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South Goa – detailed review

Being on the same island, North Goa and South Goa seem completely different, like two pieces of different puzzles. The climate and nature are the same, as well as the administrative structure, then begin the differences that are obvious to tourists. The northern part is more democratic, the beaches are covered with dark volcanic sand, and among the vacationers is dominated by loose young people who spend their time at noisy parties and looking for extreme entertainment. For the southern part is characterized by steppiness, respectability, high level of service and the corresponding price. The coast is covered with white sand, the beaches are carefully cleaned and the rest is planned.

Features of the resorts of southern Goa

There is no strict boundary between the parts of the island, it is conventionally considered to be the riverbed of the Zuari. Goa is often referred to as a universal resort area because everyone can find their own paradise. South Goa as if created for couples, vacationers who are in the mood for a relaxing vacation and seeking maximum comfort. The best option for them would be Palolem, Majorda, Colva. This is also where independent travelers go. Those who trust only a vacation trip, most often offer to go to Candolim, Baga and Calangute. These resorts are larger, the benefits of civilization more, but the natural beauty is very modest, because their place was taken by the cities.

South Goa in India
A typical village in Goa.

The locals live in a measured rhythm, never in a hurry, which must be taken into account when communicating. This style of behavior is very consonant with resort life.

Prices in the southern areas are higher if you take the average check in a restaurant or the cost of an excursion. But there is a surprising unity in the pricing of souvenirs, spices, jewelry and bijouterie.

Hotels in the south of Goa in India maintain a level of 4-5 stars, the prices are appropriate. But if you want you can find quite decent and relatively inexpensive housing.

It doesn’t matter which side of the island you decide to vacation on. For every purchase or cab ride it is customary to haggle, which will greatly reduce the price and earn respect in the eyes of the Indians.

The relationship with sanitation in India is peculiar. Unauthorized dumping can be found not only on the outskirts of the city, but also on the approaches to the beach or along the highway. Tourists are recommended to take drinking water and hand sanitizer with them on any trip, if you do not want to spend a few days in the room with an upset stomach. Local residents are not threatened by such a turn of events.

The most popular beaches

The main difference is the color of the sand and the level of purity. On the north side, vacationers prefer to go to:

Some beaches are suitable for recreation with children, they are well developed infrastructure, have everything you need for a comfortable holiday. Others are considered almost wild and are ideal for a secluded vacation. Arambol is a favorite of hippies, Mandrem is considered a real find for families with little ones, Kerim is quiet and not crowded.

Morjim - Goa
Morjim Beach in North Goa.

Beaches on the south coast of India in Goa no one has yet been able to accurately count. It is not clear how to separate a continuous strip of sand, occasionally interspersed with stones and nominally bearing different names in different sections.

Nevertheless, tourists are confidently informed that southern Goa is a beach paradise and are sent to one of the most famous parts of the coast.

  1. Majorda is considered quite a noisy place, foreigners have settled here. The beach is about 30 km long, where cafes, small restaurants, massage parlors, beach and sports equipment rental points, bungalows are conveniently located. This stretch of coastline has very clean, almost white sand, stunning sunsets and a great entourage for colorful photos.
  2. Colva never goes quiet. As the sun goes down, it transforms dramatically, turning from a respectable place of rest into an open dance floor. Numerous bungalows are lined up on the second line, so that many vacationers do not tend to look for other housing, settling in close proximity to the water’s edge.
  3. Romantic Palolem spreads out in an almost even crescent. It is the most famous and popular among tourists. Palm trees and small colorful houses come close to the water. From the window you can see the magnificent sea panorama. There are boat trips for guests, during which there is a chance to meet with dolphins.
  4. Warka is among the most peaceful and serene places in southern Goa. Here time almost stops, dissolving in the gentle embrace of the sea waves under the generous rays of the tropical sun. The smooth line of sand is sometimes broken by picturesque piles of rocks. There are few people, no noisy entertainment, as well as numerous retail outlets.
  5. Benaulim is relatively small, very cozy and clean. It is devoid of the hustle and bustle of noisy, boisterous vendors and the mingling aromas of food being cooked. Instead, vacationers are greeted by the rustle of waves, the barely perceptible touch of a gentle breeze and the vast expanse of crystal clear water. Dolphins sometimes swim up to the shore, and in the bushes a little further from the shore there are butterflies of amazing beauty.
  6. Cola stands out from other parts of the coast of southern Goa with its unusual reddish hue of sand and lack of minimal amenities. The beach is considered wild, but every year it attracts more and more attention. For the brave ones fight the coastal current will be a pleasure, and the more timid swimmers should visit the small lake with fresh water, which is located on the beach itself.
  7. Kavelossim is one of the premium recreation areas. It is the most prestigious, and expensive. Beautifully equipped, provides a lot of entertainment, quite interesting, but far from the extreme level. Offers rentals of water skis, snorkeling equipment, boat trips, beach volleyball. The security service ensures order.
  8. Agonda is the name of the beach and a small village nearby. Many people prefer to rent a room from locals in search of peace of mind. Snow-white sand, picturesque palm trees and a very small number of vacationers create the illusion of solitude, so necessary to restore composure. People who do yoga and spiritual practices gather here.
Palolem - Goa
Palolem Beach.


There are several ways to get around the island. For long distance sightseeing, it is better to choose tourist buses equipped with comfortable seats and air conditioning. And for a trip to the nearest town is suitable and public transport. It is played by small, brightly colored buses. A distinctive feature is the driver’s seat covered by a grille. This is how the island protects itself from mischievous monkeys.

The second most popular and convenient transport is considered a bike. It is more advantageous to rent for a few days, then the owner gives a tangible discount. Experienced travelers advise to carefully read the rental agreement and be sure to take a few pictures of the bike from different angles, so then do not have to pay for imaginary dents and scratches, which have long been flaunting on these veterans of local roads.

Cab drivers form a separate community. With its representatives need to be extremely careful and to negotiate the terms of the trip to the smallest detail before getting into the car.


In southern Goa, snorkeling is considered a major attraction. Beginners are offered a short course and a few dives with an instructor. For experienced divers developed a lot of interesting routes. On the coast there are almost no convenient places to dive, affecting the sandy coast, reducing visibility.

For experience and adrenaline go to the neighboring islands:

  • Agatti;
  • Netrani;
  • Grande.

At the bottom there are the remains of shipwrecks, in the underwater grottoes can be seen not only colorful tropical creatures, but also quite serious predators. On some routes only two people are allowed to go out. With a certain amount of luck you can observe stingrays, barracudas, mullets, wings, sea urchins, crabs.

You can get training or rent equipment at major dive centers:

  • DiveGoa;
  • Goa Diving;
  • Barracuda Diving.

Private instructors for beginners work at most major beaches. The price of 2 dives will average 5,000 INR.

Cuisine and restaurants

South Goa is rich with the gifts of the sea. The menu is dominated by fish and seafood. In small restaurants they are cooked on the grill, served with lots of sauces.

Indian cuisine involves a lot of spices, what is moderately spicy for them, for the tourist can be completely inedible.

On the meal list:

  • lobsters;
  • calamari;
  • shrimp;
  • mussels;
  • oysters;
  • tuna;
  • shark.
Restaurant in South Goa
There are restaurants and bars at every turn in southern Goa.

In addition to fish there is rice with chicken, pieces of tofu, various vegetables and fruits. Prices in southern Goa are slightly higher than in the north. The average bill depends on the level of the institution and its location. You can aim for 200 INR for two if it’s a shekkah and 2500 INR in a decent restaurant.

Sightseeing in South Goa

They are scattered all over the state. Usually organize a comprehensive tour with visits to several sites.

Among the most famous:

The Museum of Air Force Aviation presents interesting aircraft, the exhibition is located in the open air near the beach Bogmalo. Connoisseurs of ancient architecture are recommended to visit the oldest temple of Goa, dedicated to the god Shiva. Mahadeva is carved out of granite rock, the time of its creation researchers call the 13th century. A trip to the temple is often combined with a visit to the Museum of the Cross, known for its unique collection of crucifixes from different eras.

How to get to South Goa?

The first stop for many is Dabolim Airport. The flight time from Russia is 7.5 hours, the ticket price starts at 380 USD. From there you can call a cab from the organization. They have fixed prices of 17 INR per km. The trip costs less if your nerves are strong and your bargaining skills are high.

It is cheaper to take public transportation, but it requires several transfers. Many buses do not depart on schedule, but as the cabin fills up.

Map of South Goa

What to bring from your trip?

Souvenir issue begins to worry in a few days after the recession of delight from the sea, beaches and attractions. The pattern of choice is simple. If you want to get an exclusive thing for a reasonable price, you have to go to the market. In the souvenir shops and pavilions on the beaches, the choice is less, but the cost is several times higher.

Most often as memorable gifts are chosen:

  • spice kits;
  • Jewelry, ornaments made of semi-precious and precious stones;
  • leather goods;
  • natural henna;
  • aromatic sticks and oils.

At any retail outlet, bargaining is not only appropriate, but enthusiastically welcomed.

Reviews of visits and vacations in South Goa

Marina, 39 years old:

We were going to South Goa for a long time. Everything did not work out, and then we got on a last minute trip for two. We gathered for two days, thanks to the fact that all the documents were ready. From the airport Dabolim immediately called a cab, we did not want to jump on buses with bags. I was pleasantly surprised that we really paid according to the meter. Then we just rented a bike and quietly rode wherever the soul called for. Specially drove around several beaches. Cola is wild but very beautiful, Majorda is expensive, we stopped near Palolem. We did not risk to rent a bungalow, checked into a small hotel. It’s clean, quiet, not very luxurious, but it has air conditioning.

We went to a spice plantation, we were led through a small segment, the main area is not allowed to tourists. We went to a food tasting, it was amazing, very unusual, delicious and flavorful. The vacation was a success.

Anton, 31 years old:

I went on my own, I don’t like travel packages. Thanks for looking at the reviews beforehand and going straight to Agonda. There settled in a small room, the owners are hospitable, have a concept of personal space, not particularly prying. I wanted to drive around the state and see the real India, unadorned. The second dream was to go to the Grande and swim in silence alone with the crabs and corals. The place came true, rested great. For those who complain about the high cost compared to the north of the island – places to know, then the holiday will cost almost symbolic amount.

Alina, 46 years old:

When I looked at the beaches of South Goa in the advertising brochures, I admired the views and sunsets. When I arrived on the island, I realized that the photos were too faded compared to the real thing. Luxuriously white sand, great views and very good food. I love seafood, but the quality isn’t right at home and it’s punching tangible holes in the budget. Here I enjoyed the cuisine from the bottom of my heart. I can eat chicken and rice at home, but lobster and mussels, yes.

Of the excursions I chose a trip to the Dudhsagar waterfall. I wouldn’t say it’s amazing, but it’s beautiful in its own way. Then I just lay on the beach and enjoyed the beauty and silence. By the way, of all the ones I saw, I liked Benaulim.

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