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Pongur Falls in Vietnam

Cascade waterfalls are considered one of the most beautiful. They are usually low, but because of the different levels on which spectacularly rush water jets, you get just an unforgettable spectacle. There are many waterfalls in Vietnam, from very small to giants, but Pongur is the undisputed leader in beauty.

Pongur is the most beautiful waterfall in the vicinity of Dalat

No place in nature is exactly the same, and rivers and islands vary. Pongur Falls also has its own twist. The upper terrace is at a height of 40 meters. The bed of the waterfall is quite wide, has seven different levels of ledges. To see it in all its glory, it is better to come to Dalat in the rainy season. Then all the waterfalls of Vietnam gain strength and turn into rushing torrents of water, surrounded by an iridescent halo of spray.

Pongur Falls

Pongur is no exception. Transparent watery sheets sweep across the dark, moss-covered rocks, eliciting a thrill of excitement. The background of the waterfall makes for great photos. In the dry season, this splendor turns into numerous small streams, which is also not without charm.

In Vietnam, the rainy season runs from May to October.

There is a fee of VND10,000 to access the waterfall, as Ponggur Waterfall is a tourist attraction. Everything is designed for the convenience of visitors, there is a gazebo for recreation and picnic, a few cafes, cabins for recreation.

The park itself is compact, there are signs and it is impossible to get lost. There is an observation deck for contemplating the waterfall. Some enthusiasts descend to the foot or climb to the upper level, falling under clouds of small drops that fly a decent distance, but most visitors prefer to admire the natural beauty from a safe distance, in comfort and warmth, taking survey pictures of the magnificent nature and the waterfall itself.

Pongur Falls
Pongur Falls, Vietnam – overview, photos, how to get there

If you calculate the time to visit the attraction, it is worth considering that rarely stay here longer than an hour, so the inspection of the Pongur Waterfall is often part of the sightseeing tour. From the main entrance you have to walk about a kilometer along a picturesque path, so it is better to take care in advance about the comfortable and non-slip shoes.

Locals love to come here for picnics and on weekends it is crowded. To enjoy the views of Pongur Falls in silence, it is more convenient to choose any weekday. The speed of the water is relatively slow, you can swim on any of the terraces, just stand under the crystal clear jets or wander up the steps themselves, exercising caution. It is forbidden to swim in the lake at the foot of the waterfall.

How to get to Pongur Falls?

The natural landmark is 50 km away. from Dalat. There are no group tours organized there yet, so you have to look for a personal guide or get a map and try to get there on your own. In principle, there is nothing complicated about it. But you can plan a few more stops, such as a coffee plantation. Pongur Falls on the map is marked as a nature park.

The road from Dalat is good, not congested, on a section of DT 725 recently repaired. After the airport you have to travel about 2 km more. and turn after the sign to the waterfall. It is not very noticeable, but if you look purposefully, it is impossible to miss. After the turn, go straight for about 6 km and the road will lead directly to the entrance to the park. There is also a parking lot and a number of stalls with water, drinks and food for a light snack. As usual, everything is expensive, so it is better to stock up on provisions in advance.

You can ride a rented bike, the distance from Dalat is short. Or you can take a cab, arranging with the driver to wait, or calling a new car later.

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