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Resorts in Turkey on the Black Sea

The Black Sea is part of the Atlantic Ocean basin. Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia and Turkey have access to it. Most of the Black Sea coastal areas are used as resort areas. Turkey’s Black Sea resorts are best known for their comfort and European level of service. Tours there are in high demand because of the excellent holiday conditions and reasonable prices.

Turkish resorts

This country is often called the queen of the four seas. An amazing climate has developed under the influence of such an environment. The tourism business is booming, as the country is able to meet any demand for types of recreation. Aegean, Marmara, Mediterranean and Black Sea resorts differ in terms of temperature, beach coverage and length of the bathing season. The warmest and most comfortable are considered to be the Mediterranean coast.

Compared with them, the Turkish resorts on the Black Sea is colder, the average water temperature in the season is kept at 23-24 degrees. The coastal strip belonging to Turkey is 1,595 km. Along it lined resort towns that take vacationers from late May to mid-October.

General information about the Black Sea in Turkey

Turkish resorts on the Black Sea

The peculiarity of this sea is its low level of salinity and relatively cool water. The number of inhabitants is lower compared to the Mediterranean basin, because life in the water is possible only at a distance of 150-200 m from the surface. The most unpretentious primitive species survive deeper. The reason is the high hydrogen sulfide content in the lower layers.

Nevertheless, for vacationers is no obstacle for swimming and sunbathing, scuba diving, water sports, walks on boats and yachts.

The underwater world also surprises with colors and unusual creatures. Among its residents:

  • jellyfish;
  • seahorses;
  • stingrays;
  • starfish;
  • scorps;
  • sharks;
  • dolphins;
  • a large number of commercial fish species;
  • starfish;
  • actinia;
  • algae;
  • corals.

There are rare species listed in the Red Book, such as white fish.

Famous resort towns on the Black Sea are Giresun, Sinop, Trabzon, Zonguldak, Rize, Samsun, Amasra, Fatsa, Akliman. Holidaymakers in them noted the mild climate, low humidity. The average temperature is close to 30 degrees.

Black Sea resorts

He who thinks that there are no resorts on the Black Sea in Turkey, worthy of attention, is deeply mistaken. Their beauty is not in the huge lunaparks or super modern hotels, which are not really there, but in the lush nature, the abundance of historical and architectural monuments and the beauty of the sea itself.


Abana - resort on the Black Sea in Turkey

It is waiting for visitors a leisurely holiday, clean sandy beaches, inexpensive comfortable hotels. In this ancient city everything is steeped in history, informative excursions will occupy most of the time. The large length of beaches provides a wide range of choices from fine light sand to rocky wilderness.


It belongs to the province of Sinop, located in the north of the country. The oldest architectural monuments and archaeological finds date back to the 4th century BC, so sightseeing leaves a lasting impression. The coast is protected from strong winds by mountains, the climate is mild, the sea is calm, disposed to a comfortable beach holiday.


Turkey's best resorts on the Black Sea

The ancient history of the city goes back to the 2nd century BC. Excursions to historical sites have long been an integral part of a vacation at this resort. Attractions include:

  • 2 Genoese fortresses;
  • Fatih Mosque;
  • Ancient Roman bridge;
  • part of the city wall of the Byzantine period.

The peculiarity of the city is its location, which includes a small island connected to the main city by a bridge.


Bartin - Black Sea (Turkey)

The town is famous for its strawberry festivals, picturesque port and old wooden houses. Some of them are lined up right on the edge of the rock ledge and shyly look into the choppy water, looking for their reflection in it.

Bartin belongs to the youngest resorts of Turkey on the Black Sea, it appeared on the tourist map recently and has not yet managed to gain much popularity. But the flow of tourists has already stretched here, attracted by the comfortable beaches, picturesque surroundings and a sense of tranquility.


Gerze - resort of Turkey

Rest at the resort as close to nature. Tourists stay in small hotels or campsites. The beaches are free of commercial tents and bulky rides. In the rocky bays hide secluded tiny beaches, along the city line planted with pine forests, giving the air a unique aroma mixed with the scents of the sea. Nevertheless, there are numerous cafes, restaurants with European and Mediterranean cuisine, it is possible to go on excursions and shopping centers.


Rize Resort - Black Sea in Turkey

At this resort, the emphasis is on mountain sports, so the main influx of tourists is in the winter. Unique natural landscape includes a picturesque plateau, lake, many streams, small groves. They seamlessly fit arched bridges, castles, traditional houses under the brightly colored roofs.

Attractions, where tours are organized:

  • Chaykur Tea Museum;
  • The ruins of the Genoese castle of the 14th century;
  • The healing mineral springs of Shimshirli, Chayyrly and Andon;
  • Aparan waterfall;
  • Kachkar Mountain National Park.

The province has 350 tea factories, which is often a revelation for vacationers who try quality Turkish tea for the first time and appreciate its rich rich flavor.


Resort Sinop on the Black Sea coast in Turkey

It is considered a true beach resort on the Turkish Black Sea coast and is best known among Russian tourists. The choice in its favor due to affordable prices, a wide range of hotels from inexpensive to five-star, a good range of entertainment.

Thanks to its advantageous location, the city became a hub of many cultures, which gradually assimilated into an original fusion. The abundance of historical monuments makes the city attractive to connoisseurs of architectural objects. Among them are ancient houses, churches, mosques, defensive fortifications.

Weather conditions are favorable for recreation and swimming, hot and stuffy days almost never happen, they are softened by the powerful breath of the sea, which brings moisture and coolness. Gourmets at the resort will have to work hard to try the full range of dishes on offer, including the national cuisine. Lovers of shopping, too, there is plenty to do, the stores have a wide selection of exclusive broths from cosmetics to jewelry.

Video overview of resorts

Holiday season on the Black Sea coast of Turkey

The timing is almost the same as the resorts of the Krasnodar region. Beach season opens on the 20th of May. The water is best warmed up by July. Velvet season is mid-August to early September, and in October, only the most stalwart dare to enter the sea. November begins with rain and winds that will continue almost until March. For those who are not recommended abrupt change of climate, you can come to the Black Sea resort at this time. The weather is not much different from the beginning of spring in the central regions of our country.

The largest number of holidaymakers is in July and August, prices rise, but still remain within affordable limits, allowing you to diversify your holiday excursions and visits to water parks and restaurants.

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