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Souvenirs from Greece – beware of fakes!

Go on a tourist trip and do not bring back souvenirs can either a great original, or a very oblivious person. Forgetfulness must come with very poor eyesight, because, as a rule, in cities and countries that claim to be a tourist destination, you can buy at every turn.

Greece in this sense is no different from any other country. Except that, for some reason, in this country you meet a lot more dealers who disguise stones of dubious origin as pieces of famous architectural monuments. This is a kind of specificity of the region: in souvenir shops you can easily find a brick, which, according to the assurances of a talkative seller, was recently part of the Acropolis, a shard, which according to the same seller, is a fragment of an ancient Greek amphora, and even the amphora itself.

Of course, it is clear to any sane person that the price of all these souvenirs is purely a matter of faith. By the way, in the Aegean Sea is quite easy to find a shard of some ceramic product and no one will prevent claim in a small circle of friends that this shard – three thousand years. As for stones, there is also no shortage of them in Greece.

If you want to buy real souvenirs from Greece and do not want to be limited to the standard range in hotels or airports, then take a few hours and take a walk through the shops, which have no shortage even of small islands. Perhaps even especially on small islands, as a large part of the economy of these islands depends directly on tourists.

It should be remembered that in this country is very sensitive to the historical heritage, so to buy a really old thing is almost impossible.

A very interesting alternative to this is the so-called “Novodel” made by local artisans. It sells for a reasonable price and is usually made “in good order”. Well, as far as the word combination “in good conscience” corresponds to any industry, in one way or another, associated with tourists.

As elsewhere, next to almost all significant architectural monuments are either stalls with souvenir products or entire souvenir stores. In large cities, however, souvenirs from Greece, mostly of industrial production, you can buy literally on every corner.

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