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Resorts on the Aegean Sea in Turkey

The Aegean Sea washes the west coast of Turkey. It is here are the best, Turkish resorts that are consistently popular with tourists from around the world, especially from Russia.

Climate in the Turkish resorts of the Aegean Sea

Local resorts are characterized by mild maritime climate, but compared to the Mediterranean resorts, it lasts a bit shorter. High season for a great beach holiday in the Aegean coast – runs from June to September inclusive.

At the beginning and end of the season the average air temperature in the Aegean Sea is +24C – +27C, and the temperature of the sea water is about +23C. The real heat comes in July and August, when water and air temperatures rise by 3-4 degrees.

Climate in the Turkish resorts of the Aegean Sea

Turkish resorts on the Aegean Sea, despite the heat in the second half of summer, are famous for its comfort, because. The climate here is very dry, with a fresh breeze constantly blowing from the sea during the day. And at night on the Aegean Sea in Turkey is cool.

Thanks to all these features, tourists arriving on the Aegean coast, very quickly acclimatize. Even young children immediately get used to the new weather away from their home.

Features of a holiday at the Aegean Sea resorts

However, each resort, located on the Aegean coast of Turkey, has its own climatic characteristics. Thus, in the north, in the resort of Kusadasi almost no heat, but the high season is shorter.

In the southern Aegean coast resort of Fethiye, periods of sweltering heat occur every year in the second half of summer. But the season here begins in May and lasts until late October. But the resort of Bodrum offers the most moderate option.

Aegean coast of Turkey – map of resorts

Turkish resorts in the Aegean Sea - map

What’s on the Aegean coast of Turkey?

There are many coniferous forests, the coast is carved with picturesque bays, the delightful mountains rise and the smooth surface of the warm Aegean Sea gleams. The whole area is described in detail and sung in ancient Greek myths and legends.

Pamukkale in Turkey

The Aegean coast has a huge number of archaeological, cultural and historical sites and monuments dating back several thousand years, tourists are offered excellent excursions.

Vacationers love to visit the ancient Ephesus, which came into being during the Neolithic period, the famous Pamukkale. Near the Aegean Sea in Turkey are the ruins of the polis of ancient Greece, the temple of Apollo, many amphitheaters, etc.

Aegean coast sightseeing map

Attractions on the Aegean coast of Turkey

Popular resorts on the Aegean coast

On the Aegean Sea many resort towns for all tastes and wallets. Those who love Turkey, have long looked for the best resort for beach, sightseeing or medical vacation.

Kusadasi Resort

Kusadasi resort on the Aegean coast of Turkey

This is one of the most popular resorts on the Aegean Sea. It is located a hundred kilometers from Izmir. Translated from the Turkish language, it is called Bird Island. Indeed, there is a small island near the shore where colonies of birds live.

Kusadasi has a fairly large port where cruise ships from Turkey, Greece and neighboring countries come and go. On these liners tourists travel around the Mediterranean Sea, go to the Atlantic.

Near the resort, to the delight of fans of excursions are many ancient monuments of history and culture. Not far from Kusadasi is the city of Ephesus with the ruins of temples from Ancient Greece.

In the central part of Kusadasi is Pigeon Island. Here tourists can see the Genoese fortress, built in the Middle Ages. In those days the Genoese Republic dominated the eastern Mediterranean.

Bodrum Resort

Bodrum Resort on the Aegean Coast of Turkey

Europeans and wealthy Turks like to vacation here, but for most Russians, this resort is expensive. The sea here is warm and clear, but the beaches are artificial. The terrain is hilly, with most of the villages located on the tops of the hills.

If you are planning a vacation in Bodrum, remember that you have to go down the high hill to the sea every day and then climb back up. The hotels are two-story white stone houses with cozy balconies and green gardens around.

For those looking for a calm, measured rest, it is better to find a hotel in the villages away from Bodrum (Torba, Bitez), because. at the resort itself at night there is a real nightlife (discos, bars, restaurants, clubs, etc.).

It is in Bodrum is the largest nightclub in Europe, “Halicarnassus”, although it is an Asian part of Turkey. The resort is sure to appeal to young people, as. There’s 24/7 fun waiting for them here.

Also in and around Bodrum, you can explore the cultural sites from the bright ages of antiquity – the childhood of mankind, to the harsh Christian Middle Ages.

Fethiye Resort

Fethiye resort on the Aegean Sea

Fethiye is located in the very south of the Aegean Sea in Turkey. It is a very nice resort, with many cozy restaurants offering the best seafood dishes, a great place to relax with the whole family.

Near Fethiye tourists can explore the famous sandy spit Oludeniz, which is the hallmark of this resort. Not yet visited here, in Turkey you can buy many postcards with a picture of the spit, going to the horizon into the blue sea.

In Fethiye, visitors and Turks love the excellent beach with fine and soft, like flour, sand. Thanks to the wind blowing from the spit, many here are fond of flying paragliders. In the cool of the evening you will see many paragliders in the sky.

For lovers of antiquities we recommend to see the ruins of the city of Kaunas, located in the delta of the Dalyan River. In Kaunas you will see a well-preserved amphitheater, as well as the ruins of temples, palaces and baths.

As you float down the river to Kaunas, you will see carved in the rock in the 2nd century BC. ancient tombs. More than two thousand years ago in them were buried royalty and representatives of the local nobility.

Marmaris Resort

Marmaris resort on the Aegean coast of Turkey

This town is located at the point where the waters of the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet. Marmaris has a famous street of bars, clubs, restaurants and discos, which means that the resort is beloved by young people from all over the world.

It is also called the Turkish Ibiza. Marmaris is all crisscrossed with shopping streets and oriental bazaars, through which wander the many tourists. Numerous yachts are moored near the waterfront. Nearby is a huge number of ancient monuments.

Located near Marmaris, the resort of Icmeler is a paradise for families with children. There are many houses surrounded by gardens, there are no shopping streets and bazaars, there is complete tranquility.

Near Icmeler towering mountains, and in its bay – warm and clear water. Around Icmeler there are many mineral springs, around which built resorts and hotels that offer tourists a mineral water treatment.

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