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Scotland’s main attractions

Scotland is a proud little country with a militant population, a harsh climate, and beautiful nature. Scotland is a separate state, although it is part of Great Britain. There are many medieval sites preserved in Scotland that testify how this small people bravely resisted English colonization.

In addition to architectural monuments and natural beauty, which must see with their own eyes to appreciate their beauty.

Top 4 Sights in Scotland

Scotland's main attraction is nature

The main attraction of Scotland is the nature of the country. Magnificent mountains and forests, lakes and caves, fields and numerous islands attract lovers of outdoor activities.

But not only for nature lovers come to this country, lovers of all things mysterious and unknown come here in the hope to see the famous Loch Ness Monster, go down into the mysterious caves, walk along the walls of ancient castles and enjoy the special atmosphere of the beautiful Scottish cities. We present you an overview of the most interesting sights of Scotland with photos and descriptions.


Scotland's most famous place - the Hebrides

The Hebrides islands are the most famous in Scotland. The climate is harsh and the landscapes are astonishingly diverse and inaccessible. There are a total of 500 small and large islands off the coast. The Hebrides are home to fog and rain, and even seasoned sailors are wary of approaching the plethora of islands, for here the sea elements are particularly dangerous and unpredictable. The hybrids are for the most part uninhabited, and humans live only on a few islands in small colonies.

Scottish sights with photos - Staffa Island

Staffa Island, another undiscovered and secret attraction in Scotland. It is located on the west coast of the country. Here from the depths of the sea waves rise up black basalt columns, which form this island. At first glance can not believe that this is a creation of Mother Nature, but scientists have proven that the deposits were formed millions of years, and now everyone can admire these wonders.


Fingalow Cave on Staffa Island, Scotland

Fingalow Cave is located on Staffa Island. It was formed by sea water, which washed it out in the bowels of the island. Like the island itself, it consists of basalt columns that form indescribably beautiful vaults. The pillars are up to 70 meters deep and 20 meters high. The total length of the grotto is 113 meters. In the cave there is an amazing acoustics, thanks to which the grotto is called a singing grotto. It is impossible to get into the grotto by boat, so tourists have to wade into it on a narrow path over the water’s edge.

Gilmerton Cave in Scotland is one of the most interesting places in the country

Gilmerton Cave is a network of underground branching tunnels of unclear origin. According to one version, this cave was a Druid temple more than 2,000 years ago. This cave is truly mysterious, the hand-created corridors and rooms are astounding in their size, and the stone furniture found there is unidentifiable and scientists are still unable to determine its age and origin. Other Druid settlements are known today in Great Britain, which were deliberately buried by their masters so that the holy places would not be desecrated.

This cave is associated directly with the occult sciences, it is believed that mysterious magic rituals were performed here, which belonged to black magic.


Edinburgh Castle - Scotland's calling card

What is a must-see in Scotland are its majestic castles. Photos with their names can be seen in any local brochure, but the most famous of all the medieval castles is Edinburgh Castle. This palace was the residence of kings, it saw many palace intrigues and was a fortress in the wars of the Scots and the English. The castle is open round the clock for tourists. Here you can see the legendary Skunk Stone and the Crown of Scotland, indispensable attributes of the coronation. There are also several museums in the castle.

Historic Site of Scotland - Glamis Castle

Castle Glemis, a palace in which, according to the locals live ghosts and ghosts. In general, there are many castles in Scotland and each of them is covered with dozens of legends and legends, but Glamis is really unique. The famous events of the play Macbeth unfolded in this castle and the Queen Mother lived here. Interestingly, there is a devil’s room in the castle. It was there, according to legend, once the devil himself appeared to play cards with one of the counts, who lost his soul to Satan.


Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland

Edinburgh is undoubtedly the most beautiful city in Scotland. The city is rich in historical sites and is home to some of the most interesting places in Scotland. The many castles, medieval churches and narrow streets take tourists back to the time of knights and tournaments. Edinburgh is the second most visited city in Great Britain and it is always full of visitors from all over the world.

The city of Glasgow should be seen during a visit to Scotland

Glasgow is another must-see city in Scotland. Unlike Edinburgh, Glasgow is a modern, dynamic metropolis that seamlessly blends historic landmarks and modern, unusual buildings. The city is known for an abundance of museums, galleries, stores, and restaurants.

Particular attention should be paid to the famous botanical garden, which simply has no analogues in the world.

Scottish sights on the map

This, of course, is not the whole list of interesting places in Scotland. Every tourist will find a place that will become his little Mecca. To find the most interesting route, see the sights on the map, and then you will know exactly what to see in Scotland, just for you.

Video tour of Scotland’s sights

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