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Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona

Tibidabo is the highest mountain in Barcelona. It’s hard to call it a mountain, though, because. The height of Tibidabo is just over 500 meters. But on it there are many famous attractions of Barcelona.

Mount Tibidabo is the most popular place itself. It offers views of the city of extraordinary beauty. Nearby, on a nearby mountain, stands the local Kolserola television tower, almost 300 meters high.

The Legend of Mount Tibidabo

The strange name of the mountain, which refers to neither Spanish nor Catalan, is actually translated from Latin: “I give you”. Those experts who know this dead language immediately understand the meaning of the name of Mount Tibidabo.

And those who are familiar with the Christian scriptures immediately remember that this is what Satan said to Jesus when he tried to tempt the Savior of mankind right there. Later this mountain in Barcelona was named – Tibidabo.

And on top of it was erected the Temple of the Sacred Heart. On it stands a statue of Christ, who did not give in to any of Satan’s temptations. The Savior holds humanity to his heart, embracing and desiring to save him from the vices and temptations of Satan.

View from Mount Tibidabo

The view of Barcelona and its surroundings from this mountain brings tourists to a complete delight, because they see what our Lord saw. This fact throws most vacationers into complete shock, and they will always remember the beauty they discovered.

In addition to the natural beauty, you can clearly see the beautiful Barcelona itself, where Antoni Gaudi and other magnificent architects created, which turned the city into one of the most beautiful human creations in the world.

Interesting places on Tibidabo

Mount Tibidabo is the final point in the famous route for tourists “Blue Tram”. On its slopes there is the Tibidabo Park with many attractions, and at the very top there is a temple of the Sacred Heart.

Amusement park

If you happen to visit Barcelona, be sure to visit this park with your children, they will be extremely grateful for such entertainment. You can spend a whole day here, but still not visit all the most interesting, it will take several days.

It is important to know that the amusement park on Mount Tibidabo is the oldest in Spain. The Catalans cherish their history, which is why many attractions in this park were installed more than a hundred years ago (Tibidabo Airplane, Air Train, etc.).

Mount Tibidabo Amusement Park - Barcelona

Parents shouldn’t worry. Despite the advanced age of the rides, they are all absolutely safe for children. Specialists from the park regularly conduct inspections, repair if necessary, renew parts, etc.

Although amusement parks of this kind in the world are constantly developing, progressing and improving, the park on Mount Tibidabo has kept its rides in their original, now old-fashioned form, which adds to its special charm of antiquity.

The park was born at the end of the 19th century so that the inhabitants of Barcelona could discover this amazing mountain. Today’s city kids come to the mountain and play where their great-grandparents used to play.

They have a large puppet museum, a real haunted castle, a merry-go-round, where everyone is sure to fall under a waterfall, and other attractions. In this park, neither adults nor children will get bored for sure.

Like any modern amusement park, there are high-speed slides and a 4D movie theater.

The Ferris wheel is especially popular. It’s not gigantic, like in the Arab Emirates, but it’s very cozy and homely.

Tibidabo airplane

This attraction is not at all for teenagers or ladies with frayed nerves. The interesting thing about the airplane is that it offers a great view of Barcelona, the Tibidabo mountain and other surrounding beauties.

Tibidabo airplane

To fly, you have to get in the cockpit of an airplane and fly around the center holding it three times. You immediately feel like you’re flying over a cliff in a broken plane and about to fall into tatters, it’s very scary.

According to local legend, this airplane is a replica of a real plane that once flew from Barcelona to Madrid. This is how the Catalans feel about their real relationship with the Spanish and the metropolis.

The Funicular

Even today, getting to the top of Tibidabo is quite a challenge. Along the way you can meet private property, shrubs, trees, etc. There is no good road to the top of the mountain, there is only a hiking trail.

The funicular to Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona

It was the same at the beginning of the last century, when they started to build an amusement park and other attractions on Tibidabo. Therefore, in those early days it was decided to build a cable car.

This funicular operates on the Barcelona mountain even today. It starts from Piazza Dr. Andreu and ends at the top of Tibidabo. A more comfortable and romantic mode of transport to the mountain does not yet exist.

TV tower

It doesn’t quite match the general entourage or the landscape of the nearby TV tower, it looks like a guest from the future against the background of a rather Victorian past.

TV Tower on Mount Tibidabo

The tower was designed by N. Foster in the 1930s. It has an extremely futuristic appearance, but its observation deck offers a spectacular view of Barcelona.

Temple of the Sacred Heart

Catholics have a religious holiday that is celebrated shortly after Trinity, which is Sacred Heart Day. The temple on top of the mountain was erected and consecrated in honor of this Catholic feast.

Temple of the Sacred Heart on Mount Tibidabo

The temple was designed by the Barcelona architect E. Sagner, and it had been under construction for almost six decades. The author of the project was not destined to see the temple built, but it was completed under the organizational and architectural leadership of his son.

Almost immediately after construction was completed, the Pope granted the temple the status of a minor basilica, and it especially attracted many faithful Catholics, as well as tourists from all over the world.

The main style of architecture of the Temple of the Sacred Heart can be called neo-Gothic, although it is organically mixed with many other styles and, above all, monumentalism, which looks extremely effective from the top of the mountain.

Temple of the Sacred Heart on Mount Tibidabo

There are also some elements of Romanticism in the architecture of the temple, following the traditions of Byzantium, etc. It is interesting that some of the icons inside the temple depict people dressed in the clothes of our time.

The temple and the statue of Christ are visible from anywhere in Barcelona. They are admired not only by believers, but also by many people versed in architecture and sculpture. There used to be a Catholic monastery on top of Mount Tibidabo.

The top terrace of the cathedral offers beautiful views of Barcelona and the surrounding nature and is what many tourists and even city dwellers come here for, they can’t wait to see their favorite city once again.

When is the best time to go to Tibidabo?

Remember that during high season there are always huge lines at midday. That’s why it’s best to go to Tibidabo in the early morning, when it’s cold. In summer, the midday heat in Spain forces its residents to go on a siesta.

How to get to Tibidabo?

Walking Ascent. You can climb to the top of the mountain on foot, for this there is a special hiking route. But you need to measure your strength and physical fitness, so as not to exhaust yourself completely at the top.

The classic ascent. If you have children with you, it is easier, more interesting and convenient to take the Blue Tram to Dr. Andreu Square in Barcelona and then take the funicular, which will easily take you to the top of Tibidabo. A cable car ticket costs €7.7.

“The Blue Tram” is a tourist mode of transport, its route runs from the center of Barcelona to the Plaza Dr. Andreu. On the way you can stop and see the city’s historical and cultural attractions.

Remember that this streetcar is one of the expensive modes of transport designed for tourists. Tickets cost from €5.05. If you want to save money, take bus number 196. It repeats the route of the Blue Tram, and the tickets are much cheaper.

On Tibibus. You can take a special bus called the “Tibibus” and ride from Plaza Catalunya to the top of Mount Tibidabo. It is one of the most tireless and fastest ways to climb the mountain, a very comfortable means of transportation.

Tips for traveling to Tibidabo

If you are used to saving money, we recommend that you bring sandwiches and water, especially for children. The prices in the local restaurant are noisy, they can hardly be called democratic, and a bottle of water for the baby should always be near.

It is important to remember that the prices of rides and viewing platforms here are also extremely high. If you do not control your purse and your actions with respect to it, you can waste a few hours on the mountain Tibidabo hundreds of euros.

Remember that children here are not measured by age, but by height. The amusement park has strict rules, and they must be followed without fail. The park is divided into three zones, and each zone has separate rides for adults and children.

In travel agencies in Barcelona and just in local stores, at the reception in the hotels you can buy special brochures in Russian, which describes in detail the mode of operation of each attraction on Tibidabo.

If you decide to go on vacation to the beautiful Barcelona, plan a visit to its sacred Mount Tibidabo, otherwise your acquaintance with the capital of Catalonia will be incomplete.

Be sure to see the city from above, walk through the local park, take a personal part in the rides, eat authentic Catalan food at a local restaurant, visit the Church of the Sacred Heart and the TV tower.

This way you will better understand and feel the Catalans, because on the mountain Tibidabo comes not only tourists, but also many locals. And the vast majority of fans of Barcelona are sure to return to its holy mountain again and again.

Maps of Mount Tibidabo

Mount Tibidabo on the map

Mount Tibidabo on the map of Barcelona

Detailed map of Tibidabo

Map of Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona

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