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Resorts on the Sea of Marmara in Turkey

The Sea of Marmara is considered to be the smallest sea in the world. It connects Europe and Asia, becoming the link between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. Water temperature never drops below +8 degrees, the bathing season on its shores opens much earlier, so the resorts of the Sea of Marmara in Turkey have always been a success with tourists from different countries.

Coast of the Sea of Marmara

The main part of the coastline is rocky. If you look at the map, it is noticeable that most of the coastal zone is heavily indented bays and small comfortable bays, where there are warm and well protected from the winds beaches. Depths are shallow, the figures range from 1230 to 1400 m, the water gets warm quickly. The salinity is higher than in the Black Sea, but lower than in the Mediterranean, so it is easy to stay in the water, but the sea water is not irritating. There are many families with children, attracted by the developed infrastructure, comfortable beaches and special offers of hotels and entertainment centers for younger visitors.

Sea of Marmara on the map of Turkey

Resorts of Turkey on the Sea of Marmara are numerous and never suffer from lack of holidaymakers.


Genen Resort on the Sea of Marmara

The city is famous for its thermal springs, whose history dates back to ancient Rome. The sanatorium offers a variety of medical and health programs, interesting trips to local attractions, a visit to the Bird’s Paradise, 40 km from the city.


Resort Cekirge in Turkey

The resort is also among the mineral and thermal springs, on some of them are built baths. Among the vacationers many come to undergo a course of medical procedures aimed at improving the cardiovascular, nervous, digestive system and joints. Treatment is successfully combined with visits to the beaches and trips to the surrounding area.


Yalova - Marmara Sea Resort

The resort is notable for its small size and busy life. For tourists work:

  • outdoor hot mineral water pools;
  • Excellent well-maintained beaches;
  • tennis courts;
  • Sultan’s Baths;
  • Turkish bath;
  • sports fields.


Izmit - Turkey's resort on the Sea of Marmara

He skillfully balances on the edge of interest. For beach recreation are equipped with sections of the coast, for people looking for vivid emotions and entertainment are organized trips to Istanbul. But most of all the city is famous for its extensive shopping malls. For good clean beaches and tranquility at the water’s edge will have to go to the nearby islands.


Resort on the Sea of Marmara - Erdek, Turkey

The advantages of the resort considered beautiful sandy beaches with easy entrance to the water, well-developed infrastructure and water activities. The second highlight is the Kushdeneti National Park, where you can watch the seasonal migration of birds, their habits and way of life in the wild.

Also worth considering as a place to rest Eskihisar village, the cities of Tekirdag, Bursa, the resort of Chan.

Marmara Sea Island Resorts

They are characterized by a mild climate, a constant breeze that eases even the intense heat, the beautiful sea air and beautiful comfortable beaches.


Marmara Island in the Sea of Marmara

The island was once a large-scale extraction of a rare kind of marble, for which the island was named. It is considered one of the largest island resorts of the Sea of Marmara in Turkey. Mountainous landscape, unique climate, small quiet harbors for comfortable swimming with children, local attractions have made the resort popular for Russian tourists.


The resort island of Türkeli in the Sea of Marmara

Beach lovers tend to come here. Beaches Shahmelek and Karabik are not far from the city. It is convenient to get to them, cleanliness and beauty confirmed by numerous reviews. Those who appreciate vintage wines with a subtle national flavor will enjoy a tour of the local vineyards with a visit to the wineries and a tasting of the product.


Pashalimans in Turkey's Sea of Marmara

There are several tiny wild beaches on this small island. Civilization has not yet had time to change the natural appearance of this corner, where people come for the silence and unity with nature.

Prince Islands

The Prince's Islands - Turkey's most popular resort on the Sea of Marmara

Several centuries ago they exiled unwanted priests and disgraced royalty. Now the Prince’s Islands have the status of a nature reserve, movement by automobile on the territory is prohibited. Only bicycles and the occasional horse-drawn carriage are found.

There are good maritime connections between the islands, but the boat schedule changes frequently.

Beaches of Marmara Sea resorts in Turkey

If you are looking for the best sandy beaches on the coast of the Sea of Marmara, you should pay attention to:

  • Marmara Island;
  • Turkeli;
  • Prince’s Islands;
  • Yörük Ali on the island of Büyükada;
  • beaches on the Habelliad.

Almost all resorts on the Sea of Marmara, with the exception of Izmit, can boast beautiful sandy beaches, where it is very convenient to rest for couples with children, sedate tourists who seek comfort and silence. For young people, the larger cities on the Mediterranean coast are much more interesting.

Beaches of the Sea of Marmara in Turkey

But if you have a goal to improve your health and combine it with a beach holiday, then the Marmara Sea coast and its resorts are the best. They have not yet acquired world fame, so there is no constant hype and competition for convenient areas by the water. There is enough space, sand and sun for everyone.

Entertainment consists of water sports, snorkeling, and sightseeing trips that include Roman ruins.

Features of the holiday

Marmara Sea resorts have no noisy nightlife, a lot of flashy restaurants, no colorful festivals. They come here for an active family vacation away from the noise and pollution of megapolises. The greatest treasure of Marmara Sea resorts remains a beach holiday, a sense of peace and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

The cost of recreation

Prices depend on the remoteness of the hotel from the coastline, the level of comfort offered, the time of year. Most often in demand is an all-inclusive vacation. Resorts on the Sea of Marmara in Turkey are not among the most popular, holidaymakers are few, so the pricing policy is very flexible. Comfortable vacation for two can be in the range of 600-800 dollars. For this price offers a full range of services, close to European level.

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