Minsk Zoo

The unique museum of wildlife was opened in 1984. Minsk Zoo consists of several segments, where exotic fish, reptiles, tropical birds and animals of Belarusian forests feel perfectly well.

The inhabitants of the Minsk Zoo

The zoo started with a stork that got dirty in fuel oil. He was washed and released on the expanse of the Botanical Gardens, but his wing feathers were damaged and the bird almost died. F.I. Revzin, the first director of the Minsk Zoo, saved him from a terrible fate.

Minsk Zoo, Minsk (Belarus)

A mighty oak tree appeared next, which fell under the district redevelopment program and was mercilessly uprooted during construction. It was intensively watered and fed with various fertilizers for a whole year, but now it has become a calling card and is displayed on most of the tourist booklets devoted to the inhabitants of the museum of wildlife.

Minsk Zoo

They live in warm enclosures:

  • lion family;
  • cougars;
  • lynx;
  • monkeys;
  • brown bear;
  • roe;
  • Jaguars;
  • black vulture;
  • Bisons.

Minsk Zoo in Minsk

A family of boars frolics merrily in the summer ground and is not afraid of frost in winter. Along with the elk proudly walks a camel, donated to the Minsk Zoo by Teresa Durova. Waterfowl live freely all year round in the Svisloch floodplains, staying for the winter.

Expositions of the Minsk Zoo

The area is divided into segments with optimal conditions for the inhabitants. It will take the better part of a day to see them.


Minsk Zoo in Chizhovka

Under the huge transparent dome, the climate of the Orinoco and Amazon basins is reproduced. Warmth and high humidity levels are necessary for the comfortable life of colorful parrots, tropical plants, capybaras, snakes, turtles and a few anacondas. Decorate the area artificial waterfall and stylized wooden masks in the Indian style.


Zoo in Chizhovka, Minsk

The usual aquarium fish in huge glass containers grow to unprecedented size, because in natural conditions, they are much bigger and brighter, which is clearly visible through the transparent walls. The hall is divided into a freshwater and marine segment, where about 2 hundred species of fish, sea stars and urchins, coral polyps live.


Minsk Zoo - reviews

There are more than 70 insects, reptiles and snakes in glass-enclosed aviaries. You can fearlessly view poisonous spitting cobras, tarantulas, and giant cockroaches.

Several times a week there are demonstration feedings of crocodiles, turtles and pythons.


Minsk Zoo - opening hours and address

The exposition is dedicated to long-extinct lizards and the first warm-blooded creatures. They are made with the smallest detail, are able to move their limbs, growl, blink and turn their head.


Minsk Zoo - Minsk

Minsk Zoo in Chizhovka works in winter and summer. Dolphinarium regularly holds shows with the participation of sea creatures. There is an opportunity to have a dolphin therapy session, to swim with them in the pool, to enjoy the pleasure of communicating with the amazing sea creatures.

Contact playground

Minsk Zoo - address, opening hours

Babies and older children will definitely want to interact with the animals up close. For this purpose, goats and cute sheep walk freely in a special enclosure, they are not afraid of people at all.

For quick orientation in the territory at the entrance to the Minsk zoo there is a map, where the aviaries and aquariums are marked. Working rides, pavilions with soft drinks and ice cream.

Address and opening hours of the zoo in Minsk

It occupies about 15 hectares, is located in the south-east of Minsk, capturing part of the Svisloch floodplain. On the other side is the Chizhovka Reservoir. The area is adjacent streets Tashkentskaya, Mashinostroiteley, Golodeda and Uborevicha.

The zoo operates year-round. It opens at 10 a.m., closes at 9 p.m. in the summer, and an hour earlier in the fall and winter.

All useful and up-to-date information, including about ticket prices can be found on the official website of Minsk Zoo – minskzoo.by.

The summer playground pleases little visitors from April to the first frosts.

Zoo on the map of Minsk

Reviews about the zoo in Minsk

Diana, 35 years old:

We went with the child to the dolphinarium, he had long asked. I liked the show very much, then I was allowed to come up to the board and very close to look at the funny Navy SEAL. Then we went to the contact area, stroked all the sheep for over an hour, the goats did not come up for some reason, timidly watching from the corner of the enclosure, probably because this time there were a lot of children and there was a lot of noise on the site.

Anna, 28 years old:

It was the first time I had seen such huge spiders up close, like in a terrarium. I didn’t wait for the feeding, I don’t like such events. Minsk Zoo is remembered for its magnificent aquarium with tropical fish and a greenhouse with shrieking parrots. It was interesting.

Video overview of Minsk Zoo

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