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Public transportation in Mexico

The subway in Mexico is the realm of women. Train drivers are women, police officers are women. At least most of them are. The first three cars are for women only, men are not allowed in. A woman, on the other hand, can get into any carriage.

The subway is not only transportation, but also a kind of school on wheels: at each station you can learn something new from the colorfully decorated posters. For example, how the subway is organized in other countries, the development of the fetus during pregnancy, what the starry sky looks like, the flora and fauna of the country. And it’s really interesting to read it all. Also, each station has its own symbolism, and you quickly begin to understand their coats of arms, and the names cease to matter.

The railroad officially exists in the country, but you won’t notice it. But Prima-class buses are comfortable and air-conditioned, have wide seats and can entertain the passenger with music or a movie. In the luxury buses you will even be served food by a steward. But it is better to avoid the Segunda Class buses, because their purpose is to find a passenger, and the driver does not care how long it takes.

The roads in Mexico are good, but the abundance of reductions (“lying policemen”) spoil the impression, because you will drive for a long time. It is problematic to take the plane because the tickets have long been sold out and there are no direct flights, because all the flights are connected only in Mexico City.

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