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Sea of Marmara – detailed information

The Sea of Marmara is one of the world-famous pearls of Turkey. It is the smallest body of water on the planet and is named after the large Turkish island of Marmara. The Sea of Marmara connects the shores of Asia and Europe, providing a seamless transport link between the two seas, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. The coast of this water area – a popular resort area, where the rest and natives, and foreign tourists. Where is the Sea of Marble on the map and why do travelers love it so much?

Characteristics of the Sea of Marmara

Beach holidays in Turkey – a great option for a summer vacation. It has a great climate and beautiful weather, and the natural conditions make you forget about everyday worries. Sea of Marmara suits tourists who want to spend their vacations in a beautiful place with endless beaches and cozy coves. Here come in large groups and families – there are a lot of interesting activities for both children and adults.

The size of the Sea of Marmara is quite modest:

  • width – 82 km;
  • displacement – 3.4 thousand square cubic meters;
  • depth – from 250 to 1350 m;
  • length – 290 km.

Its name means “light stone” and comes from the name of the island of Marmara. Since the reservoir is located in a seismically active area, natural hazards are not uncommon here.

Location of the Sea of Marmara on the map

Sea of Marmara - depth, nde is on the map

The history of the Sea of Marmara is quite interesting. From time immemorial, the ruling peoples of the territory have sought white stone on the picturesque island of Marmara, the most valuable marble, which was considered a gift from the gods. It was used to build palaces, temples, sarcophagi for the burial of rulers and rich people, to make pedestals and statues. Scientists say that a stone with these characteristics is found nowhere else in the world. The Sea of Marmara arose because of the separation of the layers of the earth’s crust, which divided the single territory into three continents. The geographical location was the basis of the name.

Where is the Sea of Marmara? It is not difficult to identify the Sea of Marmara on the map: it is where the Asian and European parts of the state meet each other. There are 23 islands in its waters.

Sea of Marmara on the world map

Sea of Marmara on the world map

Map of the Sea of Marmara

Map of the Sea of Marmara

It washes northwest Turkey and is part of the Atlantic Ocean. On the map its coordinates are defined as follows:

  • 28°32′76″ East;
  • 40°76′06″ north latitude.

Why is the sea called Marmara Sea?

The sea gets its name from the largest island, Marmora, where the Romans once mined white marble. And in ancient times, the Sea of Marmara was called “Propontida” (or “Predomorie”), as the Greeks considered it a lake and the way to the Black Sea. During the voyage, travelers from Odysseus’ homeland needed to cross the Mediterranean Sea, the small Sea of Marmara, and the Bosphorus Strait.

Holidays on exotic islands

Islands of the Sea of Marmara

The Sea of Marmara is dotted with small islands. There are 23 in total, but only a few are inhabited.

Going on holiday in Turkey, you can consider the following objects for temporary accommodation:

  • Marmara;
  • Avsha or Turkeli;
  • Ekinlik;
  • Prince’s Islands;
  • Pashalimans.

Every island here is teeming with places of interest. On Marmara you can see a very interesting open-air museum with exhibits from the times of ancient Rome and Byzantium. The island of Avsha has not only the sea, but also the best wine cellars of the country. The Princes’ Islands – there are 9 in all – have many recreational points and historical monuments.

Many interesting things await tourists not only on the islands but also in Istanbul and its surroundings. Here is the mosque of Bayazid II, the palace of Dolma Begen, the majestic palace complex of Suleiman I, where the jewels of the ruler are kept. A visit to the Ottoman Palace in Izmit is no less fascinating.

The best resorts on the Sea of Marmara

Marmara Sea Resorts - Erdek

The shore of the reservoir is precipitous. However, here the mountainous landscapes are replaced by beautiful sandy beaches, washed by azure waters, where in season tourists from all over the world like to relax. In addition, the area where the Sea of Marmara is located, known for its thermal springs, which have a positive effect on the health of vacationers. Here you can relax and at the same time revitalize the body naturally.

Genen - Marmara Sea Resort

The Sea of Marmara has gained popularity thanks to such unique resorts:

  • Erdek is the oldest resort in the region;
  • Yalova with the most modern recreation complexes;
  • Genen is the main thermal spa area;
  • Cekirge is known for the abundance of mineral water springs;
  • Thermal, where there are excellent thermal baths.

For a vacation with children on the Sea of Marmara, it is advised to choose the southern coast. There is a quiet sea and safe slopes into the water, a lot of interesting entertainment and attractions.

Interesting facts about the Sea of Marmara

  • The water of the Sea of Marmara is very salty, with salinity at the surface much lower than at depth.
  • Visiting the sea is better to plan for the period from May to September.
  • For accommodation at local resorts choose hotels of 4* category: prices for rooms in 3* and 4* hotels are identical and the service is very different.
  • Clean air on the islands of the Sea of Marmara and sea waters are useful for people suffering from respiratory diseases.
  • For recreation, give preference to resorts that are away from the port: the water is much cleaner, prices are lower and the atmosphere is quieter.

Rest on the Sea of Marmara in Turkey and enjoy every minute you spend here!

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