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Serre-Chevalier ski resort in France

It is difficult to surprise the modern tourist. Among the destinations that have become popular recently is skiing. More and more people from non-sporting professions want to try their hand on the slopes of the European Alps – in Serre-Chevalier.

And it is worth noting that today a trip to this wonderful resort can be arranged without the help of travel agencies, because independent hotel reservation in France can make anyone online. This service is provided by a huge number of sites that are not difficult to find.

The resort of Serre-Chevalier is the fifth largest ski areas in France. Surprisingly, this resort was formed of thirteen small settlements. Perhaps for this reason, Serre-Chevalier has a very different atmosphere, dramatically different from other similar resorts.

Rest in the ski resort of Serre-Chevalier (France)

The identity of the mountain villages has been preserved to some extent to this day, while other French resort areas are dominated by modern buildings and almost no trace of the former villages.

Here, on the contrary, the buildings of modern hotels are specially, so to speak, adapted from the architecture of the old. In this way, the atmosphere of the Serre Chevalier resort remains as natural and close to nature as possible.

Serre-Chevalier is slightly less popular than other resorts, due to the fact that it is located to the south of the others. But the geographical location has no effect on the length of the season. In addition, artificial snow always comes to the rescue in case of need. Thus, December, January, February, March and April are the months for downhill skiing in Serre Chevalier. And at this time of year is better to book tickets in advance, because this destination is very popular today.

This ski resort is equipped with almost eight dozen modern ski elevators, the number of slopes of different levels exceeds one hundred, and the length of straight ski tracks is more than forty-five kilometers. When choosing a vacation in the resort of Serre-Chevalier, tourists often worry that they do not have enough skiing skills. But it’s not such a big problem.

For all beginners, whether adults or children, there are several schools that teach everything you need to know at the beginning stage. In addition to skiing, schools specialize in snowboarding, carving, sledding, snowkiting, and boardercross.

Rest in the ski resort of Serre-Chevalier (France)

After completing the training and the first attempts to go down the mountain slope, the tourist can rest in the place Monetier. There are medicinal thermal springs. The indoor pool is located on the very spot where the water with a temperature of 36 degrees comes to the surface of the earth. After such a bath fatigue vanishes as if by magic, you want to have fun and continue active recreation.

At the end of the relaxing treatments, welcome to the cultural program of the Serre Chevalier Resort. The cinema invites you to watch the latest movies, discos – to dance, and restaurants – to try exquisite dishes of French cuisine. You can drink wine and listen to live music in a cafe or bar.

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