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Rouen sights

Any trip is always accompanied by a tour of local cultural centers and beautiful places. When visiting Normandy, you should definitely pay attention to the sights of Rouen. One of the oldest French cities is famous for its architectural masterpieces, museums, historical monuments. Among the many popular places for tourists to visit, we can highlight the ten most attractive and interesting for its historical and cultural value.

Notre Dame de Rouen Cathedral

Cathedral of Notre Dame de Rouen - attractions

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Rouen or the Cathedral of Rouen is the largest structure in the Norman Gothic style and one of the main local attractions. The cathedral is on the list of the world’s tallest churches and ranks first among the churches in France. The facades are decorated with Gothic bas-reliefs and the interior with ancient stained glass paintings. The remains of the famous Duke Richard the Lionheart are buried in the cathedral.

Museum of Fine Arts

Rouen - Museum of Fine Arts

One of Normandy’s largest museums is located in the historic center of the city. The gallery is open to the public several dozen rooms with paintings, sculptures, exquisite and beautiful works of art by French, Dutch and Italian artists. An interesting feature is that there is a unique collection of Orthodox icons from the 14th-19th centuries.

St. Owen Abbey

Rouen (France) - Saint-Ouen Abbey

The former monastery, considered a national monument, is one of the main historical landmarks of Rouen. The large-scale building is one of the city’s most beautiful Gothic-style structures. The façade with several high spires is decorated with carved bas-reliefs, skyward sculptures and arches, traditional for the direction.

Big clock

Rouen: sights - The Big Clock

The clock is located on the street of the same name. They are installed on a stone structure with an arched opening, are a symbol of the city and one of its most popular attractions. The clock mechanism worked properly for six centuries without a single failure, and the clock itself is older than the building on which it is installed. Previously they adorned the walls of English castles, and then were transported to Rouen.

Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum of Rouen (France)

The exhibits housed in the museum cover the broadest historical span from the Bronze Age to the Renaissance. The life of Normans of past eras is represented here in a variety of archaeological finds and ancient objects. Renaissance represent mainly works of applied art, jewelry, ornaments, sculpture.

Palace of Justice

Palais de Justice in Rouen

The palace was built for the meetings of the Council of Normandy in the early 16th century. As befits a structure of that era, it is in the Gothic style. Ornate engravings, carved statues, many sharp towers and spires adorn the elegant facade of the building. Now it has an art museum and an old library, which holds more than a hundred thousand volumes, including manuscripts.

Joan of Arc Tower

Rouen (France) - Joan of Arc Tower

France is necessarily associated with the world-famous feat of a heroine burned at the stake. Today, the tower, named in honor of the patron saint, is a reconstruction of one of the towers of Philippe-Auguste Castle. The Innocent Tower, where Jeanne was actually imprisoned, has not survived. The unusual cone-shaped shape of the roof of the building is noteworthy.

Vieux-Marchet market square

Rouen - Vieux-Marchet market square

The public execution of Joan of Arc took place on this square in the 15th century. There are many historical monuments and landmarks, mostly related to the name of the national heroine. The square is surrounded by half-timbered houses, creating an indescribable atmosphere and style. The city market is still located and operates on the square.

Botanical Garden

France - Rouen - Botanical Gardens

The garden is equipped with a landscaped park, greenhouses, greenhouses. The long history of the city garden began in the 17th century, its owners were the most famous figures of history. Now part of its area is available to the public. On the territory grows several thousand species of many different plants. The landscape park often hosts all kinds of public events.

Church of Saint-Macloux

Church of Saint-Macloux - sightseeing in Rouen

A Roman Catholic church, the finest example of graceful and light Gothic architecture. Considered to be one of the finest examples of the flamboyant Gothic. The facade of the building is decorated with stunning exquisite bas-reliefs and sculptures, creating a sense of lightness and flight. Such a stunning example of Rouen’s Gothic architecture is really worth seeing.

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