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Parking lots and camping sites on Braslav Lakes

Rest in the picturesque places in north-western Belarus is available in comfortable cottages, camping on the Braslav Lakes. Tourists are offered a protected area with infrastructure (gazebo, walkways, piers), rental boats, booking excursions. Tents can be set up in parking lots – paid or general.

Where are the Braslav Lakes

Braslav Lakes
Braslav Lakes is an ideal area for tourist recreation with tents.

“Braslav Lakes” is a national park located in the northwestern part of the Republic of Belarus. The territory belongs to the Braslav district, which borders on Lithuania and Latvia. The reserve was founded in 1995 to protect natural complexes from economic activity.

In the territory with a total area of more than 71 thousand hectares – forests, reservoirs, marshes, etc. Forests occupy about 46%, lakes – up to 17% of the protected area.

Within the boundaries of the park are preserved monuments of nature:

  • large boulders;
  • glacial landforms;
  • islands;
  • groups of trees of rare species, etc.

Tourists can visit cultural and historical sites. The park has preserved ancient settlements of different periods, burial mounds, burial grounds, places of worship, etc. According to the calculations of ecologists, about 500 species of flora grow on the territory, 220 of them are rare for Belarus.

In the park there are birches, rowan trees, maples, chestnuts, thuas, pines, lindens, mountain ash, juniper, lilacs. Most of the reserve is medium-aged plantings, but there are oaks, pines, ash trees 120-130 years old. The plant world is represented by horsetails, clovers, ferns, rare flowers, mosses, and lichens. Up to 55 species are listed in the Red Book.

Flora in Braslav Lakes
On the territory of the National Park “Braslav Lakes” grow rare plants, which are included in the Red Book.

Highlight the forested areas:

  • Belmont;
  • Borunsky;
  • Boginsky et al.

The area of the lake system is about 114 square kilometers. Water bodies are connected by streams, small rivers, and channels. The most visited by tourists is the island. Drivyaty, Boginskoe, Nedrovo, Strusto. The lakes are organized places for swimming, sailing, boating and canoeing.

In the park allocated recreational and regulated areas. For tourists laid eco-trails, equipped with trails, bicycle routes, comfortable places for fishing, recreation, etc.

Distance from Braslav

The town of Braslav is the administrative unit of Braslav district. The distance from the city to the national park is 1.5 km. The settlement is 2220 km from Vitebsk and 2240 km from Minsk. Braslav is connected by roads with Daugavpils, Druja, Vidzami, etc. It takes about 2.5 hours by car from the capital of Belarus to Braslav and the nearby nature reserve.

Buses regularly go to the settlement from Minsk, the travel time will take more than 4 hours. There is no direct rail connection.

Various tourist sites and campsites on “Braslav Lakes”

In the National Park “Braslav Lakes” for tourists equipped with more than 60 parking lots (paid and general purpose). Complexes, sites differ in level of comfort, availability of additional services, rental opportunities for bicycles, fishing equipment, boats, etc.

Campgrounds are equipped with gazebos, sheds, tables, benches, designated places for fires, toilets, parking lots. Many of the sites have ramps for easy access to the water.

Public parking lots

General-purpose parking lots are designed for unorganized vacationers and tourists. You do not need a reservation or rental space to stay. However, to travel must have their own equipment for setting up the site: tents, personal, hiking equipment, food, utensils, stock of clean water, etc.

General parking lots
General tourist parking lots are available in the national park.

The national park has 12 public tourist sites. They are located near bodies of water (lakes, streams), supplemented by sheds, garbage collectors, fireplaces, toilets. Accommodation for travelers is subject to availability. Payment depends on the location, it is possible to order services from the price list at the site.

Free accommodation is available for children under 6 years of age. Residents of the city of Braslav and the corresponding district are offered discounts of up to 50%. You will need to show an ID with a registration stamp. The standard capacity of public parking lots is 24-165 people, depending on the area. Fishing will require a permit from park officials. Cleanliness at the sites, supplying tourists with firewood and payment for services are provided by representatives of Braslav Forestry.


The Lighthouse public parking lot near Lake Strusto is equipped with convenient access roads. The capacity of the site is up to 60 people. On the territory there is a paid gazebo, toilets. There are well-equipped fireplaces, benches, a dedicated pier. Garbage cans are provided. The parking lot is surrounded by trees. Nearby is the shoreline with low shrubs. The bottom of the reservoir is sandy. There is a point of sale of firewood 3 km from the parking lot at the station. “Okmenica.

Parking lot
The Beacon parking lot is located near Lake Strustno.

Bath complexes, children’s playgrounds are not provided. It is possible to stay for rest, to pitch a tent without prior booking. Payment is made to an official of the nature reserve. The territory can be accessed by asphalt or gravel road.

“Pantelei’s Horn.”

The site is located on Strusto Island, part of the Braslav Lakes system. The site can accommodate up to 55 people. Provides for recreation in tents. There are convenient access roads for vehicles of different sizes (cars, ATVs, jeeps).

The parking lot is located on a flat area surrounded by a pine forest. Nearby there are ponds, landscaped places for swimming with sandy bottom.

The place is equipped with wooden gazebos, benches, fireplaces with benches, trash collectors. The shoreline is sandy with vegetation. Access to the territory is possible by forest and asphalt roads.

Panteleev Horn
In the parking lot “Panteleevsky horn” is allowed without prior booking.


Parking for tourists is located near Inovo Island. On the territory is available to set up tents for 50 people. The place is equipped with gazebos, garbage cans, toilets. There are areas for making fires with benches and tables. The shoreline of the reservoir with vegetation. You can get to the place by country road.

Asphalt access roads to “Inovo” are not provided. Base workers make sure there are no offenses, fires in inappropriate places, etc. Firewood is regularly brought to the parking lot.

Inovo parking lot
Tourist camp “Inovo” attracts lovers of countryside recreation with its picturesque nature.

“Apple Orchard.”

Tourist camp is landscaped near the lake Potekh in a clearing free of trees, surrounded by woodland. The place is environmentally friendly. Tent accommodation for 18-20 people is available on the site. The shoreline is covered with vegetation.

Benches, gazebos, toilets, and designated areas for campfires were installed in the area. There are garbage cans from which waste is regularly removed. You can approach the parking lot on a gravel or asphalt road. Representatives of Braslav Forestry bring firewood to the site for safe accommodation of tourists. Payment is made on the spot to the park staff.

Apple Orchard parking lot
The landscaped parking lot “Apple Orchard” is located in an ecologically clean place surrounded by woodland.


The parking lot is located in a forest clearing next to the lakes Strusto-Snuda. The capacity of the area is 80 people. You can set up your tents on the landscaped area. There are benches, gazebo, children’s playground, fire pits, toilets, garbage bin.

On the territory in the summertime operates rental of catamarans, boats and bicycles. Tourists can buy firewood for comfortable accommodation in tents. The shoreline is sandy, there is vegetation nearby. Access roads are equipped with gravel and asphalt roads.

Tourist parking lot
The tourist parking lot of public type “Peretyag” is located on the isthmus between the lakes Strusto and Snuda.

Custom parking lots for tourists with the possibility of advance booking and payment

Ordered officially registered parking lots with developed infrastructure, security territory. Located in picturesque locations, with convenient access roads, landscaped paths, descents to the ponds.

“Barskaya Polyana”

The parking lot is located on Dolgoye Island, surrounded by mixed forest. The area is compact, designed to accommodate up to 10-15 people. There is a landscaped bay, wooden gazebo, benches, a place for a fire, a toilet. Nearby is installed and regularly removed trash collector. Shoreline with sandy bottom, aquatic and coastal vegetation nearby. The entrance to the lake is gentle. The road to the parking lot is sandy and forested. Forestry workers maintain order in the area.

Parking lot
The reserved parking “Barskaya Polyana” can accommodate up to 15 people.


Parking for tourists is located near the island. Snuda. Here are built three wooden huts, there is a gazebo, benches, barbecue, prepared campfire. The territory provides a bio-toilet, sauna complex. Tourists are encouraged to purchase firewood. On the pond made pontoon length of 5 m. The lake is clean shallow. The camp can accommodate up to 80-10 people.

Tourist parking place
A small tourist parking lot “Belarusachka” is equipped with all the necessary infrastructure for recreation.

“The Caribbean.”

The parking lot is set up in an open forest clearing near the pine forest and the island. Uklya. The capacity of the complex is small, up to 15 people. Equipment of the territory includes a gazebo, stairs, fireplaces, garbage bin, a canopy for storing firewood. Built a wooden pier for easy access to the water. The bottom is sandy and rocky, surrounded by bushes and trees. You can approach the parking lot by a forest road. Asphalt tracks to the complex is not paved.

Parking lot
Parking “Caribs” is located in a clearing next to a pine forest on the shore of a small lake.


Additional parking options:

  1. “Bolto. Named after the lake on which it is located. There are no cottages on the territory. You can only camp in your own tent. The rental space is paid for by park employees. Pontoons, piers for access to the water are not provided. You can buy firewood, benches, gazebos.
  2. “Chernishki. The camp is designed to set up tents for 25 people. Infrastructure includes gazebos, barbecues, wooden benches. There are places for campfires on the territory. Built a bathing complex, toilets.
Bolto and Chernishki parking lots
Tourist parking lots “Bolto” and “Chernishki”.

Step-by-step instructions for booking reserved parking lots

Recommendations on how to rent a spot in custom parking lots:

  1. Plan a route.
  2. Explore the offerings of campsites in the nature preserve area.
  3. Determine the location with the level of comfort in mind.
  4. Book the site by phone on the website of the representative or by making an electronic application on the official site.
  5. Enter personal data in the order form (full name, cell phone, mail address).
  6. Choose a method of payment (by card, through electronic systems).
  7. Receive the generated invoice for payment (will arrive at the address specified in the email box form).
  8. Study the instructions for making the payment.
  9. Pay for your reservation.
  10. Make a printout of the payment document to show to the parking lot staff.

What you need to take with you on your trip

For a comfortable holiday in the nature reserve it is necessary to prepare for the weather conditions. It will be necessary to take to the parking lot:

  1. A receipt of payment for the order.
  2. Identity document, children’s birth certificates (for family vacations).
  3. Tent, fabric canopy, tent.
  4. Rug, sleeping bag for weather conditions.
  5. First aid kit, flashlight, matches.
  6. Hiking utensils (plates, mugs, kettle, kettle, frying pan, spoons, etc.).
  7. A set of warm clothing items.
  8. An axe, a saw for preparing firewood.
  9. Potable water supply.
  10. Products.
  11. Sunscreen, repellents.
  12. Folding chairs, table.

The set of things can be adjusted depending on the number of people, the duration of the trip, weather conditions, etc. On the territory it is forbidden to collect rare plants, washing cars. Experts recommend familiarizing yourself with the adjustments to the rules of visiting the place, the possible penalties.

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