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Phangan Island in Thailand

The island of Phangan in Thailand – it’s a paradise for recreation and tourism: stellar hotels, clean sea, gorgeous white and yellow sandy beaches, developing tourism infrastructure, good-natured local people.

The island of Phangan (Koh Phangan) is just beginning to get universal popularity, thanks to the big, noisy party and raucous Full Moon Party, held here every month during the full moon and lasts a couple of days.

Description of Pangan Island

This island is located in the Gulf of Thailand and has an area of about 125 square kilometers. In the center of the island are mountains and impenetrable wild jungle, occupying about 2/3 of the territory. Along the coast of Pangan stretches beaches decorated with palm groves.

Koh Phangan Island, Thailand

The capital of Pangan is the town of Tongsala, where today there are about 10,000 islanders working in the tourist service. Nearby in the bay is the much more famous Thai island of Samui, further away is Ko Tao.

Legend has it that centuries ago Koh Phangan was home to pirates who used to attack and pillage ships passing through the Gulf of Thailand. And today the island is becoming more and more modern and popular for family vacations.

Phangan Island in Thailand is a vacation paradise

The nature of the island is practically untouched. But there are already signs of human civilization: there are many hotels, villas and bungalows, given a good look wonderful beaches, there were restaurants, cafes, stores, souvenir shops.

On the island, every tourist can find a comfortable beach, find a room in a quality hotel, choose the best dishes of any cuisine in the world, do shopping, buy souvenirs to remember the island of Phangan in Thailand.

Map of Koh Phangan

Map of Koh Phangan Island in Thailand

The best beaches on Phangan Island

Map of the best beaches on Pangangan Island


In winter it is sunny and warm, the temperature is about +28C – +32C during the day and noticeably cooler at night. It gets hotter in the spring and tropical rains in the summer. The rainiest time is fall, but it gets drier by New Year’s Day.


The number of beaches here is enormous. They are sandy spits or small bays separated by rocks. Thanks to the road built, almost all the beaches are accessible to tourists. But some can only be reached by boat.

The Best Beaches of Pangan Island, Thailand

Entrance to all beaches is completely free. Frequent beaches near the hotels are equipped with beach infrastructure. The most famous beach on the island of Phangan is called Haad Rin. It’s where the Full Moon Parties are held every month.

On the southern part of the island, where you can see Samui, stretches the most landscaped beaches. There are many bays on the west shore, with many inexpensive bungalows set up near them. There are also plenty of roads there for car or bike rides.

Koh Phangan Island, Thailand

In the north of Koh Phangan you can see the island of Ma, connected to the island with a sand spit. There you can also see the fishing port. To the east are the most beautiful beaches, but most of them can only be reached by boat.

Attractions and Entertainment

Judging by the Full Moon Party, which attracts tourists and Thais every month, you can say that Ko Phangan is the local Ibiza or Crimean Kazantip. The moon attracts a special beauty, and people decorate themselves with fluorescent colors.

Full Moon Party - Party on Pangan

This party is a pretty advanced event. This is the place to experience Goa trance-style transcendental electronic music. There are a lot of dancing people around, guests are offered various performances, fire shows, etc.

Also the island of Phangan in Thailand is famous in the world as a great place for diving and snorkeling. In the north of Pangan near Ma Island there are charming places with coral reefs, as well as schools for these sports.

Entertainment on the island of Phangan in Thailand

The island also has a fairly large safari park with mostly Asian elephants. Tourists can ride elephants, especially children love it, to feed the elephants, watch their performances, etc.

The safari park also offers shows with snakes and crocodiles. There you can also see many local monkeys and squirrels in the wild. They can all be fed, but only with fruit and nuts bought at the local store.

Elephant Sanctuary on Phangan Island (Phangan)

The whole of Koh Phangan in Thailand is one single cultural monument and natural landmark. There are a couple of ancient but working Buddhist temples, and some gorgeous natural waterfalls.

How to get to Phangan Island?

From Bangkok you can fly to Samui International Airport, and from there take a bus to the ferry to the island of Phangan. Be careful to book your plane ticket in advance on Aviasales.

You can take a train or bus from Bangkok to Suratani where you can take a ferry to Ko Phangan. You can buy a comprehensive Bangkok-Pangan ticket at any ticket office.

Video overview of Pangan Island

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