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Queensland state in Australia

One of the most attractive places for tourists in Australia is the state of Queensland. It beckons tourists with endless beaches and the clearest warm water year round, as well as pristine nature, which is worth seeing. Despite the large number of attractions, and entertainment for tourists, mostly come here to watch the migration of whales. In the winter and spring, when this occurs, it is possible to look at the whales at a short distance. However, that’s not all Queensland has to offer.

Geography of Queensland

Queensland on the map

The state is located in the northeast of the country, very comfortable for tourism and industry. If you look at Queensland on world maps, you can see that it is washed by the waters of the Coral Sea as well as the Gulf of Carpentaria to the north, while the eastern side overlooks the Pacific Ocean. It is the most famous of Australia’s six states. The number of people living in Queensland reaches 4 million, most of whom are located on the southeastern side.

Brisbane is the city that is the capital. It is on the south side of the state, as are all the major developed regions. In recent years, such sectors as agriculture, mining and, of course, tourism have been actively developed here. Because of this, Australia continues to be of interest to many travelers and migrants.

Queensland weather

Queensland - weather, attractions

Since the size of the state is impressive (you can see this if you find Queensland on maps), the climate in these places is very diverse. For example, the west side is known for high temperatures, dry seasons, and brief rains. The north is dominated by humid and windy weather, while the coastal side beckons with its warm and temperate climate, which is ideal for tourist holidays. The south and southeast are the cleanest and warmest air, which allows for rich harvests. The famous Australian wines are made here and must be tasted.

The state’s climate allows travelers to visit Australia year-round. In fact, even in the winter, the weather in Queensland is favorable in the south. The temperature does not drop below 16˚C. As for the northern part, it’s always pretty hot there. During the summer season the thermometer shows about 30˚C, and in winter not below 25˚C. An optimal option for those who can’t stand the cold and dream of welcoming the New Year on a hot beach with a glass of cocktail.

Queensland Attractions

Queensland - weather, attractions

Queensland is a truly unique place. Here any traveler can find entertainment and recreation to his liking. Tourists are greeted by an endless stretch of pure white beaches with azure and warm water, which are separated by blue lagoons of indescribable beauty.

Countless waterfalls, mountain peaks and stunning beaches where you can watch the world’s most beautiful sunsets. Queensland’s pristine natural beauty and great weather have made it a piece of heaven on earth.

Queensland Attractions

In addition to the protected areas and luxurious beaches, there are plenty of interesting and beautiful Queensland attractions.

For example, tourists should:

  1. Visit the Great Dividing Range and Carnarvon Gorge;
  2. Take a boat trip around several of the Whitsunday group of islands;
  3. Sunbathe on the popular Gold Coast;
  4. Visit Port Douglas;
  5. Going to Daintree Rainforest;
  6. See the towns of Mackay and Buddaberg, where you can learn about local life, taste the national dishes, admire the rural landscapes and local fauna, sunbathe on comfortable and clean beaches dotted with palm trees, and learn about sugar cane and taste the world’s tastiest rum;
  7. Explore the aquatic world of the Coral Coast with snorkeling or scuba diving, watching the big turtles, etc.

Queensland - attractions

Tourists are also attracted by a huge number of national parks (about two hundred), which should definitely be visited. Lamington and Border Range parks are the most popular. Here you can look at the pristine green jungle, among which the incredible waterfalls are lost.

Queensland Attractions

The south of the state is no less popular with tourists, despite the fact that there are not as many beaches, Queensland attractions and somewhat sparse entertainment. People go there to look at the crocodiles, of which there are innumerable, and the local museum has a unique exhibit – a stuffed giant alligator, which scares the locals for several years.

Queensland Attractions

The unique phenomenon of whale migration is worth mentioning separately. Thousands of humpback and Australian southern right whales pass through the Australian coast each year. Tourists from all over the world come to Sydney and Queensland’s Gold Coast to see these huge creatures for themselves. Such a trip lasts about four hours. A special vessel goes out into open waters, where huge animals swim past it.

Tour organizers promise a one hundred percent guarantee that the tourist will see the whale, and this is indeed true. Therefore, we can safely say that this entertainment is truly worth its money.

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