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Miami Attractions

Here is a brief description with photos of attractions in Miami (Florida). In more detail you can get acquainted with them on the spot, the blessing of such a resort is now available to the middle class.

Top 20 Sights in Miami

Miami is a world-famous American seaside resort, beloved by celebrities of all stripes since the early 20th century, and an important seaport that plays an important role in world trade.

The main tourist area and attraction in the city is called Miami Beach, located on the shores of the Atlantic. There are five-star hotels, beaches, shows, expensive restaurants and a variety of clubs for tourists.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach, a Miami landmark in Florida

This resort is separated from the greater Miami, Florida area by Biscayne Bay. Along the seashore stretches first-class beaches and several lines of development of five-star hotels. Miami Beach is one of the attractions of Miami.

Infrastructure of the resort, designed for tourists, improving since the early 20’s of last century, in those days, it immediately began to gain popularity. The historic Art Deco development of downtown Miami Beach has been preserved to this day.

Villa Vizcaya

What to see in Miami - Villa Vizcaya

This famous architectural landmark in Miami was built in the early 20th century for the industrialist and millionaire Dering. Several styles of architecture were used. And around the villa was laid out an excellent park in the English style.

In the middle of the last century, Villa Vizcaya was sold by the Dering family to the City of Miami. It has since housed the collections of the Museum of Art. Vizcaya is also used by filmmakers to shoot various films.

Wynwood neighborhood

Wynwood neighborhood in Miami

This is an area of Miami, which in the 50s of the 20th century was solidly built up with factories, plants and warehouses. It was predominantly inhabited by Puerto Ricans. The reconstruction of Wynwood began in the early 21st century.

The best street artists specializing in graffiti were invited from all over the world. They painted the local workshops and warehouses, turning the entire neighborhood into a place where creative people and bohemians from all over the world flock today.

Design District

Design District in Miami

This is another place designed for creators. This is where artists, designers, and other members of the arts gather. In local stores you can buy paintings, sculptures, furniture, designer accessories in the avant-garde style.

The Design District has many stores where the public is offered exclusive, avant-garde clothing and shoes.

Once a month there is a noisy and unforgettable Art and Design Nights.

Little Havana

Little Havana - Miami

This area of the city is mostly inhabited by Cubans who disagreed with Fidel Castro’s policies and left their homeland. Cubans have assimilated into the United States in more than half a century, but their national flavor has been preserved.

Little Havana regularly hosts bustling Cuban fairs with Latin-inspired music and dancing, spectacular processions during Catholic celebrations and festivities, extraordinary Cuban festivals, etc.

South Beach area

South Beach neighborhood - Miami

This is another Miami resort called the American Riviera. Here most often rests young people and fans of nightlife. South Beach is full of nightclubs, restaurants with different cuisines of the world, hotels, boutiques, etc.

But the most beautiful and popular place of this area is the beach of extraordinary beauty, the sand on it is white with a silvery hue.

South Beach Attraction #2 is an old neighborhood of Art Deco homes.

Museum of History

Miami - Florida attractions

This museum contains exhibits that tell the story of several centuries of Florida’s political and social history. The collection is located on 2 floors and occupies about 3,700 square meters.

The museum staff specializes in a variety of research, actively participates in research and science programs, and does significant work with schoolchildren It is a great scientific and cultural center in Miami.

Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road - Miami

Miami is not only a first-class seaside resort, but also a great place for shopping lovers. There are entire neighborhoods with the best shopping centers, stores, etc. Here you can spend more than one day looking for goods.

One such place to shop is Lincoln Road. Here the doors of expensive stores and boutiques of the most famous brands are open to the public. Tourists can buy anything they want: from clothes to jewelry, from gadgets to souvenirs.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Holy Trinity Cathedral - Miami

One of the first temples built in Miami in the late 19th century. For its architectural value, it is included in the National Register of Monuments of History and Culture. Before us is the main Anglican church in the city with its own bishop.

Before World War I it was wooden, and later it was rebuilt into a modern version. The architecture of the church has a pre-Romanesque style, as it was imagined in the United States in the early 20th century.

Ocean Drive.

What to see in and around Miami?

The historic Art Deco street is another interesting place in Miami. The local bohemia and those who like to make a promenade in the evenings gather here: Ocean Drive stretches along the coast for several kilometers.

Many Art Deco buildings were at one time ruthlessly demolished until the city’s architects came to their senses and recognized them as historical or national monuments and landmarks of Miami.

Ocean Drive also features a significant number of vintage, rarity cars. It’s a great place to make movies about gangsters, of which there were many in Miami after World War II.

Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower - Miami

This tower is located almost in the center of Miami, on Biscayne Boulevard. It was once the office of a local newspaper and later became a reception center for Cuban refugees when the tower was taken over by the city.

The tower was so named because the Cubans who escaped from Fidel Castro were convinced that it was in Miami, Florida that they gained true freedom. Today it is home to the Cuban National Literature Library and Museum.

Bayside Market

Bayside Market - Miami

The rows of this market are located directly on the city’s waterfront, not far from the Port of Miami. Bayside Market has more than 150 stores, as well as restaurants and cafes, where you can always relax and refresh yourself.

The Bayside Market regularly hosts various shows and concerts for promotional purposes for more shoppers. And in the evening the market becomes a street on which tourists stroll. You can buy interesting souvenirs, clothes, etc.

Perez Art Museum

Sightseeing in Miami

The museum opened its doors to visitors in the mid-1980s, and a decade later it has a permanent exhibition. The museum exhibits works of art of the 20-21 centuries: paintings, sculptures, etc.

The museum collections continue to be annually updated with new exhibits that are brought in from different parts of the world, well helped by private collectors, During the year the museum is visited by at least 300,000 people.

Jewish Museum and Holocaust Memorial

Jewish Museum and Holocaust Memorial - Miami

The museum collection is housed in two former synagogues. The exhibition consists of photographs, documents, items of Jewish life in the 1930s, and other exhibits about Jewish life in the United States.

The memorial is a sculptural composition donated to the city by the Rothschild family. It is an arm of a man reaching up into the sky, and on it crawling upward are little men with traces on their faces of the inhuman suffering they have endured.

Children’s Museum

Children's Museum - Miami

It is a great educational center where children can learn about the world around them, human culture, history, literature, and learn professions to choose from in the future. There are classes for painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.

The Children’s Museum has several galleries and exhibition halls. There is a huge lecture hall, classrooms for students, etc.

Tourists can buy souvenirs and dine at an excellent restaurant.

Jesu Church

Miami landmarks - photo with descriptions

It is one of Miami’s religious landmarks in Florida, the oldest Catholic church in the state. It was built in the late 19th century with money from the local Catholic community and for many years was the spiritual center of the city.

At first the Jesu church was wooden, but a stone version was erected in the early 1920s. For a while there was a high school here, and then a rehabilitation center for immigrants from Cuba opened.


Downtown Miami (Florida)

It is the business center of the city, where people come from all over the world to do business and then relax. And mostly in Miami are engaged in international trade with Latin American countries.

Downtown is also located by Biscayne Bay. The state government offices, banks, and offices of major companies, as well as museums, schools, theaters, etc., are concentrated here. All of this is a must-see in Miami.

Holover Beach

Holover Beach to Miami

Holouver Beach is one of the best beaches in Miami; it is located in the north of Miami Beach resort and looks like a huge deserted space, with the coast occupied by surfers and nudists sunbathing on its spur of the moment.

It’s a great place for introverts, where you can spend all day practically alone swimming or fishing. You can organize a picnic with friends and relax all day away from humanity, enjoying the pristine beauty of the world.

Port of Miami

Interesting places in Miami

Be sure to check out the Port of Miami, located in Biscayne Bay. It is truly a gigantic creation of human hands. The Port of Miami is one of the largest harbors in the United States, the largest port in Florida.

Every year its services are used by 2 to 3 million people. passengers, millions of tons of cargo pass through it.

The port is the grandest technical attraction in Miami and all of Florida, although it hasn’t been reconstructed in a long time.

Safari Park “Lion Country”

Lions Land Park in Miami

What to see near Miami? A great choice: Lion Country Safari Park. Whole lion families live here, strolling the expanse of the park off the Atlantic coast. A reality show about the life of lions is organized in the park.

Here you can look at the lions while driving around the territory of the “Land of the Lions”, stop briefly at the side of the road to take photos and videos. The park is home not only to lions, but also other predators. A real adventure awaits you.

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