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Orlando sights

The attractions in Orlando, USA are spectacular and varied, ranging from beautiful landscapes to a magical entourage of theme parks, the most famous of which has long been Walt Disney World, where everyone is equally interested, regardless of age.

The entertainment industry changes every year. This is logical, because its main task – to amaze and arouse a desire to return here for a new portion of adrenaline and a sense of happiness. When you want a holiday and unusual entertainment, you should go to one of the largest cities in the state of Florida. Orlando is rightfully considered the center of entertainment in the state and may soon eclipse the glory of the famous Las Vegas.

Top attractions in Orlando

The city is located in the central part of the Florida Peninsula. In the beginning it was an ordinary settlement and could have remained so. Everything changed by the decision of Walt Disney, thanks to which began to rapidly create theme parks and entertainment centers. What attracted the town of famous cartoonist, exactly unknown. Maybe the lush tropical nature, the picturesque landscapes, the furious downpours of the rainy season and the generous sunshine the rest of the year.

Kennedy Space Center - an Orlando landmark
The Kennedy Space Center. Kennedy

The modern city surprises the number of parks, of which there are already more than 80, there are colorful costume shows, concerts, festivals. A rare day passes quietly and sedately, probably because the city itself is very young by the standards of history. He was barely 133 years old.

The list of things to see in Orlando is constantly growing. The city is constantly trying to surprise its guests, amusement parks are constantly changing, they arrange new rides, equipped with the latest technical innovations.

WonderWorks upside-down house in Orlando, Florida, USA
WonderWorks Upside Down House

The most popular attractions in Orlando Florida, in addition to the theme parks and entertainment complexes, are:

  • The V.P. Pavlov Space Center. Kennedy;
  • WonderWorks inverted house;
  • drawbridge;
  • city hall;
  • station;
  • First United Methodist Church;
  • Orange County Convention Center.
Orlando's architectural landmark - Orange County Convention Center
Orange County Convention Center

The amusement parks, which served as a powerful impetus for the rapid development of the city and turned it into a luxury entertainment center, deserve close attention from tourists.

You can’t visit them all in one trip, so it’s worth looking at the photos in the guidebook first and determining what you want to visit in Orlando first.

The Unique World of Walt Disney

Walt Disney World, an Orlando attraction for adults and children
Walt Disney World

It began the transformation of a provincial settlement into a hub of entertainment centers and theme parks. Walt Disney World is considered the largest theme park in the world. Its area exceeds 103.56 square kilometers. Such magnificence does not fit in the city, so it is located 32 km from downtown Orlando near Federal Highway 4.

Orlando - Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World

It’s a whole city where they are located:

  • 2 water parks;
  • 4 parks of different themes;
  • golf courses;
  • more than 20 hotels;
  • many stores located in designated areas;
  • nightclubs with discos and karaoke.
Walt Disney World in Orlando
Walt Disney World

At first impression, it really seems like a separate world, timeless, where the gray-haired cowboy smiles happily at the sight of the timeless Mickey Mouse, Cinderella is still waiting for her prince, and the fierce dragon is guarding the tower-dwelling beauty.

Universal Studios and Sea World

Universal Studios - Orlando
Universal Studios

Among the attractions of Orlando in the United States, the park, owned by the famous movie company, is widely known. Opened in 1990, it is slightly inferior to Disney World in size, but is also popular with residents and visitors. The park is divided into three thematic zones, its territory has a water park, shopping center, numerous cafes and souvenir stores. All rides and attractions are dedicated to Universal Studios movies.

Hogwarts Castle in Orlando
Hogwarts from Harry Potter

During a visit to the park, you can participate in the shooting, admire the parade of characters, take a walk near Hogwarts Castle and take a photo with a Transformer.

Sea World is an interesting place in Orlando
Sea World

At number 9 in the country in terms of attendance is confidently holds an amusement park Sea World. It consists of an entertainment part and a zoo – oceanarium. Visitors learn a lot of interesting things about the world’s oceans, plants and animals, unravel the mysteries of bygone eras, the memory of which is stored at the bottom of the seas.

Extreme lovers appreciate the Kraken and Journey to Atlantis rides, those who enjoy the spectacle enjoy a stroll through the two-tier aquarium, enjoy theatrical shows and performances with the orcas at the water stadium.

Amusement parks

Major theme parks in Orlando, Florida
Adventure Island

In addition to the large parks, which are more like independent towns with their own structure and variety of experiences, there are many small but very interesting places worth visiting in the city and its surroundings.

  1. “Adventure Island” opened in 1999. It is divided into 7 thematic fragments, with parades of famous heroes of adventure films and cartoons.
  2. “Legoland” is located along the lake on the site of the old park, the remaining rides were restored, added to them several new ones. The main achievement is considered the preservation of the botanical garden, which has undergone minimal transformations. So in the park entertainment neighbors with pleasant walks among the old trees and luxurious flower beds.
  3. Discovery Cove emphasizes independent exploration of the underwater world. Among the sandy beaches, waterfalls and lush landscapes, it is fashionable to swim in the lagoon among a large number of sea creatures and to observe them in their natural environment.
  4. The crocodile farm and sanctuary is Gatorland. The Galapagos tortoises, huge flocks of birds and reptiles feel at ease here. To avoid disturbing the inhabitants and ensure the safety of visitors, walks are conducted over suspension bridges and trails. You can take part in feeding crocodiles, take pictures against the background of amazing nature, observe the nests and life of the inhabitants of the reserve.

Festivals and shows

Each amusement park has costume parties, superhero parades, and interactive performances with audience participation. For children are played small interludes, organized themed games, where you can freely communicate with your favorite character.

Orlando Sand Sculpture Festival - USA
Sand Sculpture Festival

Orlando has festivals and celebrations dedicated to certain movie characters. For example, Harry Potter holiday is well known, it takes place annually in January and lasts 3 days. Mardi Gras is a spectacular fireworks show held at Universal Studios Park.

The festivals are loved and recognized:

  • Seven Seas Food;
  • sand sculptures;
  • surfers;
  • blueberry crop;
  • horror night.
Orlando - Horror Nights Festival
Night of Horrors

In addition, there are many daily shows that take place at numerous venues in and out of the city.

A visit to Orlando turns into an uninterrupted holiday that will be long remembered.

The best months to travel to Orlando

The city is located in a strip of oceanic subtropical climate. There is no winter and summer in the usual sense, but there are dry and wet seasons. In addition, the possibility of hurricanes is considered high in this area, but the Orlando area is slightly away from the main routes of destructive manifestations of the elements.

If you plan to spend more time walking in the open air, it is better to come during the dry season, which lasts from October to mid-May. Furious downpours, winds, and abrupt changes in the weather during the day occur from early June to the last days of October. The thermometer rises to 38 – 40 ° C, and in combination with high humidity it feels like the heat is off the scale of +45 – 48 ° C.

It is worth considering that from August to early December there is an increased risk of hurricanes. The best time to visit Orlando is in the spring and fall, during the off-season.

Video overview of Orlando attractions

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