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New Zealand’s top attractions

The island nations of the tropical zone have an amazing attraction for tourists. There is summer all year round, lush natural landscapes, golden beaches and a huge number of experiences. It is commonly believed that the attractions of New Zealand consist only of natural beauty. This misconception disappears at once, it is necessary to look at the guidebook or tourist booklet. The country has many interesting places that are created by man, they attract travelers with identity and original appearance.

A country you want to go back to

New Zealand is located in the southwest Pacific Ocean and is recognized as the cleanest area on the planet. Consists of two large islands and 700 small islands, the state capital is Wellington. The peculiarity of the country is its isolation from the nearest neighbors. This is probably why numerous animals and birds, such as the flightless kiwi bird, thrive on the islands.

Despite its remoteness from the mainland, New Zealand is on the list of developed countries of the world.

New Zealand's Most Beautiful Nature

The first European to arrive on the islands for the purpose of exploration was the Briton James Cook. He created a map of the coastline, established a natural exchange with the natives. Later, potatoes were brought to the islands and quickly became part of the diet. The islands became a British colony, and in 1856 were granted self-government. The dual system of power is perfectly expressed in the mottos that have equal meaning to the inhabitants: “God Save the Queen” and “God Protect New Zealand. Maori and English are spoken within the state.

Nature and terrain features

The main area of the state is concentrated on two large islands: South and North. Climatic conditions range from subtropical to temperate. In the highlands, the climate is alpine, snow falls, and the thermometer column falls below freezing. Most of the islands are 200 meters above sea level, in addition to high seismic activity. Especially distinguished South Island, which is located 5 of the 6 major volcanoes, one of them active.

Nature of New Zealand

It is said that here you can see four seasons in a day, when suddenly a downpour comes, the wind rises and again the rays of the sun brightly illuminate the rain-washed nature. Because of this feature, the air is fresh and humid, and the sky is decorated with white, shaped clouds. The warmest months of the year are January and February, while July is considered cold.

The islands are home to rare bird species, including moa, kiwi, and New Zealand sultan.

Unique representatives of the plant world can be found in the reserves:

  • southern beech;
  • agathis;
  • kauri;
  • radiant pine.

There are no snakes in the country at all. It is forbidden to bring them with you, for which there is a large fine.

Top 15 attractions in New Zealand

Photos and descriptions of New Zealand attractions in travel guides help to navigate and plan travel itineraries in advance. For tourists developed excursions that include visits to the most interesting structures, natural parks and historical monuments.

In addition to enjoying the natural beauty, here you can explore the culture and life of the Maori tribe or take advantage of more active forms of recreation, such as skiing and underwater fishing.


Christchurch - Sights of New Zealand

Christchurch is the second largest city in New Zealand. Now it is not only a place of pilgrimage for tourists, but also a booming business center. It is home to New Zealand’s second largest port. The beautiful beaches of the Pacific Coast and the magnificent mountains leave no one indifferent. The city itself has plenty of museums, world-class shopping, and other attractions.


New Zealand sights - the city of Auckland

The capital is located on the North Island of New Zealand, and today is the most populous city in the country. It is estimated that this place in the New Zealand Islands has the highest number of sunny days per year – 223. You’re unlikely to find as many attractions as you do in Oakland. Tourists can come back here again and again. A mass of sports facilities, its own tennis tournament and many other things leave unforgettable memories.


Lake Rotorua in New Zealand

Rotorua is one of the tourist areas in New Zealand, which absorbed all the unique culture called “Maori”. It’s a three-hour drive from Oakland. The constant flow of tourists increases the local population by a factor of 10.

The friendly locals with their special sense of humor and artistic skills undoubtedly make this city one of New Zealand’s most iconic places.

Coromandel Peninsula

Coromandel - a New Zealand landmark

The Coromandel Peninsula is famous for its beach, which is never empty of both natives and tourists. And all this because of the geyser springs with a water temperature of about 60 degrees Celsius, which comes out of the underground hot springs, while filtering through the sand. When the tide begins to fall, the visitors begin to dig the sand, thereby creating their own unique natural baths.

Fjordland National Park

New Zealand sights

The national park was founded in 1952. It is located on the South Island and is currently over 1.2 million square feet. ha. Fjordland is known for New Zealand’s deepest lake, Manopauri, the highest mountain range and the 800-year-old notophagus plant.

There are also real jungles and rare animal species found nowhere else in the world.


New Zealand sights

Queenstown is a resort town in Otago in the southwestern part of the South Island of New Zealand. It is located in Queenstown Bay of Lake Wakatipu, which is of glacial origin. The beautiful mountains and picturesque scenery are sure to please every traveler. And for active tourists there are places for bungee jumping and rafting.

Bay of Islands

New Zealand sights

The Bay of Islands is a must-see if you come to New Zealand. It is not far from Oakland. There are 144 small islands located here at the same time. For a beach holiday there is an excellent sandy shore, fishing lovers can hunt for sharks.

Cook Mountain

New Zealand sights

Cook Mountain, or Aoraki, is the highest mountain in New Zealand at 3,754 meters. It is located in the Southern Alps region of Canterbury. In the language of the Maori tribes, the name means “Great White Cloud.

Tongariro National Park

New Zealand sights

Tongariro National Park is the oldest national park in New Zealand. It is located in the central part of the North Island. This park has been inscribed on the UNESCO list of cultural and natural heritage. Its area is about 795.98 km².

There are 3 active volcanoes in the park, Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, and Tongariro, which are located in the center of the area. The unique natural world of the national park attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.


Wellington is the capital of New Zealand

The capital of the state combines modernity and careful preservation of tradition, wooden houses perfectly coexist with buildings of glass and concrete. Interesting sites in Wellington:

  • Botanical Gardens;
  • royal parks;
  • National Museum;
  • Mount Victoria.

Westland Thailand Poutini National Park

New Zealand sights

It is located on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Founded in 1960, the area of the park is 1175 km ². Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier are the most popular tourist attractions in Westland. The park also provides opportunities for hunting red deer, chamois, and tar, and helicopter rides take you to the area’s most inaccessible areas.

Sky Tower

Sky Tower in New Zealand

This engineering marvel reaches a height of 328 meters and is located in the city of Oakland on the South Island. It is home to about 1/4 of the country’s population and skyscrapers are ubiquitous. But even against their backdrop, the tower’s needle impresses with its appearance and original layout. On the upper tier is an observation deck, designed for people with strong nerves.

The thing is that part of the floor and the walls are transparent. Visitors take the elevator upstairs, which also shines through, giving the feeling of flying over the city. The photo of this New Zealand landmark is often found in the brochures of travel agencies.

Otaku Marae Village

Otaku Marae Village - New Zealand

It is located on the coast of the peninsula near the town of Danidin, where the coastal areas are covered with black volcanic sand. The village is a tourist attraction, where visitors are introduced to the life and traditions of the Maori, perform performances, and after sunset invite visitors for a walk through the forest, vividly reminiscent of the movie “Avatar”.


Hobbiton - a New Zealand attraction for movie lovers

When shooting the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, director Peter Jackson was attracted to the landscapes of New Zealand. He rented land from a farmer, and in a short time there grew a town of halflings – Hobbiton.

After filming the farmer asked to leave everything as it is and now you can walk through the town, cross the bridge over the moat, look out the window, admire the huge tree, where the story, Frodo celebrated his 111th birthday. There are 17 houses, a bridge and an amazing fairy-tale atmosphere of Tolkien’s world.


Oceanarium in New Zealand

In a state surrounded on all sides by water, it takes on a special significance. Here you can see the underwater inhabitants in all the details, walk through the transparent gallery, watching the bright tropical fish, sharks and sea stingrays.

Separate halls are devoted to the inhabitants of Antarctica. There is a colony of penguins living in a special aviary, the demonstration room regularly features documentaries, talks and interactive tours about the history of the continent, the life and work of polar explorers, discoveries and mysteries.

New Zealand’s must-see places

It is difficult to determine what to see in New Zealand first, because there are many interesting places, and vacation time is limited. But visiting nature reserves is a must, otherwise most of the beauties of the country will simply pass by.

Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers, a natural attraction in New Zealand

If you are lucky enough to come to the islands, you should definitely go:

  • to the Waimangu Valley of Geysers and wait for the water column to erupt every 20 minutes;
  • to the Bay of Islands and try to count their number;
  • to Tongariro National Park, where there are 3 smoking mountains;
  • to White Island Volcano, which resembles lunar landscapes;
  • to Lake Tuapo, take a boat ride and try to fish for trout;
  • at Sutherland and Hook Falls and see the multicolored rainbow hanging over the water;
  • to the “Land of Thermal Wonders” at Ouai-O-Tapu and see the natural hot springs;
  • to the line where the two oceans meet and admire the clear watershed;
  • into the protected grove of kauri trees and imagine yourself as a dinosaur;
  • to the lakes near the town of Rotorua, walk on special tracks surrounded by huge ferns;
  • to the Franz Josef and Fox glaciers and marvel at their abrupt transition into the rainforest.

Video overview of New Zealand sights

New Zealand is striking in its natural beauty and variety of tourist attractions. Nature beckons with mountain peaks covered with clouds, blue lakes, rivers and volcanic plains.

Interesting facts about New Zealand

Interesting facts about New ZealandNew Zealand is full of surprises.

  1. New Zealand landscapes dominate fantasy films.
  2. There are no placental mammals among wild animals, except for 2 species of bats.
  3. The kiwi bird, which gave its name to the exotic fruit and has become the country’s unspoken mascot, is found in the reserves.
  4. The country is on the list of the safest and calmest places in the world.
  5. It is the only place where the giant carnivorous snail and the world’s smallest dolphin live.

What to see in New Zealand, each traveler decides for himself, but one vacation is clearly not enough for all the beauty of this amazing country.

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