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Mir Castle is one of the most famous historical and cultural attractions in Belarus. Most sightseeing itineraries are sure to include it in their program. What’s so interesting about this castle?

Mir Castle on the map

The village of Mir is 100 km southwest of Minsk. Scientists believe that the name comes from the Tatar word “emir,” i.e. The leader of the army that was stationed here several hundred years ago.

You can come here with a tour from any city in Belarus or on your own by bus, cab or your own car. From Minsk, you should go to the Korelichi district, strictly following the road signs.

Mir Castle on the map of Belarus

History of the Castle

Historical sources testify that Mir Castle was built here in the 16th-17th centuries as a structure designed for defense. Although it is known that the area did not suffer from constant warfare back then.

The castle was built by Yuri Ilyinich, who had to own a stone building in order to receive the title of Count. Most likely, this is the real reason for building the castle.

Nicholas Radziwill

It was built as a real fortress with four towers connected by thick walls. Through the fifth tower, where the prison was originally housed, it was possible to enter the castle.

Also here at the end of the 16th century Nicholas Radziwill built a Catholic chapel with a room for the prayer of castle owners, dedicated to St. Christopher, the patron saint of travelers. The Illyinich family did not have time to complete the Mir castle, it simply died out, and in the mid 17th century the castle became the property of the famous Radziwill family, but not their main residence.

Nicholas Sirotka changed the layout of the castle, built new rooms and wine cellars in the cellars. The second floor now housed the servants, court and clerical staff, while the third floor was the home of the castle’s owners.

In addition, he arranged a real Italian garden around the castle with linden alleys, flowering shrubs and fruit trees. A zoo was organized not far from the Mir Palace.

In the 17th century war broke out between Russia and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Mir Castle was completely destroyed and looted, it was in decline for a long time. Later Catherine Radziwill tried to rebuild it, but it was destroyed again in the Great Northern War.

In the 30s of the 18th century Princes Radziwiłłs completely rebuilt the ruined Mir Castle, and built a new parade room and a ballroom. The castle came to life, guests and friends of the princes began to come here.

History of Mir Castle in Belarus

Its rooms were decorated with carved ceilings, oak parquet, precious wood furniture, magnificent paintings, porcelain, ceramics, and faience. Balls and feasts were regularly held here.

In the early 19th century, after the death of the last of the Radziwiłłs and lengthy court disputes, Mir Castle was sold to one of the rich Don Cossacks, and he immediately decided to change everything here.

A new palace and distillery were built, and a family chapel with a mosaic panel was erected, in which several members of the Mirsky family now rest. The panel is now a cultural value in Belarus.

Legends of Mir Castle

Many legends are still preserved in this castle. One of them has to do with the apple orchard, which was completely cut down by the order of the new owner in order to organize a lake there.

Legends of Mir Castle in Belarus

A local witch, upon learning of this, put a curse on the lake and said that as many people would die from cutting down the garden as the trees would be cut down. Immediately various accidents began to happen.

The prince and his young daughter drowned in the lake. The witch’s curse is still coming true today. People often drown here, especially men. According to legend, they are lured into the water by the spirits of the garden in the form of beautiful girls and dragged to the bottom.

Near the walls of Mir Castle is often seen the ghost of a man in a black cloak with a cane, it is Dominic Radziwill. If he turns to face the observer, he will cause terror in him, which may result in immediate death.

The most beautiful Mir Castle in Belarus

In one of the walls of the castle there is a stone that looks like a ram’s head. People believe that if you get this stone, the whole castle wall will collapse. These may be pagan beliefs, but their admirers are extremely numerous.

There is a legend that Nesvizh and Mir Castle are connected by an underground passage about 30 km long. It is believed that you can ride a triple horse there. There are legends about the countless treasures of the Radziwills stored in the cellars.

Mir Castle in the 20th and 21st centuries

During World War II, the Nazis set up a concentration camp for captive Soviet soldiers and Jews in the castle. Later it was inhabited by ordinary people whose homes were destroyed in the war.

After the war, Mir Castle was badly destroyed, and it was immediately taken under the protection of the state. Today it houses a museum.

The castle was long restored, and after the restoration it was included in the famous UNESCO list.

What’s interesting about Mir Castle?

Today the castle is extremely well cared for, one can see that the state takes care of it. It has practically regained its 18th-century look. Its buildings form an inner stone well. The tiled roofs have weather vane and stovepipes.

What's interesting about Mir Castle?

There is a huge wooden balcony on the gable above the main entrance to the building. Inside the castle there is a museum and an excellent restaurant. Here you can book a tour or buy an audio guide to learn more about Mir Castle.

A walk around the castle will take you back in time, at times you will find yourself in stone labyrinths, go up and down winding staircases, see the armor of knights with wings, which the knights wore in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 17th century.

Performances at Mir Castle

In a separate room of the castle you can see perfectly made reduced in ten times copies of all the ancient castles of Belarus, which played a significant role in the history of the country.

There are many suites, living rooms, offices. Of great interest is the gilded painted ceiling, as well as the antique stoves and fireplaces in the chambers. The walls of the halls and rooms are covered with antique silk.

Mir Castle Museum in Belarus

The museum continues to expand with unique exhibits. Thus, in the village of Mir, a local resident found an object in the vegetable garden and gave it to a museum. Specialists examined it and came to the conclusion that this is the personal seal of Yuri Ilyinich, the first owner of the castle.

A few years ago, Belarusian customs officers seized from smugglers a large collection of embroidered gold ancient tapestries made in the 16th-18th centuries by order of the Radziwill princes.

Opening hours and how to get there

  • Where is it located: 231444, Grodno region, Korelichi district, g.p. Mir, Krasnoarmeiskaya ul. 2 GPS: 53°27’04.3 “N 26°28’22.6 “E
  • Official site:

  • Phone: (8 01596) 28 2 70 (telephone for inquiries from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
  • Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Fri-Sun from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The information phone number of the complex “Mir Castle” will always help you and tell the best way to get there. There are very good roads from Minsk, and the navigator will take you to the place.

Video tour of Mir Castle

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