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Sights of Izmir

Ancient Izmir is located in western Turkey and is the third largest city in the country. Izmir is also the second Turkish port after Istanbul, which overlooks the eastern coast of the Aegean Sea. There are countless attractions in Izmir.

Top 8 Sights of Izmir

Izmir is a beautiful city. Its very location among the mountains on the Aegean coast already offers the traveler an unforgettable view. The Greek influence can be seen in everything here, especially in the architectural monuments.

Attractions of Izmir can be divided into two categories: those dating back to ancient times, and modern outstanding buildings and structures. Very few monuments from the Middle Ages remain in the heritage of modern Turkey.

Hadrian’s Temple

Sights of Izmir

The architect Quintilius dedicated this building to Emperor Hadrian. The graceful vaults of the once beautiful building can now only resemble the original version of the temple. The pedestals, which should have held statues of the greats of the time, are empty, and the fine frescoes and miniatures are weathered by time. Only the columns and the magnificent arch at the entrance retain their grandeur.

Ancient Pergamum

Izmir - Attractions

The lost capital of the kingdom of Pergamum. It invented parchment after the importation of Egyptian papyrus was prohibited. This monument of ancient architecture could have fallen into oblivion, but everything was corrected by the accidental discovery of an architectural element in the Middle Ages. After that, a major archaeological company was launched on the site, thanks to which any tourist can now admire the majestic monuments of architecture.

The House of the Virgin Mary

Izmir - sights

At the top of the high hill is a place that is usually visited by making a pilgrimage on foot along a serpentine path 365 meters above sea level. It is known that the Virgin Mary spent her last days in this humble home. Visitors are greeted by the amazing peacefulness of this place. People come here to pray and it is believed that a wish made at the chapel will certainly come true.

Genoese fortress

Izmir - Turkey

One of the few testimonies to the greatness of the Ottoman Empire that has survived to this day. The fortress was built by Sultan Bayazet II, who ruled in the 14th century. The fortress was used as an important military point of defense against the Knights of Rhodes, who regularly raided the area. In the 17th century the fortress was badly damaged, but in the 19th century it was reconstructed, placed there a military garrison. The fortress has come down to our time as a museum of archeology.

Konak Square

Konak Square - Izmir

A central historic site in the Conak District Square. As the locals say, all roads lead here. On the square is the famous clock tower. It is customary to make appointments and dates around it, take walks and feed pigeons by hand.

From the square you can get to the central bus station, the mosque and the city administration. The entrance to the city’s central market is also located there. Not far from the square is the Aegean Sea – it can be felt by the light sea breeze. Despite the intense bustle of the place, Konak Square can be called the spiritual focus of Izmir’s past and future.

Izmir Museums

Sights of Izmir

The two most important museums on the territory of Izmir are the Archeological Museum and the Naval Museum. The first one was founded back in 1927 and still delights visitors with interesting expositions and constantly-renewing collection. A second museum of modern times opened in 2007. Izmir is considered Turkey’s second largest and most important port after Istanbul. Because of this, the city has accumulated a lot of history and artifacts placed in this museum.

Conak Pier

Konak Pier - a landmark of Izmir

In 1970, Izmir’s multifunctional business place appeared on the wharf. There was a port, a parking lot, a fish market, and a customs office. Now the port is a combination of functionality and convenience. There are trendy cafes and restaurants, a business center, a huge number of stores and convenient parking for overland transport.


Izmir - sights

Of course, despite its liberality and modernity, it is impossible to leave mosques, both modern and very ancient, unnoticed in Izmir. Bashdurak Mosque in 1652, Isa Bey Mosque in 1375, Yaly Mosque built in 1754, and Selepcioğlu Mosque in 1905. Each of them is unique in its own way. To understand the spirit of the time when they were built must visit and touch this amazing culture and spirituality of places.

Video overview of the sights of Izmir

Izmir is the oldest city located on the territory of modern Turkey. Formerly the Greek city of Smyrna. Izmir not once passed from one ruler to another, has a rich history dating back to 3,000 years BC. The population, until 1922, was predominantly Greek and Christian.

Despite the fact that the city was under Ottoman rule, the government was loyal to the inhabitants of non-Orthodox. This was changed by the massacre of 1922, when the indigenous locals were expelled or killed and the city became practically Muslim.

How to get to Izmir

You can get to the city from Russia by regular flights. After landing at Izmir Airport, you can take a bus to the central bus station or take a cab to the city. To get to the center of the city will help to get by train. From the city regularly runs trains to other cities in Turkey from Basmane Station.

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