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Salou sights

One of the most popular resorts on the coast of Spain is a small town of Salou. It is famous not only for beach holidays, but the presence of interesting sights that will be of interest to both adults and children. What to see in Salou and what attractions you can visit on your own, the best places of the resort.

Top 6 Sightseeing in Salou

Spain is a favorite destination of Russian tourists. Sunny beaches, velvet sand and warm Mediterranean Sea annually attract thousands of tourists from all over the world. Every tourist coming to Salou for the first time will find a lot of interesting places to visit with the whole family. Museums, temples, beaches, parks and historical architectural monuments are found here at every step. In order to allow tourists to choose the most interesting attractions for themselves, the city has special stands with photos and a detailed route to all the interesting places.

Torre Vella Fortress

Torre Vella Fortress - Salou Landmark (Spain)

For many tourists sightseeing in Salou begins with a visit to the Torre Vella fortress. Tours are held here every day, telling travelers the rich history of this defensive structure. Like all forts, Torre Vella was built to protect the city. Its history began in the 16th century, when the structure was the only protection of the city from pirates attacking from the sea.

Torre Vella Fortress in Salou

Today, the outer facade of the fortress remained unchanged, but inside the restoration was carried out, it housed a museum. In the halls of the museum there are exhibitions of paintings by contemporary artists, a museum of decorative items and a collection of enamel. You can see this attraction on your own for free.

Torre Vella Fortress - Salou

Several rooms in the museum have been preserved in their original form. They were deliberately not repaired, so that tourists can imagine how the decoration of the fortress at the time when it was a defensive structure. The park around the fortress is interesting with an unusual sculpture, which depicts three dancing beauties.

Mazia Catalan Manor

Masia Catalana - Salou Sightseeing Photos

The homestead is located in the central theme park of the city. Once upon a time several centuries ago, this homestead was like all the houses in town. It is preserved to this day in its original form and tells tourists how the locals lived in those days. Around the central structure were scattered peasant huts and courtyard buildings. Here you can see old utensils, folk musical instruments and even animals that were bred by Catalan peasants.

Mazia Catalana Estate - Salou

The park is a favorite place for local residents and visitors. Here near the farmstead in the tourist season you can get to a real crafts fair. Local craftsmen sell amazing handmade souvenirs, open tents with traditional treats, entertainment performances.

Masia Catalana in Salou

On Christmas days, the park and manor house become a place of festivities for the entire city. Here Christmas stories are played out, people give each other gifts, fireworks are organized, and holiday tables are set. Visiting the farmstead is free.

King Jaime I Boulevard

King Jaime I Boulevard - Salou (Spain)

One of the highlights of Salou in Spain is the King Jaime I Boulevard. The boulevard runs along the picturesque city beach, framed by palm trees. The pedestrian area is paved with an extraordinary stone mosaic depicting the family coats of arms of the aristocrats close to the king.

King Jaime I Boulevard in Salou

In the center of the boulevard rises a majestic stone monument to King Jaime I. Here on the boulevard you can see a complex of unique fountains, among which there is a singing and glowing one. There are cafes, restaurants and entertainment centers on the 1 km long boulevard. If you come here in the evening, you can see a unique show of fountains, which begins at 22.00 local time.

Port Aventura theme park

Port Aventura - a sightseeing attraction in Salou, Spain

Port Aventura, is a huge entertainment park of Salou. It is here that tourists tend to come for the first time in this resort of Spain. On the territory of 118 hectares are located a water park, several hotels, golf courses, hundreds of attractions and entertainment centers.

Port Aventura Park in Salou

PortAventura is divided into thematic sectors, each representing a different country. In just one day you can take a trip around the world. In each sector you can visit a restaurant with traditional cuisine, ride themed rides and watch the national show.

PortAventura - Salou

For children there is a separate country, which is not on the world map – Sesame Land. Colorful rides, entertaining shows and amazing treats, that’s what awaits children and adults in this fabulous corner of Spain.

To visit all the rides, cafes, bars and entertainment centers in PortAventura will take more than one day.

Natural Monuments

Salou is spread out on the Costa Dorada

The Costa Dorada, where the resort of Salou is located, is famous for its natural beauty. Here you can see picturesque beaches, amazing bays, beautiful parks and rocky caves. For hikers, the views are indescribable, both inside and outside the city.

A natural landmark near Salou - Peña Tallada Bay

One of the most amazing places around Salou is the bay of Peña Tallada. Over the centuries, the tandem of water and stone has created a unique natural wall. This rock cuts right into the sea, fencing off the bay from the outside world and prying eyes. Tourists love to wander these rocks, looking for unusual stones to remember.

Salou - Larga Beach

For lovers of peace and quiet close to Salou is a secluded beach Larga. Here, surrounded by a pine forest, you can spend time alone with yourself and nature. The beach is remote from the resort areas, and therefore no one here will not prevent you from enjoying the scenic views.

Salou City Park (Spain)

A separate place in the list of natural monuments takes the city park. It surprises with marvelous plants, exotic flowers and unusual bodies of water. The park will delight you with an abundance of secluded corners, where you can have a family picnic and enjoy the quiet and cool shade.

Architectural Monuments

Salou - the temple of Santa Maria Del Mar

Spain is considered one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. There are many monuments of architecture, which have survived to this day in pristine condition.

In Salou, you must visit the temple of Santa Maria Del Mar. The history of the church begins in the 18th century, when a small chapel was erected on the site of today’s church for the families of ordinary fishermen. Later the church building was expanded and completed, and today it is one of the most beautiful and majestic churches on the entire coast. The church is active and welcomes parishioners. The temple is open every day, and you can visit it absolutely free.

Casa Boneta - an interesting place in Salou

Another unique building in the city is the Bonnet House. This building surprises with unconventional solutions in architecture and decoration. The interesting Mediterranean style of the building attracts fans of decorative frescoes and colored mosaics. Before you take a tour here, find out what days you can visit the house inside. It’s not possible every day. The house is surrounded by a picturesque park with a real sundial decorated with unusual frescoes.

In Salou it is worth to visit and see the lighthouse El Faro

Lovers of romance and the mysteries of history simply must visit the lighthouse El Faro. It was built back in 1858 and lit the way for ships with oil lamps. Today, the lighthouse also illuminates the San Jordi Bay, but with electricity. The observation deck on the lighthouse was recently restored. Tourists can now fully enjoy the magnificent view of the city and the Prades mountains. The lighthouse can be reached by cab in 15 minutes. Or on foot, in which case the journey will take about 1 hour.

Salou Cafes and Restaurants

Holidays in Salou - restaurants and cafes

While vacationing in Salou (Spain), you will never go hungry. There are several cafes and restaurants on each street here. Almost everywhere has a menu in Russian, so it is impossible to get confused in the abundance of dishes. It offers Mediterranean, Scottish, Irish, European and other cuisines. Separately, you can take a children’s menu, where the most delicious dishes for kids.

The crowning dish in coastal restaurants is ear of monkfish. You won’t taste this kind of fish anywhere else. Also noteworthy are the national Mediterranean dishes. For lovers of traditional American cuisine there is a large variety of hamburgers, hot dogs, nuggets and fries.

The average bill for two is 10 euros. If you stay at a hotel without food, you do not have to go far to have lunch or dinner. Particular attention is attracted by the evening program in the restaurants. Here pleasant music is played and interesting shows are played out in the soft light. Fans of themed parties, which are arranged in nightclubs, will not be left without attention.

Events in Salou

Holidays in Salou - Festivals

In mid-June, a car festival is held in the city. At this time there are many tourists from all over Europe who come especially to look at the cars of different eras.

In early September, you can go to a grand celebration in honor of King Jaime I. The festivities last for a whole week. During this time there are theatrical performances, fireworks, theme shows and fairs.

In the second half of August, a music festival is held in the city. The program includes street performances, pyrotechnic shows, dance contests and the highlight – the selection of the queen of the festival.

How to get to Salou

How to get to Salou?

Salou does not have its own airport, so you have to get here from neighboring Barcelona. You can get to the city by car, train, bus or train. The average trip is 60 minutes. A cab to the resort from Barcelona airport will cost about 200 euros. The bus and train are cheaper, but the travel time increases considerably. For those who prefer to drive themselves, the car can be rented.

From Europe by car to Salou you can go through France. In the city itself it is customary to move around on foot or by bicycle. From the center to any point of interest can be reached in 20-30 minutes.

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