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Siam Park Water Park in Tenerife

The technological, modern and spectacular Siam Park in Tenerife has become one of the top three in the world right after its opening. It was to be expected, since its creator, Christoph Kiessling, looked at more than 50 water parks before proceeding with the first sketch of a future masterpiece of the entertainment industry.

The brilliant Siam Park water park

The largest of the Canary Islands is widely known as a magnificent resort belonging to Spain. Tourists from many countries come here to rest. Until 2008, the level of entertainment on the island did not impress sophisticated travelers. Everything changed with the opening of a unique water park in Tenerife, thanks to which the island is now world famous. Oriental flavor is emphasized by the name and entourage, where there was a place for a traditional oriental dragon, slightly holding with his clawed paw a giant funnel of one of the attractions, bosoms and exotic names of dishes in the cafe.

On the map of Tenerife, Siam Park is marked as an outstanding attraction. And the creators do not lie, such a variety of slides, comfortable seating areas and special effects can hardly be found in other water parks. In creating it, they combined a creative approach to the task with modern advances in technology, resulting in an amazing country of entertainment, which is interesting to both adults and children.

The main part of the park is intended for young people, teenagers, and adults. For children there is an interesting and safe small town, which contains scaled-down copies of the main attractions.

Waterpark Siam in Tenerife on the map of the Canary Islands

Siam Park schematic map

Diagram of the Siam Park water park in Tenerife

Water slides

The park includes extreme slides and leisurely descents, entertainment for all tastes, seasoned with Eastern themes. In total there are about 20 attractions, and their number increases every year. Some of the slides deservedly wear the title “most”, such as high, original, slow, long, unusual.

  1. Dragon surprises with a light show that greets everyone who enters the giant funnel of the attraction.
  2. Kinnaree lets you feel your heart sizzle in fright when, after a long, steep descent, visitors suddenly take off on a high wave.
  3. Mekong Rapids makes you feel like a real Indiana Jones as you float in an inflatable boat through the whimsical windings of an artificial riverbed.
  4. Tower of Power gives an amazing feeling of flight and the thrill of the changing experience, when a crazy glide at 80 km/h is replaced by a rapid movement inside a glass tube through an aquarium with sea creatures.
  5. Singha is a classic roller coaster that reaches a respectable speed of 65 km/h while descending.

Siam Park Water Park - Tenerife

For a family vacation designed more relaxing entertainment. Amazing swimming in the jungle imitates Jungle Snake, you can have a race in the Naga Racer, and in the pool The Wave Palace every hour the brave is tempted by a wave reaching 3 meters.

Siam Park, Tenerife (Canary Islands)

Most parks offer what is known as a sightseeing tour in a leisurely steam train or phaeton drawn by an ornate horse. The authors of Siam Park in Spain have again taken a creative approach, creating the “Lazy River”, a leisurely drift along which you can enjoy the views. Its current will carry visitors through most of the park, gently rocking their inflatable laps on the smaller waves.

Siam Park is the best water park in the world

After the vivid impressions is played a serious appetite, beckoning to the small cafes under the straw umbrellas and bright awnings. You are invited to relax on the comfortable sun loungers at the pool, stylized huts, where hung hammocks, a fan, TV, showers and minibars.

Best time to visit

Siam Park

Water in the pools and rides has a constant temperature, thanks to a modern heating system and special sensors. But the area is open to the winds and climatic vagaries, so it is cozier to visit May to mid-October, which coincides with the beach season.

Tourist peak is in July and August. At this time there are real queues of those wishing at the most popular slides. You will have to wait at the foot or buy a VIP ticket, which gives the right to unscheduled visits to the rides.

Cost of visiting Siam Park

Water Park in Tenerife - Siam Park

Prices depend on the age of visitors and the type of ticket. Admission is free for children under 3 years, up to 11 – 24 €, adults need to spend 35 € for a single visit. More favorable prices on the double ticket, which gives the right to visit another and Loro Park. Premium and VIP tickets are on sale.

The price includes unlimited rides, use of toilets, changing rooms and showers. For the use of lockers, you will have to pay extra. Meals and towels are also paid.

Tickets are cheaper if purchased on the official website or from travel agencies.

The park is so well planned that it provides a constant change of experiences and activities. You can watch sea lions on the amusement field, visit the floating market, enjoy desserts and drinks in the cafe, relax in the lodge or walk around the area, watching the cascade of emotions of visitors.

How to get there?

It is located in the southern part of Tenerife, from Las Americas or Costa Adeje you can walk leisurely. If you want to save time, the tourists are free buses. They belong to the park and run at 30-minute intervals. It is also convenient to get by rental car or cab. There is a convenient parking lot near the water park.

Video overview of Siam Park

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