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Nha Trang sights

Choosing what to see on their own in the Vietnamese city of Nha Trang, you can join a tour group with a guide who will tell in detail about all the interesting places popular with tourists. It is much more interesting to get acquainted with the sights of Nha Trang without limiting yourself to time. You make your own route and organize visits to the most interesting tourist corners of the city.

Architectural Sights of Nha Trang

The monuments associated with the culture and religion of the state are very popular with tourists. Today, Buddhist, Hindu and Catholic shrines peacefully coexist in Nha Trang. In the past, attitudes toward various concessions were not so peaceful. You can see the religious monuments in one day, using public transportation,

Cham towers Po Nagar

Cham Towers Po Nagar - Nha Trang

Among the popular tourist attractions in Nha Trang and all of Vietnam should be highlighted Cham Towers Po Nagar. Their construction dates back to the 7th-12th centuries. Hindu temples were erected in honor of the goddess Yang Ino Po Nagar, who patronized the city. Researchers have established that there were originally eight towers. Today there are four unique structures preserved. The towers are fascinating in their unusual architecture.

The towers are still active temples and ritual services are held there. In order to visit them, it is required to comply with the requirements for clothing (covered shoulders and knees). Tourists are offered special balaclavas in which they can enter the temple.

Po Nagar Cham Towers in Nha Trang

On the highest tower is an observation deck. It has a beautiful view of the city and the river. In one of the towers is a museum that tells the history of unusual structures, Cham sages and measures taken to preserve this cultural monument.

For tourists Cham towers are open from 7-00 to 18-00. You can reach them on your own by city bus. The cost of the tour is 25,000 dong.

Long Sean Pagoda

Long Son Pagoda - Nha Trang

The Long Son Buddhist Pagoda is the largest Buddhist temple located in the city. If you haven’t decided what to see in Nha Trang, check out the majestic structure in the center at the foot of the hill. Originally the pagoda was located on its top, but after a landslide it was moved down. Currently, the hill is decorated with a snow-white 24-meter sculpture of the Buddha sitting on a lotus. There are 150 steps leading up to it. Those wishing to make a request to the deity must overcome them, ringing the bell of “wishes” along the way.

A visit to the pagoda is included in all sightseeing tours of Nha Trang, but you can visit this place by yourself.

Entrance to the monument is free. Keep in mind that going up to the sculpture, you will meet a large number of beggars.

Nha Trang Cathedral

Local landmark Nha Trang Cathedral

The Catholic Cathedral of St. Mary’s is a must on popular tours of Nha Trang and the surrounding area. The majestic gray building is located on an elevated site and is clearly visible from all parts of the city. It was built in the 30s of the twentieth century of the ordinary block, but in beauty is not inferior to the traditional European churches, built in the Gothic style.

The temple is decorated with lancet arches, stained glass windows and a 38-meter bell tower. On its perimeter are sculptural images of Jesus Christ and St. Mary. Its interior decoration is no less attractive than its exterior.

You can see the building for free without any time limit. It is freely accessible. You can enter the cathedral only during the service: on weekdays and on Saturday – at 5-00 and 16-30, on Sunday – at 5-00, 7-00 and 16-30.

Bao Dai Villas

Bao Dai Villas in Nha Trang

The sights of Nha Trang and its surroundings cannot be seen without visiting the architectural monuments associated with the historical past of the country and the city.

A list of must-see tourist spots in Nha Trang would not be complete without Bao Dai Villas. It is a whole complex of historic buildings created in the French colonial style by architect A. Crème, including a chic hotel, museum and unique oriental park.

The villas were used by the family of the last Vietnamese emperor. Later it served as the residence of the leaders of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

You can get to Bao Dai Villas by city bus number 4. A visit to the museum will cost 18,000 dong. The cost of a photo in the costume of the emperor on the throne is 29,000 dong.

From the villa you can go down to the sea, where there is a private beach, and do some diving.

Working hours of the complex – from 7-30 to 17-00 (a break – from 11-30 to 13-30).

Natural attractions in Nha Trang

In addition to the monuments of culture and architecture Nha Trang and the surrounding area amazes with unique natural corners, which necessarily include in popular excursions. One look at these beauties is enough to fall in love with Vietnam and definitely come to this country again. The islands deserve special attention. These small areas of land along the coast have their own unique features that make them unique.

Hong Chong Stone Garden

Hong Chong Stone Garden on the outskirts of Nha Trang can be visited on your own

On the north coast of Nha Trang is Cape Hong Chong. In this unique place is the Garden of Stones. Romantic corner is especially attractive at sunrise or sunset.

Huge boulders naturally pile up on top of each other, creating two rocks – a Woman and a Man. One of the stones has an interesting imprint that resembles an open palm. Scientists have not yet been able to give a scientific explanation for its appearance. The locals tell a legend about a giant and a fairy.

Hong Chong Stone Garden near Nha Trang

It offers tourists to relax on a small beach, a walk in the park, dinner in a restaurant with folk music.

You can get to the Stone Garden by public transport (bus number 4). The cost of admission is 25,000.

Thap Ba Hot Springs

Thap Ba Hot Springs - Nha Trang

A few kilometers from the Stone Garden are the hot springs of Thap Ba. There are two mud baths, which are happy to visit not only tourists but also local residents. Especially many of the latter come for treatments on weekends.

To restore health and increase the tone of the body offers a range of services, from swimming pool with mineral water to baths with healing mud.

The price of procedures depends on the set of services ordered. Those wishing to undergo a recreational course are advised to stock up on several hundred thousand in local currency.

Public transport to the mud baths does not go. It is recommended to take a cab or rent a bike (which is cheaper) or a car.

Monkey Island

Monkey Island near Nha Trang

One of the islands, located 29 kilometers from the city, was named Monkey Island, because of the one and a half thousand monkeys that have settled in this remote from the bustle of the city. When traveling with children, be sure to make time for this unforgettable excursion.

The program on Monkey Island includes feeding the animals and a performance with their participation, which is held three times a day, relaxing on the beach, walking through specially paved alleys, a visit to the local waterfall.

To get to the island you can take a city bus to the North Pier and then take a ferry. You will only have to pay for transportation services. Staying on the island is free.

Hong Moon Island

Hong Mun Island near Nha Trang is suitable for diving

One of the most unusual islands is Hong Mun. It is visited with pleasure by fans of scuba diving. For those who prefer to admire the beauty of the sea depths without diving, organized boat trips with a glass bottom. Visitors are delighted by the nearly 2,000 different corals, between which the sea creatures scurry. There are about 1,500,000 of them in these waters.

It offers tourists the beach, a restaurant, stores and an aquarium in the water of the ghost ship.

You can get there by boat from the South Pier. Excursion services are offered daily, just pay 25,000 dong.

Vinpearl Land

Vinpearl Land Park - Nha Trang

Vinpearl Land amusement park is one of the most important places to visit if you come to Nha Trang with children. The complex is located on the island of the same name, which leads to the cable car.

Everything here is designed for the pleasure of tourists. Various attractions, electric sledges, oceanarium and water park, dolphinarium and cave with slot machines, 4D-cinema and beach, and in the evening – the show of singing fountains.

Vinpearl Land Hotel - Nha Trang

There is a hotel on the grounds of Vinpearl Land. Tourists who stay there are entitled to use all attractions and services at no extra charge.

Visiting the entertainment area is allowed from 9-00 to 22-00. The cost of all rides, including the cable car ride is 500,000 in local currency. The children’s ticket is 100,000 cheaper. The youngest ones are free of charge.

Video overview of the sights of Nha Trang

Going to go to a popular resort in Vietnam, you will definitely try to find out what to see in Nha Trang. Holidays on the coast of the South China Sea – it is not only luxurious beaches, but also unique religious and historical monuments. Tourists are attracted to the islands located near the coast, where the oceanarium, luna park, water park. Children will love this excursion. Taking them on a trip, be sure to visit an amusement park with dizzying rides.

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