea of clouds can be seen from the heights of Cumbres del Sur or Chimage.

Tenerife - Viewpoints

Only by visiting at least one of them you can fully appreciate all the beauty and grandeur of the area in all its forms, from mountains and cliffs to lush green thickets and beautiful beaches. Thanks to the large number of options, you can choose exactly the scenery you want to see up close, comparing the variety and contrast of local nature.

The Village and Gorge of Mask

The Village and Gorge of Masca on Tenerife

The village is lost in the mountains, and the road to it lies along a steep and dangerous serpentine. And half a century ago you could only get here by trails in the mountains. Now there are only 120 people living in Mask, who love to meet tourists and tell them all kinds of stories about pirates and their treasures hidden in these places. And after appreciating the scenery and nature of this place, it’s very easy to believe it.

Guimar Pyramids

Guimar Pyramids in Tenerife

It is unknown who erected these pyramids and why. Some scholars argue that the pyramids are the work of farmers and have no magical meaning or special purpose. However, the pyramids have always been a mysterious legacy of mankind and have attracted researchers. Many believe that the pyramids of Tenerife had a special meaning for people, and their creation is attributed to an ancient civilization that inhabited Tenerife long before the Spaniards.

Tenerife - Guimar Pyramids

To see and explore the pyramids will be interesting regardless of which version of their origin is correct.


The museums of the island will also be interesting to visit.

Tenerife - Pueblo Chico Museum of Miniatures

The Pueblo Chico Museum of Miniatures, for example, is often the first place tourists visit before sightseeing. All the sights of the island are reproduced here in miniature. The most interesting places can be seen on a kind of map before the trip and decide where you want to go the most. The museum will be of interest to both adults and children.

Tenerife - Science and Space Museum

Among the interesting for both children and adults can also highlight the Museum of Science and Space. An informative journey through this museum will reveal to visitors the laws of physics in nature, beginning with the smallest particles and ending with the movement of huge celestial bodies in space.

Museum of Nature and Man in Tenerife (Spain)

The Museum of Nature and Man will open to visitors the pages of the history of human development at the most important stages. It will visually show the man of different eras and the environment that surrounded him at different times.

History and Anthropology in Tenerife

Museum of History and Anthropology will tell visitors the history and culture of Tenerife in different eras.


Tenerife - beaches

The island will appeal not only to fans of adventure and wildlife, but also connoisseurs of beach holidays. Many beautiful beaches await them here. They are known worldwide for the unusual black sand, characterized by purity and beauty. Most of them are surrounded by picturesque landscapes that create a peaceful atmosphere.

Tenerife - Beaches

The beaches of Tenerife are perfect for a relaxing holiday. They are definitely worth a visit to fully enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the coasts.


There are many wildlife parks on the island, where you can get close to the wild flora and fauna, see a huge number and variety of species of wild animals and birds. These places should definitely be visited with children, but adult visitors will have a lot of impressions.

The following is a list of the most interesting parks on the island, which is definitely worth taking time to see the sights of Tenerife.

Loro Park

Tenerife Attractions - Loro Parque

The first in a ranking of popular parks and perhaps the most surprising of them all. Loro Park was originally organized as a collection of all existing species of parrots. Later it turned into a real wildlife paradise, combining a botanical garden, a zoo and a dolphinarium. In addition to parrots of all species, the park is home to gorillas, chimpanzees, tigers, lemurs, sloths, penguins, and other wild animals. And in the large aquarium there are sharks, orcas and dolphins. Its visit will not leave indifferent neither adults nor children.

Jungle Park or Eagle Park

Tenerife - Jungle Park or Eagle Park

For wildlife lovers, this park is a must-see. The main feature is the collection of wild birds of prey and dangerous birds, and besides them you can look at penguins, flamingos, crocodiles, lions, zebras, hippos and other representatives of fauna.

Monkey Park

Monkey Park in Tenerife

Lemurs and monkeys of different species live here. The animals are so tame that visitors can touch and feed them right out of their hands. Ideal for visiting with children, for whom it will be an unforgettable adventure.

Butterfly Park

Tenerife - Butterfly Park

It is convenient to visit at the same time as visiting the ancient Dragon Tree while in Icod de los Vinos. The butterfly park may not be too large, but it is definitely the most mesmerizing and magical. Here in the glazed room flutter butterflies of many different species from around the world. A member of the family of the largest nocturnal butterflies can even be held in the palm of your hand.

Here visitors can watch fluttering butterflies, see the stages of their development and life, watch scientific films, take pictures. The visit is relatively inexpensive – only 8.5 euros for adults and 5 euros for children.

Siam Park and Aqualand water parks

Siam Park in Tenerife

Siam Park is one of the top three water parks in Tenerife and Europe. There are exciting rides, a glass tunnel going through an aquarium with fish, a pool with high waves and many other attractions for children and adults. The cost of admission is 33 euros for adults and 22 euros for children. After buying a ticket you can use all the rides of the park.

Tenerife - Aqualand

“Aqualand” – an ideal place to visit with children, which also will not leave indifferent fans of extreme sports. Especially for them there are slides with sharp turns. At the water park there is a pool with dolphins, where you can swim and take pictures.

Entertainment and attractions in Tenerife

Thus, on the island you can find a huge number of wildlife parks, which will be interesting to both children and adults, introducing tourists to the most interesting representatives of flora and fauna from around the planet. A trip to at least one of these parks can be considered a must on a trip to Tenerife. Many of them contain a number of animal species not found anywhere else in the world.

Holidays and events

In addition to the picturesque nature reserves, unusual beaches and fascinating museums listed above, you can witness interesting events and festivals on the island.

Tenerife - Knights' Tournament for Tourists

Perhaps the most fascinating events can be considered knightly tournaments. These are theatrical performances held in the building of the San Miguel Castle, built especially for this purpose. It is a scaled-down copy of the medieval castle, where the real tournaments took place. And the clothes of the participants, and the whole entourage of the castle carry visitors to the time of the brave knights, allowing you to plunge into the atmosphere of the royal Middle Ages.

Carnival - Tenerife

The most famous and anticipated event of each year is the carnival. Traditional Spanish style, incredible colorfulness and mass of the event will not leave anyone indifferent. The carnival can be seen every year in late February and early March.

Video overview of the sights of Tenerife

In general, Tenerife has so many interesting sights that it is unlikely to visit all at once in Tenerife. What to see on their own or with a guide to decide in advance and make a route. Travelers are well served by photos and descriptions of the sights.

Tenerife – points of interest on the map

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