Phuket Weather

During the summer from April to October, the soil in Asia is warmer than the air over the ocean. And this pushes the cold masses toward the continental landmass. From the southwest Indian Ocean comes warm air and rain to Thailand and Phuket.

Seasons in Phuket

The Asian continent cools from November to April and the ocean air gets warmer relative to it. The prevailing wind direction is northeasterly. That is, a huge mass of air moves in from the direction of China, bringing dry air and sunny weather. As a result of this picture, the weather on the island of Phuket becomes quite predictable.

It is customary to distinguish three weather seasons on the island: the cool season, the hot season, and the rainy season. The well-established climate change is dictated by monsoon winds. The constant change of air currents perfectly regulates the weather in Phuket throughout the year.

Cool Season

The cool season reigns in Phuket from November to February. Northeast winds come here in early November to end the rainy season. The cool season is the best time of year to visit Phuket. Now you will see a lot of blue sky, there will be very little precipitation, low humidity and the temperature is quite comfortable. This is the high season in Phuket with a peak of visitors around Christmas and New Year.

Hot Season

The hot season lasts from March to early May. The weather is dry and the sky is almost always clear. But many people, especially those from northern latitudes, will find the temperature too high to feel comfortable. This is the end of the high visitor season for Phuket. There are still a lot of tourists, but hotels are already starting to lower prices as demand begins to fall.

The rainy season

Monsoon winds from the southwest in early April or May bring rains. Phuket receives the most rainfall on the island in May, September and October. During these months it can rain almost every day. These three months are definitely not the time of year to choose to visit if you crave sunshine and fresh air. However, June, July and August are a good time to vacation. During these three summer months, there will be a lot of rain, but usually not more than a few hours. At the same time, the weather will be comfortable and there will be a light breeze from the sea. Often in these months, you won’t see a single drop of rain even in a week.

The rainy season in PhuketThe six months of the rainy season are called the low season in Phuket. Hotels reduce prices as much as possible, and you can easily get discounts from tour operators, car rentals, ship excursions, etc. June, July and August are still popular times to visit when people take advantage of the low season prices. May, September and October are much quieter, as the weather in Phuket at this time scares away too much humidity in the surrounding air.

Be warned immediately, the monsoon season brings big waves and dangerous undercurrents to the western beaches.

Every year about 20 people drown during the rainy season.

To warn of dangerous conditions, red flags are raised on beaches. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, do not approach the water at this time.

To summarize, Phuket has dry and sunny weather from December to March. From May to October, the rainy season reigns with peak rainfall in May, September, and October. April and November are transitional months when it is impossible to predict the exact date of the change of seasons.

The temperature in Phuket is fairly constant throughout the year. The average temperature during the hot season ranges between 29 and 33 degrees Celsius. On a yearly basis, the temperature averages 27 degrees. March and April are the peak temperatures, so you need to consider your health to visit Phuket at this time.

The low humidity on the island lasts from December to March. During the rainy season, the humidity is quite high, but usually when it’s not raining, it’s comfortable enough to have a nice time.

Phuket weather by month

January: The favorite month of all tourists. You will be greeted with blue skies, very little precipitation and very comfortable temperatures. Average air temperature 26.9 °C, precipitation 35 mm/day.

February: Temperatures begin to rise gradually, but are still in a comfortable range. The rainfall is even less. Average air temperature 27.6 °C, precipitation 30 mm/day.

March: Practically no precipitation , clear skies, but daytime temperatures are gradually rising. People with cardiovascular problems should refrain from going to Phuket at this time. Average air temperature 28.3 °C, precipitation 38 mm/day.

April: For most people, especially those living in more temperate latitudes, the weather will only bring discomfort. The beginning of the month is still quite dry, but by the end the precipitation will only increase. Average air temperature 28.5 °C, precipitation 163 mm/day.

May: The rainy season is rapidly gaining momentum in Phuket. This is the second most humid month of the year. It will rain frequently and for several days. The temperature finally drops to a comfortable level. Average air temperature 28.1 °C, precipitation 348 mm/day.

June: The monsoons are subsiding a bit. Rains are frequent, but usually in the form of short showers. Some days it doesn’t rain at all. Vacationers will enjoy a light breeze from the sea. Average air temperature 28.3 °C, precipitation 212 mm/day.

July: The rainy season continues. It rains, but at times you can see bright blue skies and hot sunshine. The average air temperature is 27.8 °C, and precipitation is 263 mm/day.

Phuket Climate and Weather

August: This is the mini high season for Phuket. School vacations in Europe attract many young people to the island to take advantage of Thailand’s low-price beach season. Lots of tourists from Australia. The temperature is quite pleasant, and after a brief rainfall is quite possible to sunbathe. Average air temperature 28.0 °C, precipitation 262 mm/day.

September: This is the wettest month of the year. It often rains a lot. Gaps in the clouds are very rare. The air temperature is gradually dropping. The average air temperature is 27.2 °C, and precipitation is 419 mm/day.

October: The rainy season is still in full swing. Average air temperature 27.1 °C, precipitation 305 mm/day.

November: The official start of the high season. At some point the lingering rains stop, but downpours are still frequent. The sky is filled with snow-white clouds and sunshine. Daytime temperatures are aiming for over 30°C, and nighttime temperatures are still pleasant for being indoors without air conditioning. Average air temperature 27.0 °C, precipitation 207 mm/day.

December: High season and crowds of tourists. Once in a while you can get caught in the rain. But mostly you will bask in the rays of the sun, occasionally covered by fluffy clouds. The daytime temperature reaches 33°C. Average air temperature 27.0 °C, precipitation 207 mm/day.

As noted earlier, the weather in Phuket is indeed predictable, but as you know of every rule there are exceptions. So in 2005 and 2010, the rainy season marred the mood of tourists until the new year. The effect of global warming? Who knows? In any case, such vagaries of the weather are characteristic of the entire Earth.

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