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Santa Susannah sights

Santa Susannah’s main source of income is tourism. Here for tourists from all over the world there are world-class beaches, excellent food, as well as cultural and historical sites from ancient times to the present day.

Top 10 Sightseeing in Sanna Susanna

Santa Susana is a beautiful holiday destination located on the western shore of the Mediterranean Sea in Spanish Catalonia. This resort town near Barcelona is now home to just over 3,000 residents.


This resort is famous for its wonderful beaches, stretching along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea for several kilometers. There are three separate beaches: Levante, Caletes and Dunes. The width of the beach strip is on average about 40 meters.

Santa Susana Beach, Spain

Here is a perfect development of active recreation, vacationers happy to play beach volleyball, travel along the coast by boat, boat, water bikes and skis, have fun on bananas. All beaches have Blue Flags.

Here the soft sand and crystal clear water. You can swim on the beaches from May to October, at the peak season vacationers are very numerous. There are showers, sun loungers, umbrellas, etc. It is a wonderful natural attraction in Santa Susanna.

Activ Natura

This is the most popular local park, where you can spend an entire day wandering between the trees and enjoying nature. If you get bored just watching the beauty, you can safely move on to the active and even extreme types of recreation in nature.

Activ Natura Park in Santa Susana

Tourists can choose to tour the park on quad bikes, go to the shooting range to shoot arrows, ride horses in the park (children will be more comfortable to ride the pony), climb rope structures among the trees.

Adventure Park

In front of us is another natural attraction of Santa Susanna, where you can do active sports and just have fun. A beautiful place where tourists and townspeople come as families, together with children and walk in the fresh air.

Adventure Park, an attraction in Santa Susana, Spain

The territory of the park is divided into zones belonging to different countries. You can enter a 19th century saloon in the U.S., ride an old train through the deserts of Mexico, visit Medieval China, roll down the highest “Russian slide. The kids will love it.

Old Town

It is the most favorite place for tourists to walk and the best historical and cultural attraction of Santa Susana. The history of the city began in the Early Middle Ages, the fortress walls, watchtowers and markets testify to this.

The Old Town of Spa Santa Susana, Spain

It will be interesting to walk along the local paved roads and narrow streets, to examine the three large towers, from which in the old days the townspeople watched the approach of Spanish or French troops, or pirates, often robbed the Mediterranean towns.

The Castle of Can-Rates

This castle was built during the Mature Middle Ages, it has been reconstructed and restored many times, so it is still in good condition. Today the castle houses the city’s cultural center.

The Castle of Can Ratès in Santa Susana

In the beginning there was a watchtower, thanks to which the inhabitants of Santa Susanna protected their city from pirate attacks from the sea. This problem existed in Europe until the 18th century. Then the tower was bought by Baron Ratetes, who built his castle around it.

Nowadays, the castle hosts holidays, festivals, and is considered one of the most important landmarks of Santa Susana. You can see and recognize the castle from afar, thanks to the huge old tower of cylindrical shape.


As in other resort towns, the Santa Susanna Promenade is the center of entertainment for citizens and tourists. In the evenings, all of the city’s society gathers here for promenades, socializing with old and new friends and buddies.

Santa Susana Promenade, Spain

There are cafes, restaurants, discos, clubs around the Santa Susanna waterfront, there is everything to have fun in the evening, to party, to drink some alcohol. Life in Mediterranean towns is bustling on the waterfront or in the port.

City Church

This church was built with funds from the residents of Santa Susana in the 1940s to commemorate the end of the Spanish Civil War and is the religious center of the city. The greatest value in the church is the gilded altar.

Santa Susana City Church, Spain

On it a local artist depicted St. Susanna, the patron saint of the city, entering heaven. It is an active Catholic church, where the faithful come daily, as well as tourists who are simply interested in seeing this religious building.

Santa Susanna Chapel

Next to the town’s church is the chapel of St. Susanna, after her the town was named. The chapel and church form a single architectural complex, although they were built at different times by city residents from local stone.

Santa Susana Chapel, Spain

The two religious buildings are not of great architectural value, but they are extremely important to the residents of Santa Susanna, who cherish the church and chapel and periodically restore them with their own efforts.

Von del Boter Nature Park

This is a reserve, where there is a thermal spring with mineral water called Boter. No Roman or Turkish baths were built here. It is allowed to go to the spring and drink mineral water on their own initiative or by doctor’s appointment.

Boter Nature Park in Santa Susana

Here you can spend the whole day hiking, admiring the surrounding nature, wonderful exotic flowers, shrubs and trees, as well as practicing sports, ride a bike on the trails, relaxing at the thermal spring, etc.

Crafts market

This Santa Susanna market is especially popular during the High Season, when many tourists arrive in town. Here you can find handmade souvenirs by local craftsmen, they will remain with you or friends for a long memory of Spain.

Crafts Market, Santa Susana (Spain)

Here are widely represented natural cosmetics, jewelry for women in the Catalan and Spanish style, European stylish clothes and shoes, antique furniture. At the crafts market you can buy things with a real Spanish flavor, that’s its value.

Video tour of Santa Sussanne

If the sights of Santa Susana bore you, seem too provincial, go to Barcelona. This magnificent city is filled to the brim with unique cultural and historical monuments.

In Barcelona you will see the great creations of Antoni Gaudi: the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and several houses designed by the master (Baglio, Mila, etc.), then you will walk through the Spanish Village and the Gothic Quarter.

You will surely enjoy the delightful Picasso Museum and the Palau de la Musique de Catalunya. The local cathedral and the Church of the Sacred Heart will delight you. There is no doubt that Spaniards and Catalans have a natural talent for painting and architecture.

For children, Mount Tibidabo with its wonderful rides and attractions will be a real discovery. Santa Susana, Barcelona, Catalonia and all of Spain are full of amazing discoveries that await you at every step.

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