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Routes from Tsandrypsh to Gagra

One of the most popular resorts of Abkhazia among our tourists is Gagra. It is located near the Russian border, has a developed infrastructure, comfortable climate, an extensive hotel base. Tsandrypsh is an urban-type settlement, this resort is even closer to Russia and also annually a lot of vacationers come here. The distance from Tsandripsh to Gagra is short, so tourists can travel from one locality to another.

Distance from Tsandrypsh to Gagra

21 km separates Tsandrypsh from Gagra.

If you calculate the distance between the resorts on the roads, it is 21 km. This is the distance between the cities you travel by car in 30 minutes. The exact time on the route depends not only on the distance and speed of the car, but also on traffic jams.

In a straight line

The distance between Tsandrypsh and Gagra in a straight line is 17 km. However, this value is not decisive in planning travel time. The shortest distance is difficult to cover and you have to be guided by how many kilometers you have to drive on the roads.

Types of routes to Gagra on the map

You can get from Tsandrypsh to Gagra by train, car, bicycle, motorcycle. When choosing how to get from one place to another, take into account the time you have, the availability of fitness and financial capabilities.

On your car

It is most convenient to travel between resorts of Abkhazia by car, it is the fastest and most comfortable way.

Travel by car along the avenue Ardzinba, then along Sukhumi highway.

You will pass the following settlements:

  • Chigripsh;
  • Anihansta;
  • Bagripsh.

On the way you can visit interesting places, such as Abaata fortress or Stalin’s dacha.

distance from tsandripsh to gagra
Traveling by car is quick and convenient.

By bus or train

If you can’t make the trip by car, travel between resorts by bus. Transportation runs on a schedule that varies with the season.

There is a railway station Tsandrypsh, where the trains that come from Gagra stop. When planning your itinerary, please note that the railway station is located far from the resort area and you will need to take a cab to the place of residence.

On a bicycle

Fans of cycling can choose this mode of transport to travel between resorts. It will take you an hour and a half to get there without stopping. This way of travel is the most budget-friendly, in addition, on the way from one settlement to another you can see the picturesque natural beauty of the region, to visit the sights.

On a bicycle
Biking is one of the most budget-friendly travel options.

Is it possible to transfer from Tsandrypsh to Gagra

In Abkhazia there are travel agencies that organize transfers between resorts. A prerequisite for the trip is a group consisting of a specified number of people.

Is it possible to get there on foot

If you are not afraid of a long walk, you can walk from Tsandrypsh to Gagra. It will take you about four hours to make this crossing without stopping. This method is suitable only for physically sturdy, active people.

Excursion routes in Gagra

Tourists vacationing in Gagra and its surroundings will not be bored, if you go on one of the excursion routes of the region and visit:

  • Abbey Fortress, Abaata Ashta Square, and the temple of St. Hypatius;
  • Prince of Oldenburg Palace and Park;
  • A memorial dedicated to the people who died in the struggle for independence in 1992-1993;
  • viewing platforms on Mount Mamzyshka;
  • gorges, stalactite caves;
  • mountain rivers, waterfalls, springs, etc.

Amusement lovers can go to the water park, namely in Gagra is the only water amusement park in Abkhazia. There are several seawater and freshwater pools with slides for adults and young visitors.

Gourmands can go to the restaurant “Gagripsh”. This institution is known not only for its cuisine, but also for the building in which it is located – an ancient structure built without a single nail.

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