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Spanish beaches threatened by the Atlantic

Back in the summer of 2013, there were congressional hearings at the Commission on Climate Change. One of the most important statements was made by Iñigo Lozada Rodríguez, Associate Professor of Hydraulic Engineering at the University, who told the assembly about the rising level of the world’s oceans, and specifically for Spain this data means 3.5 millimeters of rise in water annually.

Such data have been obtained through long and careful measurements on the Spanish coast in different geographical areas of the coastline where measurements are taken. Rodriguez claims that the data is 100% reliable because their calculations did not factor in projection science models, only using data from satellite measurements.

On average, it is worth noting, the average water rise is 3.18 millimeters per year, slightly lower than for Spain. Seemingly insignificant numbers, but for the planet over time – a huge change. While on a plane on a Moscow-Barcelona flight and with Moscow-Madrid tickets, you can’t see a detrimental change yet, but that may soon change.

To imagine how detrimental sea level rise is, it is enough to raise just one centimeter of the ocean and then the beach strip will be moved one meter inland.

The University of Cantabria estimates that sea level has been rising for the past 150 years, but the past two decades have shown that the process has picked up a lot of speed. However, there is one thing, the water level rises unevenly. For example, Spain is “sinking” faster than the Mediterranean coastline.

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