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Morjim Beach in Goa

Morjim Beach in Goa is one of the best places to relax and have fun in the north of this Indian state. It is the second decade of our compatriots took a fancy to it, so the beach has acquired a second name – “Russian”.

Morjim Beach is located on the shores of North Goa and is washed by the waters of the Arabian Sea, part of the Indian Ocean. It can only be compared in quality with Mandrem Beach. These are two of the best beaches in North Goa.

Where is Morjim Beach?

Morjim Beach in Goa is located near the Indian village of the same name. It’s about an hour’s drive to Dobolim Airport and about half an hour to the local capital, Panaji. To the north of Morjim is Vagator beach, to the south is the Chapora River.

As early as the beginning of the 21st century, natives of the former Soviet Union began to arrive in the village of Morjim. They settled here, bought hotels, restaurants and cafes. There is even a Russian street, where all the hotels and pubs are owned by our compatriots.

Brief description of Morjim Beach

India Goa - Morjim

After that, Russian tourists streamed to Morjim and soon turned it into a real Russia. In the last few years, due to the economic crisis in our country, Russian tourists were less, but the beach is still very noisy.

It is surrounded by magnificent tropical nature, palm groves, etc. Closer to the sea you can get acquainted with a variety of local fauna: crabs, starfish, on the southern border at the river there is a real turtle beach (Tartle Beach).

Here live and annually give birth to rare, endangered Red Book olive turtles. They can be seen in mass during the High Season, during the breeding season, but touching them with your hands is forbidden under pain of a fine.

Morjim beach in Goa cleaned daily cleaning service from the village, so it is very clean, the sea is also always clean, the water is quite clear. The shore is flat, to get to the deep places, you have to walk about a hundred meters.

The length of this beach – about 3 km, width – about 100 meters, the sand is thick, light gray. At the southern end of Morjim sometimes quite serious waves are posted warning flags, but in the center and the north of the beach is always quiet.

Location of Walrus Beach on the map

Morjim Beach Infrastructure

The beach remarkable infrastructure, there is everything you need to relax in comfort: umbrellas, awnings, sun loungers. All this is the property of the owners of the beach cafes. They are provided free of charge. But out of politeness you can buy something at the cafe.

In the village, too, excellent infrastructure for a good holiday: restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs, clubs. There are many stores and souvenir stores, eastern and fish markets. Prices are higher than the average in North Goa, but lower than in Russia.

Almost everywhere you can rent a motorcycle or scooter to go around and compare the neighboring beaches or buy cheaper products. You will be pleased with the local Russian-speaking kindergarten, where you can leave your child or feed him.

Morjim Climate

The rainy season here comes in the summer and ends in September. At this time it rains almost constantly, the air is very humid. The temperature during the day ranges from +23C to +35C.

Already at the end of October, tourists arrive, as. the rains stop, it gets warm and dry. From November and all winter here lasts High season, the temperature during the day – about +30C – +35C. Water temperature almost all year – +27C – +29C.

Morjim Beach Entertainment

Morjim Beach Entertainment in Goa

There is no tiresome holidaymakers jet skis or “bananas”, but it is well developed extreme sports:

  • kitesurfing;
  • windsurfing;
  • surfing.

Operates a local “Russian Surfing School”, where with the help of an instructor you can achieve good results in this sport. All necessary equipment is provided at school. Training does not come cheap.

There are three large yoga centers on Morjim. Everyone has their own sites on the Internet, including in Russian. Not only yoga instruction is provided, but also massage services from Ayurveda.

Sightseeing and Entertainment on Morjim

Near the beach is easy to find a few attractions that will be of interest to holidaymakers.

Sri Moradji Temple

This ancient Hindu temple is located near the beach. Throughout the year, people from the surrounding villages come here to pray. And during religious festivals, people come from all over the state of Goa for a real, vibrant and fun festival.

Walking the Chapora River

Tourists love to take a boat or boat ride on this river in the middle of the tropical jungle. It rents kayaks and sailing boats. You can also paddle the Chapora in domestic kayaks.

Sea cruise on the ship “Lost Paradise Goa

On this walk along the Arabian Sea you will see whales and dolphins splashing in the sea. Excursions can take several days, it all depends on you, surely you will have an unforgettable experience.

Also in the vicinity of Morjim Beach you can:

  • Have fun in the bars and nightclubs on Anjuna Beach;
  • walk through the jungle;
  • Visit Dudhsagar waterfall;
  • visit spice plantations;
  • go to the ruins of the temple of Hampi;
  • to catch crabs;
  • swim with dolphins, etc.

Where to eat at Morjim Beach?

Morjim Beach - Goa

The only cafes open 24 hours a day here are the ones on the northern part of the beach. In particular, the BoraBora cafe. Its owner is Russian, and he offers visitors Chinese, European and our domestic cuisine.

Rainbow Restaurant is located in south Morgim, near Tartle Beach. The chef there offers local and European cuisine; the menu also includes many seafood dishes.

How do I get to Morjim Beach?

From the local airport in Dabolim, the most comfortable and safe transfer option is a public cab. A trip to Morjim Beach will cost about 1,500 rupees. A car with air conditioning is 150-200 rupees more expensive.

If you take the bus, it is cheaper, but much longer. You must first take a bus to Panaji, then the next flight to Mopusa, and then go to the Russian village of Morjim.

Prices and tours

Rest in North Goa for the average Russian is not cheap. For two people a week of rest on the beach Morjim will need at least 100-120 thousand rubles. It is better to exchange rubles for dollars, because. India is undergoing complex monetary reform.

It is better to travel to Goa on your own than to buy a tour: it will be cheaper. Tour solves problems with accommodation, meals, excursions, etc. If you prefer the freedom of choice and do not save money – go on your own.

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