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Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Minsk

Those who do not know history risk repeating past mistakes. The invasion of Nazi Germany was very costly for the Soviet people. The memory of this must be preserved and passed on to the next generations to prevent this fragment of history from repeating itself. Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Minsk has thousands of exhibits that clearly tell about those terrible times, heroes, battles and victories.

History of appearance

Its halls hold expositions of unique documents, things, and samples of weapons of those years. In terms of the number of exhibits and their historical value, the museum is among the world’s largest exhibition centers dedicated to this subject.

The first collection was created during wartime, with exhibits dating back to 1942. These were records of the partisan movement, handwritten and printed editions, and weapons. Valuable items were transferred through the Vitebsk Gate to Moscow, where the first expositions were formed. After the liberation of Minsk, the assembly returned to the city.

Belarusian State Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War - Minsk

An exhibition opened in one of the few surviving buildings, accompanied by explanatory material about the military press and armament of partisan units. The courage of correspondents making their way to the front lines, keeping up the fighting spirit with tales of heroes, is captured in faded newspaper sheets and black and white photographs. The collection was enriched with items from the Trostenets concentration camp and from the Brest Fortress excavation site.

History Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Minsk

Later, a special building was built for the Belarusian State Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War in Minsk. It has also become a symbol of sorts, with sloping columns and walls giving the impression of a structure that survived the bombing. In 1966 there was a grand opening and the first excursion. Near the walls of the open-air museum is the second part of the exhibition, presenting military equipment. The renovated museum was opened on July 2, 2014, and is dedicated to the anniversary of the country’s liberation from the invaders.

On the map you can see that the museum and Victory Park are a single museum and memorial complex, which is located at 8, Pobediteley Avenue.

Museum tours

Museum of the Great Patriotic War (Minsk): opening hours, address

The self-guided tour of the exhibits is not as interesting as the regularly scheduled themed tours. The silent exhibits come to life as the tour guide talks, gradually opening the veil on many of the events of the war years. The Museum of Military Glory in Minsk cooperates with educational institutions of the city, holding thematic classes together with teachers of geography, history and social studies.

There are permanent and traveling exhibitions. The collection is divided into 4 blocks according to the number of war years and fronts fighting for the liberation of Belarus. The Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War in Minsk created a virtual tour of the places of fighting, guerrilla units.

Official website of the museum: warmuseum.by.

How to get there and opening hours

For those who do not know how to get to the Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Minsk, a tourist map will help. The museum is located almost in the center of the city, so you can reach it by public transport bus number 1, 29, 44, 69, 73, 91, by cab or subway. It is faster and more convenient to do it on the route number 1056, 1051.

Location of the WWII Museum on the map

The fairgrounds have only one day off – Monday. On other days it is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The cost of the room depends on the age. Children’s ticket costs 35 thousand Belarusian rubles, adult – 70. The price for a group visit from 25 people, less. Certain categories of citizens can visit the museum for free on presentation of a certificate. You can take pictures on your phone, but without a flash.

The activities of the museum complex are very important for fostering patriotism and preserving the memory of the events of the Great Patriotic War.

Video tour of the WWII museum

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