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Popular resorts in Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea

Turkish resorts on the Mediterranean Sea are extremely popular with tourists from Russia and Europe, especially from its northern states. This is due to the unique maritime climate, magnificent beaches and a decent tourist infrastructure.

Fortunately Turkey, unlike France and Italy, has a very long coast of the Mediterranean, offers tourists relatively inexpensive tourist services, has many unique attractions.

Climate in Turkish resorts of the Mediterranean Sea

Turkey has some of the best conditions for a good beach holiday. That is why the Turkish Mediterranean coast has long been called the Turkish Riviera. Part of this Riviera is a coast of the Aegean Sea.

Consider the most famous resorts in Turkey in the Mediterranean basin. Their climate varies quite a lot depending on the location, but remains mild, humid and comfortable in terms of air and water temperature.

Climate in Turkey's Mediterranean resortsPeak season in Turkey, as in our country, is August. At this time on the Mediterranean coast the air temperature during the day is about +25C – +30C, and the water temperature is +27C – +30C.

The coldest month of the year is January. On a January day, the temperature ranges from +13C to +17C. Humidity can be up to 80%, while in summer it is not more than 65%.

Almost all resorts in Turkey near the Mediterranean Sea the number of sunny days a year is close to 300. Almost all summer and early fall tourists are waiting for a lot of sunshine and mild heat.

Due to the peculiarities of the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Turkey, the temperature of the sea water there in the summer is about +27C, while in Italy it varies about +24C, because. There’s a huge depression there. Turkey’s sea water is more salty.

It is worth remembering that in this country is widely used payment system “All inclusive”, when the cost of living included food and other tourist services. Russians like this system a lot because. makes the vacation a little cheaper.

Turkish resorts on the Mediterranean Sea – cities

All the major cities on the coast are concentrated close enough, except North Cyprus

Map of Turkish resorts in the Mediterranean

Map of Turkish resorts on the Mediterranean Sea


Kemer is the name of a town and district located in the province of Antalya. This part of Turkey in ancient times was called Lykia, today it keeps in its land the memory of the activities of Alexander the Great, the love of Antony and Cleopatra and much more.

Mediterranean Sea in Turkey - resorts

The city of Kemer is home to over 20 thousand local residents. It is protected by mountains from cold northern winds, so it is famous for its mild, velvet climate. Our tourists consider it a true paradise.

Bathing season in Kemer begins in mid-May and ends in late October. Thanks to the mountain protection, the monsoons here are not so manifest (dry in summer, solid rains in winter).

Kemer - Turkey

In winter in Kemer rainfall is moderate, and in summer there are occasional warm, refreshing summer showers. The climate here is noticeably drier than in Antalya. Temperatures in the summer afternoons can reach +40C.


Antalya is located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey

It is a famous Turkish resort and port, located in southern Turkey. More than a million local people live here. The city is divided into historical and modern parts. Antalya is one of the most visited resorts in Turkey among Russians.

In Antalya dominates the Mediterranean climate. It is pronounced dry in summer and rains in winter. But thanks to the mountainous terrain, the monsoons do not pass to the north of the country and do not carry excessive rainfall there.

Resort Cities in Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea

You can come here in April and rest until the last days of October. Daytime summer temperatures in Antalya average about +29C. There is an international airport near the city.


Belek - Turkey

Another resort of Turkey – Belek, today it has become famous throughout the world resort center. Its main attraction – the magnificent beaches, which were awarded the Blue Flags.

The weather in the summer can be hot, the temperature can rise to +45C, but the average summer temperature ranges around +29C. From May to September it is warm, sometimes hot, and very much sunny. The water temperature in the sea is about +27C.

Belek - Turkey

Around Belek, there are many ancient monuments and sites. It’s a great place for a sightseeing vacation. Also, this Turkish resort on the Mediterranean Sea is famous as one of the world’s best golf centers.


Side - Turkey

Side is located in the southeast of Antalya. Near this resort in Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea you can see the ruins of the city of Pamphylia, built by the ancient Romans. Sides was named after the daughter of the local ancient god Taurus.

It is a small town of about 14 thousand people, which is very popular with tourists. It is also famous for its beautiful and well-kept beaches and comfortable hotels on the coast.

Turkey's best resorts on the Mediterranean Sea

In terms of weather and climatic indicators resort Side is very similar to Antalya, but the climate is less monsoon, ie, less rain in winter, and in summer sometimes there are showers, and falls heat.


Alanya - Turkey

This resort of Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea is located in the south of the Turkish coast. Alanya is a city with a population of over one hundred thousand people, is part of the province of Antalya.

There is an airport near Alanya. It is not only a resort, but also a significant size passenger and cargo port. From here you can go on a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea. Alanya is considered one of the best seaside resorts on the coast.

The resort of Alanya in Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea

The city has an ancient history, it was founded in the 2nd century BC. Greeks. A few hundred years later, Roman colonizers came here. Both the Greeks and the Romans left behind many historical and archaeological sites.

The resort is just as protected from the northern winds by the mountains. Compared with Antalya, the average winter and summer temperatures here are three degrees higher than in Sochi – 6 degrees, compared to Nice – 4 degrees. The beaches are gentle, excellent for children.

North Cyprus

North Cyprus - Turkey

Among the Turkish resorts on the Mediterranean Sea can also include resorts in northern Cyprus, this area is more than 40 years controlled by Turkey. There are few tourists from Russia, but the British and Germans love to vacation in North Cyprus.

You can get here only from Turkey by plane to the capital city of Nicosia, and then go to your chosen resort or a mountain village where you decide to spend your vacation. It is possible to get to Northern Cyprus without a visa.

Cities in Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea

The climate here is warmer than in the south of the island, but the tourist infrastructure is much weaker, it seems to have stopped in the 70s. Northern Cyprus resorts are suitable for those who like peace and solitude.

Resorts in Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea offers tourists a first-class beach and sightseeing vacation, a mild Mediterranean climate, excellent tourism infrastructure and payment system “all inclusive” or “all inclusive”.

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