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Sightseeing in Malia

Malia is considered a youth resort. In addition to the abundance of antiquities and sights of the Middle Ages, there are many available types of recreation and entertainment: nightclubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, discos, etc.

Malia is a small town located three dozen kilometers from Heraklion in eastern Crete. Four millennia ago this was one of the most important political centers of ancient Greece. Today Malia is a seaside resort.

Top 5 Sightseeing in Malia

Vacationers can fully enjoy and beach vacation. The climate in Crete is subtropical and the beaches have clear sea water, as well as modern tourist infrastructure, including. For children.

We offer you a brief description of the sights of Malia in Crete and strongly recommend you to visit these ancient places to get in touch with the flow of time.


In the center of the city stands the largest Greek church of Sts. Nektarius. Inside it you can see the beautiful frescoes created by the Greek icon painter Vasilakis.

One of the attractions of Malia is the Church of St. Nektarius

In the alleys behind the Church of Sts. The Venetian church of St. Nektarius stands in the center of the city. John. A little further on you can find a beautiful square on which stands the Church of St. John the Baptist. Dimitrios.

All of these churches have a long history. And they were built on the ruins of much older Christian churches.


It is one of the tourist centers located near Malia in the mountains. Here you can observe the life of local villagers with their traditional way of life, one of the main sources of income is the production of olive oil.

Mochos Village near Malia in Crete

There are olive groves around Mojos, which provide employment and income. Tourists can spend hours wandering through these groves, enjoying the local beauty and natural attractions.

The Monastery of Sts. St. George

St. George's Monastery near Malia

On the outskirts of the spa town of Malia, in a ravine there is an ancient monastery for men with beautiful architecture. It stands on the ruins of an older monastery, built in the 16th century, under the Turks.

According to local legends, three brothers from Rhodes lived in Mali. One of the brothers named Nicholas found an icon of St. John high up in the mountains. The church was built on the site of the discovery of St. George. Then he decided to become a monk and lived in a cave near his church.

St. George's Monastery - Malia

After the death of Nicholas, the relics of this saint were sent to Rhodes, and the icon of St. Nicholas was sent to Rhodes. St. George can be seen today only on his Christian holiday. A copy of this icon has been installed in the monastery church.

Minoan Palace

The Minoan Palace near Malia

This palace is located in the eastern part of Malia. It is the third largest in Crete. All of these ancient structures have been preserved on the island since the Minoan civilization of four millennia ago, during the Bronze Age.

According to historians, the Minoan Palace of Malia was built around 1,900 BC and today occupies an area of 7,500 square meters. According to legend, the first owner of the palace was the son of Zeus and Europe, Sarpedon.

Minoan Palace - Malia

Two hundred years later, the palace was destroyed in an earthquake, but it was rebuilt using the first plan. And in Mycenaean times the largest building was built here, which served as a sanctuary.


Local beaches are some of the cleanest in the world, have crystalline water, at a depth perfectly visible bottom. In the Mediterranean climate you can sunbathe all day here. With the abundance of people on the beaches, the Greeks manage to keep the local nature intact.

Beaches near Malia

There are no salespeople, obtrusively, over the loudspeaker, offering their goods. The beaches of Malia are perfect for those who do not like large crowds, but loves the solitude among the many people.

Dietary Guidelines for Malia

Malia Star Tavern. In this tavern you can taste the real Greek cuisine: the freshest Mediterranean fish and seafood, vegetables grown without any additives, purest olive oil, etc.

You can spice up your dinner with Cretan wine or homemade homemade liqueurs made by the owners of this tavern. The tavern menu is available in seven languages, including in Russian.

Here in the tavern you can listen to Greek music in live performance, to learn how to dance Sirtaki, to communicate with local Greeks, learn to speak Greek and so on.

Ellas Tavern. Foodies are convinced that this tavern serves the best Greek cuisine on the Cretan coast. That’s why they try to get here to have lunch, because. it’s impossible to get through to dinner at Ellas, there are too many diners.

The interior and furniture in this tavern are in a simple rustic style, the portions are large, and the prices are quite democratic. The interior is decorated with rural household items.

The atmosphere in the tavern is very friendly, you can listen to folk music and talk to the locals. Twice a week there are real Greek festivals with sirtaki dancing and dish beating.

Video overview of the sights of Malia

Crete has long been one of our favorite vacation spots. On the blessed Greek island is widely developed sightseeing tourism due to the huge number of cultural and historical monuments, starting with the Minoan civilization.

Malia on the map of Crete

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