Massage in Goa

Massage in Goa includes the use of aromatic oils, relaxing or invigorating, depending on the task at hand. Ayurvedic massage is sometimes called oil massage and dates back several thousand years.

The action of the massage is based on deep working of the muscles, restoring the flow of internal energies. There are many types, and almost every country has its own national techniques and methods.

Types of massage in Goa

Eastern medicine holds the view that an imbalance of mental and physical state leads to the emergence of the disease. The natural flow of energies is disturbed on the basis of internal disagreements, psychological disorders appear, and treatment must begin with the elimination of the cause. Ayurveda, the teaching of long life, aims to relieve inner tension, find enlightenment of the spirit and emotional calmness through acting on the active points, working the deep layers of the muscles in combination with aromatherapy.

How much does a massage in Goa cost?

The state of Goa is not for nothing considered one of the largest tourist centers in India, the peninsula has everything you need to restore your health and the main tool is the various types of massage. It is done in the south and north Goa in almost all spas, special offices on the beaches and privately when the masseurs invite clients to their homes.

Despite the abundance of proposals, the real masters of the day is always scheduled literally by the minutes. It is very difficult to determine, on average, how much a massage in Goa costs.

It depends:

  • the time spent on the procedure;
  • the level of skill of the specialist;
  • the location of the session.

In small salons, the price starts at 600 rupees, while in the pompous spas of expensive hotels the price easily goes over the bar of 4,000 rupees.

Remember that the rule of bargaining also applies to services, so the prices are initially inflated. To get a course of treatments at a reasonable price, all you have to do is smile and stand firm.

Types of massage can be divided into therapeutic and relaxing. In the first, the goal is not only to warm up and relax the muscles, but also to correct posture, work the problem areas of the neck and lower back. The procedure requires a significant application of physical strength specialist, in some cases is quite painful, but very effective. After it the joints stop hurting, blood circulation in the small vessels of the hands and feet is restored, immunity and overall tone of the body increases.

Relaxing types are aimed at finding inner harmony, stress relief, harmonization of the nervous system. The most popular among tourists are:

  • Sirodhara, conducted with a continuous flow of oil, which strengthens the nervous system, normalizes sleep, and clarifies the mind;
  • Kativasti solves problems with the spine and lower extremities;
  • Nasyam is recommended for respiratory diseases, cleanses the sinuses, gives free breathing;
  • Thalapotichil works through the scalp area, restores blood circulation, reduces the intensity of hair loss;
  • Marma combines herbal bath and oil massage, ideal for sore muscles with a tendency to cramp;
  • Elakizhi stimulates the purification of the body, removal of toxins, relaxes, relieves muscle tension;
  • Abhyang is relaxing and improves overall well-being;
  • Ayurvedic head massage is aimed at relieving fatigue, activating mental activity, and restoring peace of mind.

Important! All massages are performed using special Ayurvedic oils.

After the session clothes can get dirty, so experienced connoisseurs of procedures stock up in advance on robes or closet items that are not too shabby to throw away.

Where to get a massage in Goa?

Massages in Goa in Calangute and MorjimIf the purpose of the trip to India is a comprehensive wellness, it is worthwhile to look through the reviews beforehand, contact the happy owners of the personal phones of the masters and compare the recommendations.

High-class specialists need to make an appointment in advance.

The peculiarity of Ayurvedic massage is the work with energies, if the masseur for some reason causes moral aversion, then there will be no benefit from the procedure. First of all, must be comfortable, for this master often make up individual massage compositions of oils, focusing on the personal preferences of clients. And since oil is an indispensable component of the procedure, the result of the massage depends on its scent and texture.

Another important recommendation – do not agree to travel to unproven places in the pursuit of cheapness. Any work should be paid decently, so it is better to go to a popular spa or a particular master.

Calangute and Baga

If you could not find contacts of a particular massage therapist in advance, it is worth going to the beach in Baga. There are several massage parlors there. They probably won’t let you observe the work, since the sessions are held in closed session for the patient’s moral comfort. But to communicate with the master, examine the room and choose an oil composition will not prevent anyone. The resulting feeling of comfort and tranquility signals that the optimal place has been found and all that remains is to negotiate the price.

We need to remember! A course of treatments will cost much less than a one-time promotion.

At most wellness centers, such as Soul Yoga in Calangute, you can find not only a massage parlor, but also a yoga practice.


As many people as there are opinions, but most often people rave about the spa procedures of the Snip salon, where the price list includes hairdressing services, several types of massage, including Balinese, Ayurvedic, reflexotherapy. Good reviews of tourists about massage in Goa refer to the salon Adithya.


A small village in the northern part of Goa has a well-developed infrastructure, created by the efforts of Russian settlers. The beach is popular, as are the surrounding small restaurants under light palm roofs. Among the connoisseurs of Ayurvedic massage are well known salons in the hotels Baywalk Goa, Papa Jolly’s Boutique, Leela Cottages and massage rooms on the beach itself, stretching along the coast for 3 kilometers.

Health centers and spas

Massage in Goa, India

A vacation in India is unthinkable without a visit to a massage parlor. Even the most ardent fans of excursions and extreme sports necessarily find time to relax under the skillful hands of experienced masseurs. Most large hotels necessarily present a wellness center with a huge selection of massages. Most of them can be safely called ayurvedic, as certain oil compositions are necessarily used.

The most popular centers were named:

  • Sandalwood, Kavelossim;
  • Aline’s Beauty Care & Spa Miramar, Panaji;
  • Daddu’s Healing Center, Kanakona;
  • Adithya Ayurvedic, Candolim;
  • Arti Fabulous Body Care Spa, Ashwem Beach.

Beach massage video in Goa

Cost of massage in Goa

A full session of at least 75 minutes with oil compositions cannot cost less than 600 baht. The price includes the cost of ayurvedic oil, room rental and the work of the masseur himself. Those who come to the procedure for the first time and without recommendations from regular customers, you should prepare for a massive psychological attack.

In most cases, they will give you complicated names of the plants on the basis of which the oil is made, talk about the extraordinary benefits of the sessions and slap an exorbitant price. Bidding can reduce the cost by getting bargains on a whole course or additional options.

How much does a massage in Goa cost?Payment for services is made in rupees. Approximate price tag for an hour massage:

  • the head area is 999;
  • reflexology – 899;
  • Body work with scrub – 1300;
  • massage in 4 hands – 2100;
  • Thai therapy – 1800.

For an hour and a half, the prices for aromatherapy are 2,700, and for a balinese massage are 3,800. Competition in the salons is high, to get good deals it is worth looking at promotions and bonuses. For example, during happy hours, starting at 10 a.m., the discount for a session will be 30% off.

When visiting Goa, be sure to set aside a few hours to visit the massage. This memory will remain one of the most vivid impressions of a trip to India.

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