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Marmaris Attractions

If you want to relax in the comfort of almost European, but still a truly eastern city with an ancient history, feel free to choose Marmaris. The sights of this city can be visited with a guide, or on their own.

Marmaris is one of the most attractive tourist cities in Turkey. Sandy beaches and warm, always calm sea await you here. The city is surrounded by pine-covered hills and hugs the picturesque bay where the Mediterranean and Aegean seas meet.

Top 10 attractions in Marmaris

Life never stops here. For fans of active recreation on the beaches equipped with sports fields and centers for renting sports equipment. Water parks, cafes and stores, and at night the many discos and bars of the famous Bar Street are open to all comers.


Marmaris - Waterfront

The waterfront is the pride and center of life in Marmaris. Here you can stroll or sit on one of the many benches, admiring the sea and the piers, near which the yachts and boats bob on the waves, waiting for tourists. On Turkey’s longest promenade you will be greeted by a monument to Ataturk, the founder of the country.

Tomb of Sariana

Tomb of Sariana - Marmaris (Turkey)

The famous prophetess Sariana lived during the time of Sultan Suleiman, and predicted his victory in a military campaign. In gratitude he built for her tomb, where even today you can come to ask advice from the mysterious seer, who struck her countrymen not only the accuracy of predictions, but also unusual for these places blond hair, for which she was named.


Pamukkale - Marmaris

This nature reserve, located about 200 km from Marmaris, needs no advertising. On a tour in Pamukkale you can visit the famous snow-white travetine terraces and swim in the Cleopatra Pool. Here are also the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis, the necropolis and the ruins of the majestic amphitheater.

Nimara Cave

Marmaris - Nimara Cave

It is worth a trip to Paradise Island and visit the Nimara Cave. Legend has it that the nymph Leto lived in this cave, and later the priests of her cult performed their harmless rites here. In fact, it is a beautiful grotto where nature, with the help of water and wind, has created bizarre paintings out of stone.

Singing Fountain

Singing Fountain - Sights of Marmaris

This fountain appeared in Marmaris only 5 years ago and is very popular among tourists. Every evening at 9 o’clock begins a unique performance in which the jets of the fountain “dance” to music.


Marmaris - Ashartepe

This ancient heart of Marmaris is located on one of the hills and bears the traces of all the great nations that have ever ruled this territory. Here are the acropolis, in which the archaeological research, and the remains of the fortress, the foundations of which were laid by the ancient Greeks in the 3 millennium BC.

The Old Fortress

The Old Fortress in Marmaris

The ancient fortification is located on the top of a cliff with a picturesque view of the bay and the city of Marmaris. The current appearance of the fortress was acquired during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. Now there is a museum of ethnography, the exhibition which will introduce you to the centuries-old history of Marmaris.

Bedesten Market

Bedesten Market in Marmaris

Here you can plunge into the atmosphere of a real Oriental bazaar and buy products of local crafts: carpets, jewelry, dishes, leather goods and small souvenirs.

It is obligatory to bargain!

Sedir Island

Sedir Island (Cleopatra) - Marmaris

Not far from Marmaris is the island of Sedir, whose beach is famous for its unique sand. Legend has it that it was brought here from Tunis by order of Mark Antony. Thus, the commander wanted to please his beloved Cleopatra, whose name, incidentally, is associated with many places in Marmaris and its surroundings.

Turgut Falls

Turgut waterfall - the sights of Marmaris

Cascade waterfall is located in a picturesque park in the southern part of the resort. The water falls from a height of five meters into a small lake in which fish splash in abundance. The water here is a little cold for swimming, but you can enjoy the view while dining at the cafe located here.

Video overview of the sights of Marmaris

Marmaris and its attractions will not leave you indifferent. After all, even the President of Turkey, a country famous for its resorts and tourist spots, prefers to rest in this magical place.

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