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Taiwan begins to develop cruise tours

The Taiwan Strait, which used to have a restriction on the passage of foreign ships, is now, as of this year, exempt from all such bans. Taiwan is very well located, allowing a port like Keelung to become one of the most popular transportation hubs, like Hong Kong, Singapore and Tientsin now.

Already travel companies are reporting that Royal Caribbean Cruise is planning to launch the largest ship for the region (one hundred and forty thousand tons) for travelers and are beginning to sell trips.

As early as August of this year, the liner will set sail on its maiden voyage through these waters. The first cruise will be from Keelung to Shanghai, with destinations such as Japan to South Korea also planned.

For companies owning cruise ships, China and Taiwan have made even more relaxed conditions, allowing them to sail through their waters without special permission, which used to be applied for before each trip. Such requests discouraged businessmen and investors from setting up their businesses in these places, but as experts suggest, now the tourism business will begin to flourish.

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