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Picasso Museum in Barcelona

Spain is proud of its unique museums, which exhibit the masterpieces of many painters of different eras. The Picasso Museum in Barcelona is part of this brilliant pleiad and includes more than 3,500 works by the brilliant artist. Reproductions and holographic projections of paintings cannot convey all the emotional intensity, expression or amazing serenity of the paintings. Watch them in person, leisurely strolling through the halls of the old palace, which houses the bulk of the collections.

History of the Picasso Museum

An abundance of impressions from childhood accompanied the young painter. His family moved part of the way from one city to another, following his father, a drawing teacher. He was invited to various art academies to give lectures and practical work. His wife and children meekly followed him, and the boy learned with interest the world around him, absorbed the bright colors of the national dress, looked at the buildings and stained-glass windows, gradually transforming it into his own, unique style. He will have it at a mature age, but it will be a long time before that happens.

Pablo Picasso Museum in BarcelonaIn Picasso’s fate lies the answer to the question of why a museum of his work was opened not in Málaga, the artist’s homeland, but in Barcelona. He was introduced to the city when he was 14, but his youthful impressions remained the most vivid, and he retained them for the rest of his life.

The art gallery, which houses and displays prints, sketches, personal items and several complete collections of paintings, including the famous “Meninas,” is to be thanked for Picasso’s personal secretary, Jaume Sabartes. He not only performed organizational duties, but was also a close friend of the artist, to whom Pablo often gave his work or sketches.

This collection of more than 600 items became the foundation of the museum. An ancient castle belonging to Berenguer d’Aguilar, erected in the 15th century, was made available for collections. The striking contrast of medieval elements in the architecture and modern Cubist style already in the foyer promises an unforgettable experience of visiting the exhibition.

The museum opened in 1963. His collection was immediately replenished by canvases donated by city residents. Gradually the halls were packed with the artist’s most complete collections of blue and pink periods. In 1970, the artist donated another 930 works to the museum, collecting youth sketches, prints, and small pencil drawings.

Features of the Picasso Museum

Unusual, surprising and awe-inspiring – this is how visitors briefly describe the museum dedicated to Picasso’s work.

The splendid idea of arranging the paintings in chronological order makes it possible to see the development of the artist’s style and worldview without any explanations from the outside.

His storerooms contain most of the works of the early period, where the influence of other masters on the style of the young painter, the search for individuality and creative experimentation can be clearly traced. All 58 variations on the “Menin” theme are collected in the Barcelona Museum alone. After the death of his friend and personal secretary, Picasso himself donated the collection to the museum, thereby honoring and supporting Sabartes’ cause.

Picasso Museum, Barcelona

The decoration of the halls is in the spirit of minimalism. Amidst the abundance of light and air, nothing prevents you from getting into the spirit of the artist’s creations. Neutral wall color and spot lighting draws attention to each picture.

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona holds one-fifth of all the artist’s works.

Regularly collections are sent to European cities, exhibitions were held in Paris, Brussels, Bonn, Milan.

Collections of the Picasso Museum

Pabol Picasso Museum in Barcelona, Spain

Central exhibits, in addition to the Meninies, are considered to be the paintings Knowing Mercy, First Communion, and Pigeons. Through the efforts of the artist’s widow, the Picasso Museum in Spain became the owner of an interesting collection of ceramics.

The basis of the collection consists of paintings from the period from 1895 to 1904. Among them:

  • The man with the fruit vase;
  • The woman in the shawl;
  • The figure in the chair;
  • Sofa;
  • Blanquita Suarez.

Most are in the spirit of Cubism and bear the clear imprint of a mature artist, confidently speaking to the audience about his world view and offering with him a glimpse into the world of his fantasies.

Picasso Museum, Barcelona - opening hours, how to get there

Paintings created during the period of cooperation with the Russian Ballet under Diaghilev’s direction are considered a special section. From this series, the Picasso Museum presents “Ballerina,” and “Harlequin,” as a ratio of classical and folkloric.

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona holds 3,800 works of the artist and offers themed tours and lectures about his work.

In addition to stationary expositions, traveling exhibitions of graphics, printing of various modern trends and directions are organized.

In recent years, the Picasso Museum is considered one of the most popular among tourists. The number of visitors per year is 1 million. 300,000 people.

How to get to the Picasso Museum

Those who do not like to queue and walking around an unfamiliar city on their own, it is worth ordering an excursion in a travel agency or hotel. Tourists go on the trip in small groups, on the way the guide introduces the city, tells a little about the surrounding neighborhoods and buildings. The tour takes about 3-4 hours, depending on the chosen program.

For a self-trip, it is enough to take a free tourist booklet with descriptions of attractions. There you can find the address and opening hours of the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. It opens its doors to visitors at 10 a.m. and sees off the last guests at 8 p.m. On Mondays and public holidays, employees have the day off. You can get into the museum for free if you are under 16 or over 65.

Open days are also held on the first Sunday of the month. You can see world-famous works of art for free every Sunday afternoon. The museum entrance is located in one of the twisting streets of the Gothic Quarter, and you can navigate by the long tail of the queue, which moves quite briskly.

Museum on a map of Barcelona

Often acquaintance with the work of Pablo Picasso is combined with a walk through the most ancient and mysterious quarter of the city, with a break for lunch in one of the cozy restaurants with national cuisine.

Prices for visiting the Picasso Museum

The cost of tickets depends on the object of inspection:

  • complex with the right to enter all the halls – 8, 5 euros;
  • mobile exhibitions – 5;
  • main expositions – 6.

On the territory of the museum there is an unusual store, where reproductions, CDs, books about the artist and original memorable souvenirs are sold.

The artist left his mark in many cities, but his first impressions of Barcelona grew over the years into a fondness for this city. Picasso Museum allows you to touch the work of one of the great artists of our time.

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