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Massage in Fukuoka

Vietnam’s largest island in the Gulf of Thailand is considered one of the best tropical resorts. They come here for the sun, sea, souvenirs and an unforgettable experience. One of the most striking becomes a visit to massage parlors. Massage in Fukuoka is delightful because it has been transformed from a simple physiotherapeutic action into a real cult with the preservation of ancient techniques and a comprehensive approach to the process.

Total relaxation in Fukuoka

The services of massage therapists on the island are in demand on par with good guides, and maybe even more.

Massages are offered at every turn:

  • in hotels;
  • spas;
  • on the beach;
  • on the street.

Massage in Phu Quoc - Vietnam

If you want to relax between sightseeing, you can lie down on the couch or sit in a chair near the sidewalk, where there are masters of relaxing and toning massage. You won’t be able to do the full complex in full view of everyone, but it is possible to remove the heaviness from the legs, relieve headaches, relax the shoulder girdle muscles and improve your mood during a short session, which will cost a token amount of 1-2 USD.

There are no less experienced masseurs on the beach. When choosing, it is worth taking a closer look at where most of the people go. There is a real queue to some places and that is the best recommendation to the craftsman.

Types of massage

Most often customers are offered:

  • relaxing;
  • therapeutic;
  • hygienic;
  • sporty;
  • cosmetic;
  • classic.

Massage in Fukuoka

Thai and Vietnamese massage stands apart because it has many varieties and the wishes of the client are negotiated immediately before the session. Only natural products are used for the procedures. They do milk massage, oil massage, with the use of stones, elements of acupressure. The treatments are comprehensive and in addition to working the muscles and restoring the circulation of internal energies, include body scrubbing, moisturizing and nourishing.

In the salons, which are particularly popular with holidaymakers, every detail is given importance. Customers are greeted with coolness, pleasant surroundings, and an abundance of greenery. During the massage music sounds for relaxation, unobtrusively smolders aromatic sticks, which in total creates a stunning health effect and relieves nervous tension along with muscle fatigue.

Arguing about where to get the best massage in Phu Quoc in Vietnam is useless. Everyone finds the best option for themselves. The stronger sex prefer special massage parlors for men in Fukuoka, where women are not allowed. There they can choose a spicy, sexy kind of procedure without fear of unwanted meetings and prying conversations. Ladies tend to try several varieties, most often stopping at the oil variant and hot stone stone stone stone therapy.

The most popular salons

Massage is on the list of must-see activities along with excursions and getting an even tan. If you want to fully experience this magical kind of restoration of body and soul, then you should not save money and succumb to the advertising of underground salons, where they try to make money on gullible visitors. It is much more interesting to trust the true masters.

Spa in Fukuoka

According to reviews and advice from tourists, a course of massage in Fukuoka is best taken in large spas with a reliable reputation.

  1. Galina Phu Quoc Mudbath s Spa offers a long list of treatments, which includes therapeutic mud baths. There are several programs, varying in cost and duration. Time varies from 160 to 180 minutes, prices from 60 to 95 USD. After the main treatments, guests are offered a sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool, private beach. The client is given the opportunity to choose his own oil massage composition, supplementing it with his favorite fragrances. If desired, you can order a separate visit to the mud bath, Vietnamese or Thai massage.
  2. La Veranda Spa is located in the hotel, but also accepts outside clients. The service is top-notch, with experienced craftsmen who know several techniques. Only here you can get a real royal Thai massage, which can not be repeated anywhere else on the island. Prices for many treatments for adults start at 80-90 USD, but the pleasure is worth it.
  3. In Aroma SPA every woman will feel like a queen. The emphasis is on the level of service and creating the most relaxing environment possible. Before choosing a type of massage, they briefly tell you about its effects and methods of conducting it, and treat you to green tea. Several spa branches are open on the island. Prices start at 20 USD.
  4. Banyan Tree offers adult and children’s massages, full-body and individual zone work, as well as detox oil, hot-stone and four-handed massages. The cost of an hour of the master – from 25 USD.

Knowing how much a massage in Fukuoka costs, you can navigate the prices and choose the best option, given that quality for pennies is impossible to get.

Lovers of exoticism should definitely try a night massage in Fukuoka. If after sunset clubs and markets work, the massage parlors do not intend to lag behind and offer visitors a classic and spicy versions of the procedure.

Reviews of massages in Fukuoka

They are quite diverse, but one trend is clearly visible. Someone who did not save money and visited a salon with a good reputation, satisfied and impressed with the massage.

Marina, 29 years old:

Going on vacation, I looked up reviews of massage in Fukuoka and decided to forgo one of the excursions in favor of Aroma SPA. The prices seemed reasonable and the list of procedures was impressive. I didn’t regret a minute of it. I haven’t seen this kind of attitude toward visitors anywhere else. Really royal reception, under the hands of the masseuse I literally turned into a melting piece of pleasure. While I was on the island, I had five treatments. It’s a pity we had to leave, the vacation is not endless, but the impressions are unforgettable.

Jeanne, 46 years old:

For a long time I wanted to try oil massage, but was stopped by the prejudice that it would be disgusting and slippery. How wrong I was. The pleasure I had at Galina Phu Quoc Mudbath s Spa was indescribable. Total relaxation, amazing aromas floating around and a feeling of lightness that lasted all day.

Naina, 38 years old:

On the beach on the first day I heard the baiters, was hooked on the low price and got the usual stroking without any system for 4 USD. I decided to be wiser and went on the recommendation of a neighbor to the beach house to an elderly but very energetic masseuse. It turned out to be a branch of Aroma SPA. The impressions are great. Later I found another master, he also works on the beach, his prices are a little lower and the quality is excellent, we exchanged nice phrases in English, he added to the massage oil my favorite bergamot. It was a real pleasure.

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