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Seattle sights

The famous American “rain city” is located in the northwest of the country, in Washington state. The large number of overcast days does not scare travelers who come here every year from around the world. And indeed, there is a lot to see in Seattle. Attractions of the city are represented by industrial and scientific centers, museums, the largest port, China Park and unusual architecture. It is the birthplace of such world celebrities as Jimmy Hendrix and Bill Gates.

Top 8 Seattle attractions

Depending on individual preferences, every tourist will find something to see in Seattle. A city in the United States is divided into several districts. The Pioneer Square Historic District will be of interest to architecture buffs and those who want to dive into the nightlife with bars and clubs. In Downtown, you can wander through the malls and boutiques and admire the tallest local buildings.

Theatergoers should visit the University District, which has a large number of theaters. And in the international district of Chinatown there are many Asian stores selling exotic goods and souvenirs. If you decide to fly to Seattle soon, read the photos and descriptions of places of interest in advance, so it will be more convenient to build a tour itinerary.

Space Spire

The Space Spire, a Seattle landmark

This piece of architecture was built in the “era of cosmonautics”, in the 1960s. Today the tower, created in a futuristic style, is a trademark of the city. The height of the Space Needle is 184 meters, it was erected on the territory of the Fairgrounds in the mid-20th century, during the preparation for the World’s Fair.

From the observation deck of the tower you can admire stunning views and see the Cascade Mountains, as well as sit in a revolving restaurant and visit the gift store.

Public Library

Seattle Public Library - interesting architecture

Seattle’s most spectacular modern building has 11 stories. It is unusual for its asymmetrical architecture and the fact that it consists entirely of glass and steel. Its facade is lined with mirror tiles. Today the public library holds about 2.5 million. books.

Smith Tower

Smith Tower in Seattle, USA

The city’s first skyscraper, it was erected in Seattle’s historic district in 1914. The height of the tower is about 150 meters. Here tourists will be interested in the observation deck and an unusual room in the Chinese style.

Vulcan Rainier

Rainier Volcano is near Seattle

This interesting natural landmark is located 90 kilometers from Seattle. The sleeping volcano is the highest point of the Cascade Mountains (4392 m). The last time it “woke up” in the 19th century, but it is still considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes on the planet.

Monument to Ilyich

Interesting landmark in Seattle - the Ilyich Monument

The Lenin Monument is the biggest surprise to be found in an American neighborhood. Especially Russian tourists like to be photographed next to the statue. It is interesting that the monument to the leader of the proletariat was transported to Seattle in parts from Czechoslovakia.


Seattle's Museum of POP Culture - a place that tourists love

Seattle has a huge number of museums of various subjects. Seattle’s major museums:

  1. science fiction;
  2. POP culture;
  3. aviation;
  4. Seattle;
  5. police history;
  6. Microsoft;
  7. history and industry;
  8. of Asian art by Wing Luke.

Pike’s market

Seattle's pike market is a gastronomic attraction

The old Pike Place Farmers Market has everything for body and soul: seafood delicacies, farm produce, antiques, and souvenirs. It also often hosts music concerts and various creative events. All this attracts many tourists here.

Chinese garden

Seattle's Chinese Garden is a natural landmark

It turns out that there are Chinese gardens not only in the Middle Kingdom. And in America there is a small copy of this miracle of landscape design. At Seattle’s China Park, for a small fee ($5-$6), you can admire the graceful lanterns adorning the shores of the body of water, plants, natural rocks, and feel the magical power of natural harmony.

When is the best time to come to Seattle?

Seattle residents don’t get a lot of sunshine; for nine months of the year, the weather is overcast and rainy. Heat or snowfall are very rare, and therefore often take residents and visitors by surprise. Heavy snowfall can be a real disaster and cause many accidents.

The greatest amount of precipitation falls between November and January, and most often it is wet snow. Therefore, to examine the architectural and natural objects at this time is not comfortable. Even if snow falls, it melts quickly in above-freezing temperatures. Floods, landslides, and storms occasionally disturb in winter.

Seattle, USA - What's a traveler to see?

In the spring and fall it is quite cloudy, but rain falls less frequently. But summer is the best time of year to walk Seattle’s streets and parks. It’s not hot at this time, and downpours are rare.

Seattle sights on a map

Seattle Sightseeing Video Tour

As you can see, Seattle has many attractions, because it is truly multifaceted. You can walk through the parks, enjoy the shopping, look at the architecture, or spend time visiting festivals and museums.

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