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Phu Quoc Island Weather by Month

Vietnam’s largest island lies in the Gulf of Thailand, 15 km from the border with Cambodia. The island resort is considered the best in the country in terms of service and entertainment. There is a chain of hotels, an international airport, golf courses. But the most important type of leisure remains diving and beach holidays. To weather as expected and to have a successful trip, it is worth taking into account the forecast Gismeteo in Phu Quoc in Vietnam by month and the peculiarities of the climate during this period.

Weather and Climate in Fukuoka

The temperature on the island of Phu Quoc in Vietnam as if frozen at its most comfortable point. The annual variation is only 4.5 degrees. There is no sharp change in the seasons either. As in most tropical countries, the division goes to the dry and wet seasons. The greatest number of rainy days is between June and September, with nature setting records for rainfall at the very beginning of fall.

Then the so-called high season begins, with sunny days, slightly cool evenings and comfortable conditions for bathing and sightseeing trips.

Phu Quoc - Climate by Month

The climate of Phu Quoc Island is a subequatorial monsoon. The main catch is not the temperature difference, but the seasonality of clear and rainy days accompanied by strong winds.

The transition to the rainy season is gradual, with a gradual increase in precipitation. The process is going backwards at a rapid pace.

The wet season is called literally, at this time the figures reach 80-85%, it is almost impossible to dry anything. In combination with a fairly high temperature of 28-29 degrees turns out the effect of the sauna, which is not very comfortable for rest. During the period from mid-May to the last week of November, the flow of tourists decreases significantly, there is a lull, prices fall markedly. As soon as the rainy season stops, which comes by December, the resort begins to revive.

Temperature in Fukuoka by month

The peak season is in mid-winter, which is when the weather can be called a paradise. Water and air temperatures differ by only 2-2.5 degrees. The sunniest month is April, the most overcast days are in June and September.

Air and water temperature never drops below 27-29 degrees.

It is worth looking at the heat and humidity figures throughout the year to confirm:

  • January is considered the peak of the season, the air is warm to +29, the water is cooler by 2 degrees, there are 23 sunny days in the month, if a cloud appears, the rain is very short-lived;
  • February continues with a succession of weather days, with temperatures approaching +29.5, with 1-2 rainy days possible;
  • In March, the heat level continues to rise, the air warms to +31, the water to +29, and the sun almost never leaves the sky;
  • April is almost hot, the thermometer rises to +31, the humidity gradually increases, the chance of rain rises to 10 days;
  • May completes the high season, the temperature is maximum: + 33.6 air and + 31 water, the rains are more frequent;
  • In June, the wet season comes into its own, leaving only 10 sunny days, heat levels persist;
  • July is very similar to June in all respects, you can only tell them apart by the calendar;
  • In August, it gets 1-1.5 degrees cooler, and the sun peeks through on 14 days;
  • September is considered the champion in the number of rainy days and the amount of precipitation, the heat gradually decreases to +31;
  • October is again a good time with 22 clear days, the thermometer shows + 31, the water is warm to + 29;
  • November and December are very similar in weather and temperature, steady + 31-32, water cooler by 2 degrees and plenty of sun indicates that the dry season is back.

Rainy days and precipitation in Fukuoka

Phu Quoc (Vietnam) - Climate by Month

An island of eternal summer, Phu Quoc welcomes guests all year round. The resort is famous for its snow-white beaches and emerald jungle. There is a national park and a chain of beaches. For those hungry for an experience, there are tours that include visits to Buddhist temples, markets, traditional settlements, and pepper plantations. Travel is more convenient to plan for the period from December to April. At this time the number of sunny days far exceeds the cloudy days. If it rains, it passes very quickly and in 30-40 minutes nothing reminds you of a recent heavy downpour over the hotel.

The wettest and windiest time is in mid-summer and September, the weather breaks records for humidity and precipitation, it becomes very uncomfortable, small wounds and abrasions take a long time to heal. For those who like rain, this is the best time. For connoisseurs of good weather, there is the second half of the year from November to April, where rainfall is almost non-existent and sunny weather is the norm.

Water temperature in Fukuoka

Water temperature in Fukuoka

On the island there is a unique phenomenon – the water in terms of heat levels in different months is always cooler than the air exactly 2-3 degrees. Minimum in January and February, + 27.5. These months are considered the most comfortable for a holiday at the resort. The sea is much warmer in April and May at + 31. The months are considered transitional from the dry season to the wet season. Rains occur in the afternoon, with frequent thunderstorms. During this period it is advantageous to rest, if well tolerated high humidity. The mornings are great for a beach vacation, and the afternoons can go on an excursion.

Strong winds rise from July to October, swimming is not comfortable, and sometimes dangerous. The water is very warm, but the waves create some inconvenience.

Planning a trip to Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam, it is convenient to focus on the Gismeteo forecast for the month. The dynamics of the weather, wind intensity, water temperature in Fukuoka is worth studying from previous years. The weather on Paradise Island is steady. To accurately get to vacation from December to March, the hotel will have to book in advance, especially closer to the New Year holidays. The number of fans of meeting the chime under a luxurious pinnate palm tree is increasing every year.

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