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Sightseeing in Didim

Didim – one of the Turkish resorts, which became known to tourists not so long ago – just since 1991. However, the city is rapidly and dynamically developing, new hotels are built, there are many attractions, and today Didim receives about 15,000 tourists annually in its 200 modern hotels. The city received its name from the word “Didyma” – twins (referring to Apollo and Artemis, children of Zeus and Leto).

Didim is 110 km from Bodrum. Its area is 300 square kilometers. The phone code of Turkey is 90, the code of Didim is 232. The climate in Didim is mild, Mediterranean.

Attractions in Didim

The main attraction of Didym is the Temple of Apollo. It is the stone twin after which the city is named (the other twin temple is the Sanctuary of Artemis in Ephesus). The temple was built over two hundred years, and was completed in 550 BC. The structure is so imposing that it takes the audience’s breath away.

Recreation and attractions of Didim

It is truly miraculous that the temple of Apollo has withstood many earthquakes and has suffered no damage in any. That is why even today we can come to Didim and see with our own eyes this beautiful example of Ionic architectural art, impressive in its scale (118 by 60 meters). It was once surrounded by 128 columns almost 20 meters high each. This is why Didym is rightly considered a powerful religious center for the worship of the ancient cult of the god Apollo.

From Didymus you can travel to the city of Ephesus, which was built in honor of Artemis, the twin goddess of Apollo. A temple to Artemis was also built here. You can visit the ruins of the ancient city – the agora, theater, gymnasium, library, etc. In Ephesus there is a museum of the history of the famous Turkish baths, which are called “hammam” and are revered throughout the world. Other popular destinations for excursions from Didim are Bodrum and Pamukkale.

For water recreation in Didim has everything you need – beautiful sandy beaches, scooters, bananas, sea fishing, yachting and more.

Recreation and attractions of Didim

The most popular and largest beach of Didim is Altynkum, or “golden sand” in Turkish. This beach is a favorite place for holidays with children, as. The sea here is shallow, and the bottom is sandy and safe. Another advantage of Altynkum is its convenient location in the center of Didim. The beach is equipped with modern infrastructure, there are lifeguard teams, the water has good environmental performance.

In addition to Altynkum Didim has quieter places for swimming, and cozy bays for those who want to enjoy the peace on the shore of a clean sea.

For shopping lovers opens its doors to Didim city market – a real Oriental bazaar, where you can buy all kinds of souvenirs, clothing, oriental sweets and spices, household items, as well as eat fresh fruit and berries. On Saturdays, the city market turns into a place where every visitor can plunge into the real atmosphere of the East and feel the unique taste of Turkey, learn and experience its traditions and customs.

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