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Sightseeing in Side

Visitors to the resort attracted not only the cleanest beaches Side, sights, but also many unusual dishes from the seafood. It has a well-developed infrastructure and tourism business.

Top 10 Sightseeing in Side

Side is a small town in Turkey. It is one of the most popular resorts of the Mediterranean, rich in architectural sites and mesmerizing scenery.

Manavgat Waterfall

Manavgat Waterfall - Side

It is the most visited place for tourists. It was created during the construction of the reservoir. The waterfall is only 2 meters high and 40 meters wide. On its shores are many stores, cafes and restaurants where you can try unusual seafood dishes. There are also souvenir shops for visitors. The view here is very beautiful, but to visit it is advisable to book a tour and a guide.

Roman theater

Roman Theater - Side (Turkey)

One of the biggest attractions of Side is the ancient theater, built back in the second century. It was considered the largest in Pamphylia, with a capacity of about twenty thousand visitors. There were gladiatorial fights here. In the 6th century there was an open-air church on the site of the theater. Currently, the ruins of the amphitheater hold concerts of opera performers. The theater rows are arranged in a semi-circle shape and divided horizontally by a wide aisle.

Nympheum Fountain

Side - Nympheum Fountain

It is one of the architectural monuments that have survived to this day. The fountain was built in honor of a Roman emperor in the middle of the 2nd century B.C. and was a structure of 5 meters in height. It consisted of three tiers, but today only two have survived. The outside of the fountain is lined with marble and decorated with frescoes. Water was supplied from a specially built aqueduct. The structure itself was decorated with columns.

Museum of Ancient Art of Side

Turkey - Museum of Ancient Art Side

The city of Side is a major archaeological area. All the valuable and amazing objects found during the excavations are stored in the Museum of Ancient Art. There are numerous statues and sarcophagi. Children’s sarcophagi are of particular interest to tourists. The butterflies depicted on them represented the souls of children, or the image of a dog looking out of the door signified their mother. You can see the statue of Artemis, the head of Apollo made of light marble and many other exhibits.

Green Canyon

Side Sights - Green Canyon

Green Canyon is located 10 kilometers from Manavgat. This reservoir was created as a result of the construction of a hydroelectric power plant. The depth is about 100 meters. It is constantly being filled with numerous sources. The water here is cool because the canyon is located in the mountains. Amazing scenery, turquoise colored water and clean air will leave a lot of positive emotions. You can get here on your own and spend an unforgettable vacation, fishing, swim in the clearest water.

Basilica and Bishop’s Palace

Side - Basilica and Bishop's Palace

The architectural complex is now almost destroyed, was originally surrounded by a high stone wall and was located in a huge park. There are a large number of rooms and halls (a marble pool in the baptismal room, a shrine and a palace). Numerous guided tours are conducted on the territory, as these unique structures are of great interest to tourists.

Main Mosque of Manavgat

Side (Turkey) - Main Mosque of Manavgat

It is the largest of all the mosques. Located on the coast of Antalya. The main dome is located at a height of 30 meters. There are 27 other smaller domes. The mosque has four minarets, each 60 meters high. There are hauzas near the mosque to perform ablutions before visiting the mosque. Various festivals are held here.

Aqueduct of Side

Attractions - Aqueduct of Side

The aqueduct is one of the oldest buildings that have survived to this day. His remains are kept in a museum. This structure supplied the city and surrounding area with drinking water. All the advanced technologies of the time were used in the construction, and the length of the water pipeline was 30 kilometers.

Temple of Artemis

Temple of Artemis - Sights of Side

Turkey is famous for its many interesting attractions. One of them is the Temple of Artemis. It is located near the sea near the Temple of Apollo. At that time they were the main gods worshipped by the inhabitants of the city. The temple was built of pure marble. Today, only five of its columns remain, but they are still considered the most popular landmarks on the Mediterranean Sea.

The seafront of Side

Side promenade - Turkey

The most popular place for beach lovers. Golden sand, clean and well-groomed beach will leave a lot of positive emotions. Along the waterfront grow beautiful palm trees and flowering shrubs. There are also numerous stalls and tents where you can buy interesting souvenirs.

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