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Sea temperature in Tsandripsh

Situated on the shores of the Black Sea, Tsandrypsh is one of the most famous resorts in Abkhazia today. This picturesque place is famous for its beautiful nature, clean sea and mild climate. Tourists are attracted by the warm water in the sea, which is an important factor for a pleasant holiday. In summer in Tsandrypsha the water temperature can reach +27°C, which makes this resort favorable for swimming and relaxing on the beach.

Climate in Tsandripsh

The city is located on the Black Sea coast and has a typical climate for the region. In summer the air heats up to +30 ° C during the day and up to +20 ° C at night. In winter, the climate is cooler, but still moderate, with an average of +10°C during the day and about +5°C at night.

Climate in Tsandripsh.

The weather is suitable for people who prefer a moderately warm climate. Because of its location,

Tsandrypsh has advantages in the form of sea breezes, beautiful views of the Black Sea, which make this resort attractive to tourists.

Air temperature

Data on air temperature in Tsandrypsha:

  • At the beginning of April: the thermometer shows up to +20°C, and at night up to +10°C;
  • In May and June: the air gets warm and on average stays between +22 … +24°С during the day and +12 … +14°С at night;
  • July and August are the hottest months in Tsandrypsha, the temperature reaches +30 ° C during the maximum activity of the sun and +20 ° C at night.
Air temperature
Air temperature in Tsandrypsh.

These are average values; temperatures can vary widely depending on weather conditions.

Precipitation by month

The amount of precipitation depends on the season. During the winter months their level reaches its maximum, while in summer the rains are rare and short-lived. The wettest month is January, and the driest is August.

The fall months, including September, October, and November, are a transitional period between summer and winter, with some rainfall but not as much as in the winter months. It is always a good idea to check the weather forecast for a shorter period of time before you leave home.

Water temperature in the sea by season

Warm sea is one of the main factors that affect the comfort of bathing. In Tsandrypsh the water gets warm to the maximum in August and September, when it can reach +25 … +27°С. In spring and autumn the sea cools down to +15 … +18°С. In winter, the water is colder and lowers to +8 … +10 ° C.

Water temperature
Water temperature in Tsandrypsh.

The best season for swimming in the sea in Tsandripsh

The best season for swimming is August to September, when the water temperature reaches its maximum. However, if you do not like too hot weather, you can choose other months, such as July or October, when the water is also pleasant for swimming. Also, there are fewer tourists at this time, which allows you to enjoy the scenery and beaches without the hustle and bustle.

Now the temperature of the sea is an important factor for those who are planning a vacation in Tsandrypsh. Although the best time to swim is August – September, but other months can provide an opportunity for a comfortable holiday. The main thing – do not forget about sunscreen and use them regularly to avoid burns and other troubles that can ruin your vacation.

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