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Stalin’s summer residence in Abkhazia

On the territory of the Republic of Abkhazia there are preserved dacha buildings of the leaders of the Soviet state, including. Stalin. Many facilities are open to the public, with guided tours with stories about the stages of construction and the interiors of the buildings. Stalin’s dacha in Abkhazia is located near Lake Ritsa, there are residences in New Athos, Gagra, Mussera.

Stalin’s dachas in Abkhazia

During the Stalinist period, about 20 dachas were built, distributed throughout the Soviet Union. Many sites are located in picturesque and ecologically clean areas of Sochi, Crimea, Georgia and Abkhazia. Buildings were erected according to special architectural designs or rebuilt to meet Stalin’s requirements.

Stalin's Dacha
Stalin’s dacha in Abkhazia.

How many dachas are built in the country

Five Stalin country residences were built on the territory of the Abkhaz state. In some houses the secretary general lived for a long time, others he visited for negotiations, rest, etc. The buildings were designed with Stalin’s lifestyle in mind. A multi-level security system was provided for the territory.

Why Stalin chose Abkhazia

Some of the country residences were located in the southern regions of the Soviet Union, including in Abkhazia. These areas are characterized by favorable ecology, clean air, picturesque views. The region has many mineral springs and mud baths, where Stalin restored his health. Stalin. Staying at the spas was the main way of his treatment.

Picturesque Abkhazia.

During the last 8 years of his life, the Secretary General spent 3-4 months each year at his southern dacha. The retreats allowed us to combine health recovery with leadership of the country. From out-of-town buildings Stalin communicated with the Politburo staff, Moscow, etc. After World War II, meetings with the heads of foreign countries (Hungary, Albania) were held in the southern residences.

The story of the construction of Stalin’s most popular dacha near Lake Ritsa

One of the most sought-after dachas of Joseph Stalin is located on Lake Ritsa. Country complex is located 50 km from the resort town of Gagra. In 1937 on this site was built hunting lodge for recreation, meetings, negotiations of government officials.

After the war, the old structure was dismantled.

In 1947, the Generalissimo gave the order to design a country residence. The place for the construction of Stalin’s dacha was chosen picturesque, suitable for safety requirements. The layout and interior design was developed by A. Burov.

A summer house near Lake Ritsa
Stalin’s summer residence near Lake Ritsa.

The residence consists of 3 floors. The fronts are painted green. The architectural solution is restrained. According to the design, the building was not to be visible from the air. The building has a hall, dining room, living room, several bedrooms, bathroom.

An alarm system was installed in every room. In the finishing of floors and walls used precious wood, windows are made of rock crystal. Cottage on the lake. Ritza was designed for the general secretary’s rest, that’s why there is no separate office in the residence.

Later additions were built:

  • home for employees, security services;
  • sauna;
  • dedicated kitchen;
  • helicopter pad;
  • pier for boats;
  • power plant.

The territory was guarded around the clock.

Photos and location of Stalin’s dachas in Abkhazia

Stalin’s suburban residences on the territory of Abkhazia are located on the lake. Ritza, in New Athos, Gagra, Sukhumi Arboretum, Mussera village. There is no public transportation to the facilities. Before you get to the complexes by car, it is important to calculate the route, travel time, find out the addresses and work schedule of the expositions. From Sukhumi, Gagra, Tsandrypsh and other localities in the region can be reached by sightseeing tours.

On Lake Ritsa

Stalin’s residence at Lake Stalin. Ritsa is located on the territory of Ritsa National Park within the Gudauta district. The facility is open to tourists. The price for a tour of Stalin’s dacha is 150 rubles. Before the trip, you can clarify the cost changes on the website: ritsapark.ru.

The building of laconic architecture consists of 3 floors. The facades are painted green. The building is surrounded by mountain vegetation, shrubs, ivy, and flower beds. This complex on the mountain lake includes additional buildings for staff, preserved pier, helicopter pad.

After Stalin’s death, the complex was rebuilt taking into account the recommendations of Khrushchev, then Leonid Brezhnev. Since 1991, the lake is not Soviet and became part of Georgia, then Abkhazia. The president of the new republic visits the residence.

On these dates the building is closed for the reception of tourists.

In New Athos

Country Residence No. 8 was erected in 1946 near the New Athos Monastery. The project was designed by architect M. Merzhanov. Earlier on the territory was the summer house of Alexander III, some of the objects were organically integrated into the architecture of the complex.

Stalin's Dacha in New Athos
Stalin’s dacha in New Athos.

The building was originally painted green. The dacha had facilities for work and rest of the Secretary General and for receiving high-ranking guests. The complex is built billiard room, banquet hall, cinema, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. The rooms have ash furniture and bronze chandeliers. Chestnut, bamboo, oak, walnut and boxwood are used in the finishing of the ceilings, walls and floor. The office is also designed.

The residence is open to tourists daily. You can see the object on their own after buying a ticket or with a tour group.

On the Kholodnaya River in Gagra

Stalin’s Residence is located in the village of Bagripsh, Gagra district. The object #18 is 15 km away from the town of Gagra. The building is camouflaged, painted green and hardly visible from the air. The building was erected in four years and commissioned in 1932.

A summer house in Gagra
Stalin’s summer residence in Gagra.

The architecture of the building is similar to a ship. There are porthole windows in the walls. A small fountain is built in front of the main entrance to the residence. Stalin vacationed at his dacha on the Kholodnaya River every year from 1932 to 1952 (except during the war period).

The residence is open to tourists daily. Ticket price – from 250 rubles, it is available to order tours.

In Musser.

Stalin’s dacha was built in the village of Mussera, 8 km away from Pitsunda. The secretary general visited the residence eight times. His last visit was in 1952, before his death. The area of the residence together with the landscaped park is 40 hectares. The building is 2-storey with a terrace. It is accessed by a panoramic staircase.

A summer house in the village of Mussera
Stalin’s dacha in the village of Mussera.

The building had not been used for a long time, so it was partially ruined. During the restoration of the facility, the designers did not save some of the historical details. Of the original elements, the parquet of boxwood and marble paneling have been preserved.

The secret passages in the building are concreted. Fragmentary preserved original furniture. Tourists can see Stalin’s table, billiard room, lamps, meeting room with the finishing of expensive wood, mirrors.

In Sukhumi Arboretum

One of Stalin’s residences was erected in Sukhumi Arboretum. The building is 2-story, not painted the traditional green color. The facade is decorated with balconies with balustrades. There are 22 large columns at the entrance, where a staircase leads. The building has a veranda with picturesque views of the sea coast. The room has 20 rooms. The total area of the residence is 600 square meters.

A summer house in Sukhumi
Stalin’s summer residence in Sukhumi.

The cottage is surrounded by flowers, shrubs. On the territory, founded in the XIX century, collected and cultivated up to 850 species of plants from different countries. An alley of elephant palms, imported from South America, is considered especially valuable. You can only see the building from the outside. The residence was used to house Abkhaz President Sergei Bagapsh. Subsequently, the structure was upgraded to a closed hotel for high-ranking officials.

Are Stalin’s dachas similar on the inside

Stalin’s residences had similar layouts, elements of decoration, and design. The dachas were designed to safely house the Secretary General, not to be viewed from the air. Some of the buildings were painted protective green. The residences had several bedrooms, front doors, and secret passages. Often valuable species of wood were used in decoration. The interiors are laconic, without excessive luxury.

The interior of a Stalinist dacha.

Which dacha has the least number of tourists

Less frequent is Stalin’s dacha in Sukhumi Arboretum. The residence can be viewed from the outside, but there are no visitor meetings or organized tours. The building is used to receive the President of Abkhazia and other high-ranking officials. Travelers can admire rare plants, marine species.

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