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Phuket Island – useful information

The island of Phuket in Thailand is loved by tourists for the bright tropical vegetation, mild climate and the opportunity to come here at any time of year, immersed in the summer. Learn useful information for travelers.

Phuket – the most famous island resort in Thailand

Luxury, comfort, privacy, so in a few words can be described the island of Phuket in Thailand. It creates the illusion of a separate world, where there is no place for worries, anxieties, and grieves. The biggest annoyance is considered to be an uneven tan or a cocktail that is too warm. Excellent infrastructure, excellent service attracts tourists to enjoy the bounty of tropical nature.

It is called the pearl of the Andaman coast. It lounges in the azure waters, quietly enduring years and decades, becoming more luxurious with each season. Where the city of Phuket, boiling life, kaleidoscope of events constantly shows a new picture, but there is a secluded island and nooks in which time is frozen in peace and quiet.

Phuket location on the world and country map

Thailand is territorially located in Southeast Asia, occupying the northern Malay Peninsula and Southwest Indochina. Its shores are washed by the waters of the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. Most of the state is made up of hundreds of islands scattered like beads across the ocean. Deserve a separate description of the island of Phuket, information about which can be found in most travel agencies.

Phuket on the world map

Phuket Island on the world map

Where is Phuket, in what country, knows most tourists who prefer to vacation abroad. It is in well-deserved demand, receiving a large flow of guests from different countries every month. Phuket Island size, width, length and total area of 543 square kilometers. The largest island of the archipelago. It is the southern province of the kingdom, and since it is located on an island, it is seen from afar, through the straits, with its neighbors, the provinces of Krabi and Phang-nga. Phuket is connected to the mainland coast of Thailand by the Saracen Bridge, which brings the benefits of civilization, while allowing a sense of independence.

Map of Phuket

Map of Phuket Island

The length of the island of Phuket is about 50 km, at its widest part it barely reaches 21 km.

Historical milestones of Phuket Island

A good geographical location led to the fact that for traders it did not matter what country Phuket was in, attention was paid to the fact that the island was located at the crossroads of busy sea routes. In the Middle Ages it was called Junk Ceylon and was mentioned in the personal diaries of captains and ship’s logs of French, Portuguese, Dutch and English ships.

Representatives of these countries regularly tried to assert their dominance over it. And in some cases it succeeded. For example, in the 16th century, a Dutch outpost was built on the coast, and later France demanded its share, claiming rights to the island. The invaders were expelled, another attempt at a return to dictatorship failed, and for a time there was a lull.

Thailand - Phuket Island

An attack by Burmese troops in the 18th century provoked a long war, but the island once again defended its freedom. Women defended their homes equally with men. After this there was a custom when a woman would cut her hair short to see her husband off to war. Gradually, the population grew, mainly due to Chinese migrants, and by 1933 the island received the status of a separate province.

Tin mining was for a long time the main source of income. Open pit mining has significantly distorted the landscape and deepened the coastal zone. At the beginning of the 20th century, the deposits were depleted, but rubber plantations appeared. The economy got a new source, and the environment benefited greatly from this replacement. The second most important way to replenish the administrative budget was the development of the tourism industry. Luxurious tropical groves, warm sea and world-famous beaches quickly attracted the attention of vacationers.

Climate, Nature and Seasons in Phuket

The island is located in the equatorial zone, but the climate is more like subequatorial. Nature – the mountains, lush tropical vegetation, an abundance of bright butterflies, birds, nimble lizards. More than 10 species of palm trees, including a rare giant mountain palm, mangroves and magnificent flowers of all hues and shapes. In the natural parks you can admire the orchids, a variety of fruits and vegetables make up the bulk of the diet of local residents and vacationers.

The jungle is home to 900 species of birds, tapirs, bats, lemurs, and monkeys. Turtles and geckos can be found on the coastal strip. Elephants live in the nursery. They were transported from the northern provinces, and the ministers are closely monitoring their well-being. The length of the island of Phuket is not long, but all enough room in this corner of paradise.

Phuket Island - Thailand

Where the island of Phuket is located there is no clear distinction between winter and summer. There is a rainy season and a sunny period. Like the rest of Thailand, Phuket has warm weather. The average minimum does not fall below 21 – 23 degrees, on a rare day the heat can heat the thermometer to 35 – 38.

The high season is from November to April, when the weather is dry, warm, almost no wind. Tropical cyclones with heavy downpours and sharp gusts of wind are frequent visitors from mid-May.

Phuket – information for tourists

Tourist business brings a stable income to the country and the province in particular, so the authorities are trying to maximize the diversity of accommodation, keep the level of service at a decent level, to develop new tourist itineraries. The size of the island of Phuket is not large, it is among the other pieces of land it is considered large. There are 32 other islands around it, but they are piles of rocks or so small that they can only serve as a temporary stopover, or be a beach area. Although few people are going to visit them for this purpose, the beaches of Phuket Island are considered the best in Thailand.

Prices and living conditions

Their level depends on the season. Between November and April, they take off noticeably, gradually decreasing by early May. The calculation is done in the national currency – baht. Rate: 1.8 rubles per 1 baht. To quickly navigate when shopping, it is more convenient to multiply the price by 2. Prices are much higher than in Pattaya. Affects some distance from the mainland, the prominence of the resort.

Food in Phuket - Thailand

In cafes and restaurants, prices depend on the prestige of the establishment and its location. The farther you are from the coast, the cheaper it is. The average cost of dinner for two at a restaurant will range from 2,000 to 3,500.

The prices of alcohol are quite high. For example, the cost of beer will be more than the cost of dinner at an inexpensive restaurant.

To save money, you can eat in a cafe, but you have to clean up after yourself, as there are no waiters.

An excellent evening meal would be a visit to a market or macashnika in the evening. A portion of seafood costs between 55 and 100 rubles. They also sell kebabs cooked in front of the customer, meat balls, corn, and fruit shakes.

Accommodation in Phuket

Shopping in supermarkets is profitable, even a bottle or can of beer costs about 60 – 80 rubles, the range is large, you can buy everything you need in one place.

On the island of Phuket a large selection of hotels, guest houses, hostels. The cost depends on the proximity to the beach, the area, the level of comfort, the class of the hotel, the services provided. By Thai standards, accommodation prices are much higher than the Thai average. Hotels with their own beach and their prices are appropriate. The largest selection of housing in Patong, the cheapest – in Phuket – Town.

How do you get around the island?

How to get around Phuket?

The area of Phuket island is relatively small, but you do not always want to move on foot. That’s why it’s worth considering transportation. The public transport is represented by the songtaeu, which resemble buses. The most frequent flights are to the beaches. Cabs or rental cars are expensive and do not always justify the expense.

To get to the mainland use shuttle buses across the bridge or the sea route across the strait. There is no train station and no airport, you have to go to the capital city of Phuket.

Public bus

There are few attractions on the island itself. Those who want to explore not only Phuket, but also learn what kind of country Thailand is, touch the ethnic roots, you need to plan field trips.

The connection with the capital and other provinces is maintained by shuttle buses. They run on a schedule, tickets can be purchased in advance at fixed fares.


For many vacationers when choosing a trip is the main plus is a luxurious beach holiday in Phuket. Fine white sand, water temperature +28 almost the entire year, the chic waves for surfers and placid sea surface with gentle slopes for families with children – all this fits within the island of Phuket. Each beach has its own characteristics.Phuket - information for tourists

  1. Patong is the most visited and famous, as well as noisy and generous for nightlife. It is here that the go-go bars, the main entertainment centers of the island and the best clubs, working until dawn.
  2. Karon is the second largest, it stretches for 3 km. along the surf line. People often come here with children, it is beloved by large companies, beach volleyball fans and active recreation. During the rainy season swimming is not recommended because of the large waves.
  3. Kata is quiet and respectable, and all establishments are closed by 10 p.m. People of age, families with children, romantics and lovers relax here. They do not need the noise and bustle, they enjoy the quiet, the luxury of nature, the tranquility. A special microclimate is created by the surrounding hills that protect the beach from the winds and waves. The flat bottom is convenient for safe swimming for children and those who are not confident in their skills as a swimmer.
  4. Bang Tao is considered the longest, most luxurious and expensive. And also the most picturesque. For those looking for solitude, the almost wild northern part is perfect. Closer to the south, not only the density of vacationers, but also the prices.
  5. Kamala is relatively young and just beginning to develop. Good cleanliness, quietness, tranquility and comfort. Located near the nightlife of Patong.
  6. Nai Harn is small, but very beautiful and cozy. Its length is only 600 meters, surrounded by pine trees, there are few people. There are several small restaurants with seafood menus on the shore, there is no other entertainment. It is appreciated by divers and snorkelers. The diverse and colorful underwater world, clear water and silence have become its calling card.
  7. Surin in the low season becomes a gathering place for surfers. The waves are attractive to them and dangerous for the rest of the vacationers. In the area of the beach are shopping centers, souvenir stores, expensive restaurants.
  8. Naiton is located on the territory of Phuket Island National Reserve. It is clean, quiet, sparsely populated even in high season. It is famous for the fine sand and safe conditions for swimming, because the bottom is flat, almost no waves.


Sooner or later bored even the most comfortable lying on the beach and the soul demands a holiday. Lovers of noisy parties and wild nightlife adventures will find them in Patong. Shows on the edge of decency and a little beyond them, discos, nightclubs, restaurants at the service of holidaymakers until dawn.

Entertainment in Phuket, Thailand

Lovers of outdoor activities will golf, tennis, horseback riding and hiking, diving, windsurfing, sailing.

For recovery and recuperation, you can visit the Thai massage sessions, spa – salons, yoga classes.

Natural monuments amaze with the diversity of plants and animals. It is worth a visit to the orchid farm, where they show rare species, talk about their growth and sell small plants that you can grow at home. Mai Khao beach is famous for being a place where rare leatherback turtles lay their eggs. Its territory belongs to the Sirinat National Park. Cape Promthep the most beautiful sunsets, as well as a working lighthouse, the shrine of Brahma, numerous souvenir shops.

To see the pristine nature, should not spare time and go to the marine reserve, which is located 100 km from Phuket. Similan Islands are protected by UNESCO, the underwater world is preserved in its pristine state. Sea excursions include stories about the islands, snorkeling, and relaxing on beaches amid pristine nature.

Outbound tours will introduce the island of Phuket, talk about what the country was in ancient times, will demonstrate the historical and architectural monuments, museums, modern achievements.

Recreation and entertainment in Phuket

Children enjoy visiting the zoo, where spacious enclosures are inhabited by animals of Thailand. The water park beckons with bright colors and an atmosphere of fun. Numerous slides, special attractions for toddlers and older children, cafes, spa – Salon and several pools with whirlpool and artificial wave waiting for visitors every day from morning till evening.

Oceanarium gives you the opportunity to observe the life of underwater inhabitants. Bright flocks of fish, majestic flapping stingray fins, sharp turns of the shark are perfectly visible from the glass tunnel, creating the illusion of walking on the bottom of the ocean.

A visit to the elephant farm will long be remembered by children and adults alike. There you can watch the good-natured giants, learn about the features of their behavior, diet, habitat, and even ride, looking at the surrounding people from the height of an elephant.

In the kingdom of tigers live animals of all ages, they are peaceful and accustomed to constant attention.

Adults looking for a vivid spectacle are invited to visit the Thai boxing arena and transvestite show.

Evidence of eras gone by is preserved in the National Museum. A large part of the exhibit is devoted to the Burmese attack. Collections also include archaeological finds, household items, samples of folk crafts. The pride of the museum is the statue of the god Vishnu, dating back to the 9th century. The halls feature collections devoted to all the island’s social communities.


They are scattered in large numbers across the island and coastal zone, almost every hotel has its own restaurant. The menu has national and European cuisine, there is a children’s menu.

The most popular dishes are seafood. They are cooked in large quantities, with a variety of sauces, vegetables, garnishes. The cost of dinner depends on the class of the restaurant and its proximity to the coastal area.

Best Restaurants in Phuket

The best, but also the most expensive are considered:

  • Raya Thai Cuisine, where the menu is based on Thai dishes, the entourage is magnificent, as the institution is located in an old mansion;
  • Fuji specializes in Japanese cuisine, and both large companies and singles come here;
  • Dedos offers French and Asian recipes, there is a VIP-zone and live music, the chef of the highest class creates real masterpieces of culinary art;
  • Sentosa works for cheese eaters and vegetarians, and the delicious food comes with a luxurious look and healthy eating recommendations;
  • La Gitta, with a view of the coast and a sophisticated menu consisting mainly of Italian dishes, does not suffer from a lack of visitors, despite the high prices.

Holiday reviews on the island of Phuket

Amina is 38 years old:

For a long time were going to Phuket, but in what country it is located, we knew, that’s where the knowledge ended. And I wanted a good holiday in a beautiful and comfortable place. We bought a trip, flew in and immediately fell in love with the island. I was pleasantly surprised by the prices and the friendliness of the staff at the hotel. Karon beach is great, by the evening we didn’t even want to leave. The vacation was a success.

Vasily, 47 years old:

The decision to go to Thailand came spontaneously, got a last minute trip for two. Surprised that in Phuket, such gifts of fate are not often. At first we were intimidated by the high prices of products, but it turned out to be quite acceptable. For dinner we used to go to a small bazaar near the hotel. My wife enjoyed the fish, I enjoyed the meat. They cook quickly, right in front of you, you can take everything with you, which we often took advantage of.

Natalia, 39 years old:

They put us a bit far from the beach, although we asked to walk near it. But the area came up quiet and we gradually appreciated our place of residence, after having been in the evening in Patong. Fun, bright, almost obscene, but addictive. But it’s better to sleep in silence. A visit to the orchid farm left a huge impression. We did not dare to buy a sprout, but we saw enough. If we have enough time and energy, we will definitely go to the pearl factory.

Galina 26 years:

We went with a child. Rest passed in the same breath, we did not even notice, so we liked everything. We did not leave Phuket, we did without excursions. But bathed, my son was happy, quietly splashing in the shallow water. I haven’t seen such clean fine sand anywhere else, I wanted to walk barefoot all the time.

Andrey, 32 years old:

I went to Phuket for diving. It’s not the first time I’ve been there, but I missed it, I went a little late, in early June. Couldn’t make it earlier, but we got lucky with the weather. It only rained for two days, the rest of the time I devoted to my favorite pastime. It’s great, I’ll go again.

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