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New Zealand Champagne Pool

Want to see something really exciting? Then go to New Zealand. There you will get a chance to admire the huge “Champagne Pool”. But those who want to soak in sparkling wine are likely to be disappointed. You will not find an alcoholic drink with characteristic bubbles there. Far from being a whim created by some billionaire to satisfy his exorbitant desires, it is a true creation of nature.

The Champagne Pool (or Champagne Pool) got its attractive name because of the external resemblance of its waters to the famous drink. It really does look like you’ve arrived at a place where thousands of bottles of sparkling wine have been poured into a special crater. The reason for all this splendor is the enormous content of carbon dioxide in the waters of the “basin”.

In addition, this source is geothermal. So those who dream of swimming in a natural “Champagne Pool” will be very disappointed. Bathing in it is impossible, because the water is heated to a temperature of 73-75 C. And this is the lowest temperature, because here the water is cooled by lower air temperature, and at the depth of the spring the temperature reaches a record 260 C. In general, this natural beauty can only look, but in no case touch, otherwise you will get a burn.

The hot spring is not that old by world standards – only 900 years old. The “Champagne Pool” itself cannot boast huge dimensions either, the maximum length is 65 meters, and the depth is even less – 62 meters. But in spite of this, it holds enough liquid. If some bigwigs wanted to fill it with real champagne, they would need as much as 50,000 cubic meters of the drink. It would have cost them a pretty penny.

Tourists are attracted not only by the fact that the waters of the crater resemble champagne, but also by the fact that its banks have an unusual orange color, like an exquisite decoration for a royal drink.

This color is due to auripigment and antimonite, which are found in the waters of the spring in large concentrations and are deposited at the bottom of the spring.

The “Champagne Pool” itself, also called the “Sacred Waters,” is also known for the fact that scientists discovered two new bacterial species as well as an archaea (a single-celled microorganism) in its waters. These discoveries were quite significant, because one of the bacteria discovered a new species and genus in biology. Unfortunately, apart from these tenacious microorganisms, no other form of life can exist in such hot water. That’s why you shouldn’t hope to see any living creature.

New Zealand sights

Lovers of natural wonders will certainly love this place. Some tourists even claim that this place will be remembered by them on their deathbed, as one of the most beautiful places on the planet and the most vivid impressions in life.

After these words, you want to visit the “Champagne Pool” even more. In general, there will be a lot to tell your friends. You don’t have to mention that there is no champagne at all; surely everyone you know will be stunned that you’ve been, or maybe “bathed” in such a luxurious pool. For greater effect, the story of a natural miracle can be embellished and the truth can be spiced up with a joke. The stunned faces of your acquaintances after it you will definitely not forget!

Champagne pool – how to get there?

If you decide to see this attraction, you will need to take a plane ticket to New Zealand’s Rotorua Airport. From this town you will need to go another 30 kilometers to the island of Ouai-O-Tapu. You can get there by bus. A round-trip ticket costs $25.

“Champagne Pool” on the map

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