Maya Bay

Thailand has many picturesque beaches and bays, which attracted tourists. But the most popular after 2000 was Maya Bay on the island of Phi Phi Le, which is located in the Andaman Sea in the province of Krabi. Not only people, but also islands can become famous overnight. After the release of the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, the influx of tourists increased several times. They are eager to look at the paradise and compare it to the frames of a movie.

Location of Maya Bay on the map

Sometimes there is confusion and tourists believe that Maya Bay is one of the islands of the archipelago. In fact, it is a bay and the beach of the same name on the small uninhabited island of Phi Phi Le. Even without cinematic embellishments, they are enchanting with a special, tropical beauty. The cove is completely hidden picturesque rocks and only a small strip of white – golden sand is open to the sea.

The island is in a national park, so it is not allowed to put tents and campfires.

On the map of Thailand you can see a whole bunch of islands, Phi Phi Le is one of the smallest, and Maya Bay appears as a small concave crescent.

Maya Bay and Bay on a map of Thailand

The peculiarity of Maya Bay is that no gale force winds, storms and high waves reach here. This place could be called in one word “serenity” if it were not for the huge number of tourists.

What is the appeal of Maya Bay for tourists?

Maya Bay Beach in Thailand has become a major attraction. Visitors from other islands come here to feel the special atmosphere, unaware that the context of the film depicted a completely different island, Ko Tao, which is located in the Gulf of Thailand.

Maya Bay Beach, Thailand

The popularity of the beach in Maya Bay has led to the fact that it is almost impossible to rest quietly on it. In addition, it is not equipped with umbrellas and sun beds, so there is no protection from the scorching sun at the water’s edge.

In rare periods of calm, you can see the beauty of this paradise, to hear the rustle of the waves, watch the sunset, from the coastal promontory to frolicking in shallow water tropical fish.

In the afternoon begins a powerful tide, exposing some of the bottom and swim at this time is not quite comfortable.

Maya Bay, Thailand - incredible natural beauty

Fans of the movie “The Beach” are in for a slight disappointment, caused by inconsistencies in the landscape and footage of the beloved film. For filming had to make some adjustments to the area, to remove a few sand dunes, cut down the palm trees, to build a sham waterfall. The rocks covering the entrance to the lagoon were added with computer graphics. Because there was damage to the ecosystem, the producers had to pay a lot of money and restore the natural landscape.

Attractions near Maya Bay

In addition to the central attraction, which is the island itself and the famous bay, there are many other interesting things around. There are no cultural, historical and architectural sights, but a lot of natural beauty, for which go to the tropical islands. Tourists are often offered comprehensive tours that include visits to several islands of the archipelago and the natural beauties there.

Viking Cave

This is the name of the rock overhanging the sea at the northern end of the island. It is famous for the fact that on its slopes, thousands of swallows nest, and locals extract swallow’s nests for flashy restaurants. It is quite expensive to try them, they cost $500 per 1 kg. They are used to make soup, which has many advantages. It is mostly valued for its strong aphrodisiac properties, as it is a natural aphrodisiac.

Viking Cave, Maya Bay (Thailand)

The amazing structure of the rocks, covered with moss, brings to mind that the island was already long before people and their hectic problems. There were never any Vikings in Maya Bay, and the name stuck because of the drawings of ancient people that scientists found in the depths of the cave. They are all related to the theme of the sea, and the outline of boats with pointed bows evokes certain associations with the drakkars of northern seafarers.

Along the water’s edge there are some narrow strips of sand where you can swim, sunbathe a little and imagine yourself the only inhabitant of an island paradise.

Lo Sama Cove

Lo Sama Bay near Maya Bay

It can be reached on foot and is located near Maya Bay. This charming corner of nature is much quieter than the famous beach and is located 3 hours from Phuket. The picturesque cliffs around the bay are covered with clams and corals. It is often visited by divers, fishermen, pleasure boats with tourists.

Laguna Pilech

It is shrouded in legends, one of which is that the water in it has a rejuvenating effect. The deepest lagoon in Thailand appeared around 40 million. years ago as a result of active tectonic processes. Residents believe that the streams rising to the surface carry many unusual particles from the bottom of the hollow that help make women more attractive and men stronger. In support of their stories, they point out that the water in the lagoon is more salty.

Laguna Pilekh - Maya Bay

Bright blue water with reflections of rocks attracts attention, but it is not recommended to swim. The shore is precipitous and the bottom goes down sharply, reaching 20 m at its deepest point. The rich underwater world attracts diving enthusiasts exploring the mysterious lagoon.

Munky Beach

You have to go back to Phi Phi Do to see it. The peculiarity of the beach is that it can be accessed only from the sea, the way on land blocked by high cliffs, covered with lush tropical thickets. Tourists want to get to the beach is not because of the fine sand and clean water, the temperature resembling fresh milk. Tourists are attracted by the abundance of monkeys that live in the coastal jungle. They come out to people without fear, begging for food, and can steal small objects.

Manki Beach, Thailand

On the beach there is a shield warning that you can not feed the primates, there are cases of aggression. But the announcement doesn’t stop anyone. The coastal zone has a coral reef, there are bright fish, clams, actinids, so the place enjoys increased attention of divers and snorkelers.

It is convenient to spend the morning on the monkey beach, watching the long-tailed macaques, and at 15.0 to go on a night excursion to the island, where the Bay of Maya Bay and the stunning spectacle of slowly sinking into the abyss of the sea awaits.

How do I get to Maya Bay?

The island is uninhabited, but there are restrictions on visiting it. For example, it is forbidden to stay overnight, in the evening all tourists are asked to leave the area. So, counting on the trip should remember that in the evening you have to go back to your hotel.

There are two ways to get to Phi Phi and Maya Bay.

  1. Come as part of a tour from Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi Do.
  2. Rent a boat for individual check-in.

With the payment of the tour tourist receives lunch, guide services, equipment for snorkeling, insurance.

It’s quietest on the beach at 8 a.m. Not yet started the influx of holidaymakers, all around reigns silence and tranquility.

How much does it cost to go to Maya Bay?

Phi Phi Island - Maya Bay

To visit the island, you pay an environmental fee of 400 baht, given a ticket, which can be used for 1 day to visit several islands. Particularly enterprising natives offer to take visitors to the island for half the price. The catch is that there is no ticket, in which case the miser pays twice.

Prices for excursions, which include Maya Bay, are quite affordable. A one-day program to visit the island from Phuket costs 1,200 to 1,500 baht. The amount includes the environmental fee, you do not have to pay anything extra. From the island of Phi Phi Do you can get to the coveted bay for 500 baht, excursion with an overnight on a boat is estimated at 3000.

A trip to Thailand’s most popular beach will bring a vivid experience, filled with admiration for the natural beauty of a small deserted island, almost lost in the boundless ocean.

Video overview of Maya Bay

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