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Orchid Island and Monkey Island in the North Islands of Nha Trang

North of the resort of Nha Trang, about 15 km away is the picturesque Nha Phu Bay. It is famous for the islands of particular interest to tourists. Among the attractions of Vietnam, a significant proportion are natural parks and nature reserves. Orchid Island in Nha Trang is popular with tourists, tours include an extensive program.

Excursion trips to the Northern Islands from Nha Trang

The beach capital of the country is full of noise, fun and energy. They come here to see the stunning landscapes and lush nature, snow-white beaches, participate in a vibrant nightlife. Many appreciate the exquisite spa treatments, massages, mud baths. After the first delight and relaxing rest on the beach wakes up craving to explore the surroundings, where the silence intertwines with an amazing tropical entourage. A leisurely boat trip is best for such trips.

Excursion to the Northern Islands in Vietnam is designed for 1 day and begins with the admiration of the sea, while the boat takes the tour group to the beauty and curiosities of the Gulf of Nia Phu.

Northern Islands on the map

Monkey Island

Monkey Island near Nha Trang

It is unlikely that this piece of land would have been so named if it had not been for the scientific laboratory, closed for lack of use. Its enclosures were inhabited by primates, on whom new vaccines were tested. Since the science station was disbanded, the monkeys were left out. Conservationists conducted research and found that the climate and living conditions were suitable for monkeys. After that, they were simply released into the wild. Over time, the population has acclimatized and grown considerably, but it has not lost its curiosity and good attitude toward humans.

Monkey Island, Nha Trang (Vietnam)

As soon as the tour group arrives at the shore, adults and babies begin to gather on all sides. They fearlessly climb into their arms, take treats, and behave surprisingly decently.

Monkey Island, Nha Trang - how to get there

As entertainment tourists are offered:

  • go for a ride on a go-kart;
  • bet a few coins on the favorite of the dog races, where the jockeys are small tenacious macaques;
  • cheer on the participants of the monkey swim by placing a few bets on its participants;
  • visit a circus performance;
  • Consider the intricate figures in the sculpture park.

Monkey Island - the northern islands of Nha Trang

Orchid Island

Orchid Island in Nha Trang

It is often called the island of elephants. Both names have the right to life, because in a small area of land you can find both. In addition, be sure to devote time to the stunning beach with calm water and white sand, ostrich farms, deer farms, parks, orchids and butterflies, circus performances with trained elephants and bears. A picturesque waterfall deserves special attention.

Ostriches roaming freely around the island should be treated as insolent interlopers. When they see food in the hands of tourists, they begin to unscrupulously take it away.

The visit includes:

  • tickets to the entertainment shows;
  • round-trip travel;
  • services of a Russian-speaking guide;
  • a trip to the orchid park;
  • free interaction with animals;
  • circus performances;
  • Rental of beach equipment;
  • lunch.

Orchid Island Tours in Nha Trang

The average cost of a tour is $28.

Additional services are paid separately and most often in dong. Riding and photographing elephants and ostriches, carting races, visiting dog races are usually in demand. The most expensive activity is communicating with an elephant, which costs 300 thousand dong. Ostrich is valued at 5 times cheaper, a go-kart will cost 90 thousand dong.

In reviews of the excursion to the Northern Islands of Nha Trang is often found the advice to buy a comprehensive trip that includes both islands in order to save the budget. In 1 day you can enjoy the majestic views of the rainforest, look at the shrimp and lobster farms on the way, take a lot of pictures with all the wildlife encountered during the tour.

Orchid Island - North Islands of Nha Trang (Vietnam)

How to get there on your own?

A placer of islands in Nha Phu Bay is relatively close to Nha Trang. The duration of the sea voyage does not exceed 40 minutes. If for some reason you do not want to join a tour group, you must first get to the piers. From the city center goes bus number 3, the ticket costs 20 thousand dong. Renting a motorcycle will require 100 thousand, and the approximate price of a cab ride ranges from 200-250 thousand VND.

Boats leave the port every hour, and the connection between the islands is excellent. You can visit one island first, and after seeing everything of interest, take an internal flight to another. The price of an adult ticket is 120 thousand dong, children’s ticket is 2 times cheaper.

Video overview of the Northern Isles

Whichever option you choose to visit the islands, the impression of the trip will remain very vivid.

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