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Panwa Beach in Phuket

On the southeast of Phuket Island is a succession of beaches. They flow smoothly into each other, clearly marked only bathing areas belonging to certain hotels. Panwa Beach consists of several sandy areas of different lengths and widths. It is popular with tourists, but vacationers are few, as it is not convenient to get to it by public transport. Most of the visitors are guests of coastal hotels.

Panwa Beach Overview

The beach got its name from a small village located in this part of the island. It is 7 km away. from the city, has a quiet atmosphere and lack of tourist frenzy. Little by little, the place is gaining popularity, while remaining one of the best for relaxation and leisurely pastime. The coast is covered with fine soft sand is almost white, the entrance to the water is convenient, storms and high waves almost never happen, for which it is often chosen for recreation couples with children.

Panwa location on the map

Panwa on the beach map of Phuket is marked as a fairly secluded place, surrounded on three sides by water. Cape Panwa is often referred to as a small peninsula. Picturesque views are the rightful pride of the beach, in the sea waves you can see a scattering of small islands. Small boats ply between them and near the coast, whose owners offer walks and rides to the wild beaches of the islands.

Cape and Panwa Beach in Phuket

Kape Panwa in Phuket, Thailand, is a year-round resort area. Finding out before the trip what this beach is, honeymooners and couples in love tend to come here in search of privacy and romance.

Entertainment on the PanVa

Cape Panwa in Phuket stands out for its isolation not only on the map. Its territory has almost everything for a leisurely comfortable rest and interesting leisure.


Cape Panwa Entertainment

There is a famous aquarium on the territory of the research institute. Among its inhabitants are starfish, bright tropical fish, seahorses, and several species of algae. Particular attention is paid to the inhabitants of the deep sea, featuring unusual colors, bizarre shapes and ugly enough appearance. The glass tunnel is impressive, with stingrays swimming overhead and the silhouettes of sharks glimmering.

If you visit the aquarium on your own, the time on the territory is not limited, you can look at the tanks where the young are raised and walk to the turtle tanks in the open air.


Panwa Beach in Phuket - recreation and entertainment

They are near the village of Khao Hud at the highest point of Cape Panwa, Phuket’s beaches, neighborhoods, colorful squares of hotels can be seen from there like the palm of your hand. The panoramic views are mesmerizing, you want to look continuously at the luxuriant vegetation, the sheen of the water in the distance, gradually highlighting more and more details of the landscape.

In small restaurants near the site offers a national and European menu, in a park-garden are placed in the shade of trees benches, a few people around you reign silence,

Tarzan Adventure Park

Amusement Park on the Panwa

Feel like a master of the jungle, to test their stamina, agility and courage can be on rope bridges, nets, stairs and ropes in the amusement park. It is 3.5 km from the coast, if you move inland.

Sports clothes and shoes are required for attendance.

Knowing what is near Panwa Beach, it is more convenient to plan your time, dividing it between nezha on the warm sand and active recreation.

Restaurants on the beaches of Cape Panwa

Cape Panwa in Phuket

Food for every taste awaits tourists in Phuket. The main thing is to determine in advance the preferences or tune in to a gastronomic experiment in establishments with national cuisine.

The most popular and most visited are:

  • The Grill, a steakhouse at the Regent Cape Panwa on the East Coast, features grilled meat and seafood, an excellent wine selection and impeccable service;
  • Indian and Thai cuisine forms the basis of the menu at Curry Night Indian Restaurant, the staff speaks fluent English, there is a choice of spicy dishes and more moderate in spices;
  • Panwa House specializes in Thai cuisine, pleasant interior and atmosphere, average prices, large portions attract many visitors, especially in the evening.

How do I get to the beaches at Cape Panwa?

Panwa Beach in Phuket, Thailand

Public transport does not go that way, you will have to order a cab or rent a car. Most hotels and restaurants have large spacious parking lots where you can leave your car. From the city the way leads along Chao Fa Rd, at the sign to turn to Sakdidejana Rd and drive straight for another 10-15 minutes.

From the airport you can order a transfer or call a cab.

Video review of Panva

Reviews of Cape Panwa beaches

Oleg, 39 years old:

Very tired of the constant crowds and communication, I wanted silence and pristine nature. I got it all in Phuket. I specially chose the beach at Cape Panwa, where there are few vacationers. It was not very convenient to swim, interfered with the boats, but when I got to the east side, I found a nice piece of land. At low tide opens the isthmus, which is convenient to move from one part of the beach to another, which is used all vacation.

Nadezhda, 45 years old:

We liked the beach, the surprise was its almost wild state with a minimum of amenities. But it turned out that it does not interfere with the rest. For impressions we went out to the aquarium and amusement park, strolled through the stores and souvenir shops, visited the observation deck and went back to our quiet paradise. It’s good that there are not many vacationers and always found a comfortable place in the shade.

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